Civilian with AK47 spotted in Abuja roaming freely

A civilian with AK47 spotted in Abuja, has been exposed on social media by a man identified as Olumide Olaniyan, who raised the alarm after seeing the armed civilian roaming freely in Nyanya.

Civilian with AK47 spotted in Abuja roaming freely lailasnews 3
Civilian with AK47 spotted in Abuja roaming freely

According to him, he felt like challenging the man, but he had a 2nd thought as he was not sure of who he really was.

He then took to social media to call the attention of security operatives to the incident.

Read what Olumide wrote below

I was driving along Mararaba-Nyanya road this morning. I saw this man with a gun that looks like AK-47 or an automatic gun, I initially thought he is a security personnel, but, his dress, shoes and overall shabby look suggests otherwise.

I was tempted to go ask him about his ID card and why he was such a psychological violence to onlookers. Then, I remembered Maama Sunde’s counsel those days I used to do student activism at the University of Bariga, “ma se subolation si oro oloro, [don’t interfere in other people’s matter, face yours]”.

I felt that it is my business to ensure that there is safety and security in the land. I felt like questioning this dangerous looking man, on behalf of Nigeria. But, my sense talked to my brain, they both forced me to drive on.

I will never know if the man is a vigilante, or a state security personnel. That certainly was not a Dane gun. That clothing was not a security personnel uniform. An undercover agent won’t expose himself with an automatic gun in public. Our country is currently a fragile state, no onewho isn’t a security personnel, should be allowed to move around with arms which may distress others.

Could this man be one of those so called Malian herdsmen that have flooded Tangaza LGA and other areas in Sokoto state? Nigeria needs to protect its territories from (possible) internal and external aggression. When people just walk along, unbothered with this kind of an uninformed and ununiformed man in their midst, it means we are drifting towards Hobbesian Democracy…


  1. He is not a civilian but a Fulani…fulanis are above the law… That is Nigeria for you.A country where anything is possible.

  2. Thank God you minded your business o!!! The rate of insecurity in this country is really high, so scary

  3. Dats so intelligent of d man ,he s really a gud n wise citizen.
    Pls dat man shld be traced coz he looks strange.

  4. Thank God you run for your life…you did well by not confront the dangerous looking human being…he might be boko haram that miss road..

  5. This calls for an alarm. What could a civilian be doing with AK-47 riffle? We have to really be security conscious in this country. No one should be careless with his or herself in this country.

  6. This is serious, it is not to be played with, how can such a fearful man ,dressed in a fearful way be moving in the street and the government will keep silent, no, this is unfair, something must be done about this

  7. Wow! That is so good of did a nice job by posting in social media to call the attention of security operative, you should be rewarded. From the look he look so dangerous and scary, please security should look into this matter seriously

  8. Terrorists roaming around freely. Police will not act now. If it were to be harmless protesters like Deji they will flex their hungry looking muscles.

  9. He looks like a terrorist..he should be reported to security operative asap..why will a bloody civilian be walking up in d street wit an Ak47 riffle?This is not a good thing at all.

  10. He looks like a terrorist they must find him and hand him over to the police before he start terrorising people in that community

  11. Surely this man is a terrorist,if you have approached him,your life might be in danger,you alerting social media is still the best you have done.

  12. The man looks dangerous, the security operatives around nyanya should do something about this information to ascertain the real identity of the man and what he is doing with a gun

  13. This should be made known to our security agencies please on time. We need to live peacefully and have rest of mind.

  14. hahahhahahahhahaha Abuja on fire o please every body should be at an alert because election is around and anything can happened at any time

  15. But you must have try your effort to ask for his identity nw may be the man is one of bokoharam people’s nw we dont no

  16. The man looked confident in whom he is. He could be a security guy. Hence the confidence. You font know for sure who he is.

  17. The man is what see by not confronting him. Putting it on media for the security agencies to read and be more alert is the best thing.

  18. That man looks like a Fulani person. In today’s Nigeria its only Fulani’s that are entitled to carry ak47 around freely. God will help us

  19. Security agencies should be on the lookout for this man. Thanks to Olumide, we are now on our guards.

  20. Security is the work of every citizen. We don’t have police stationed at the door post of every house. So when we see anything challenging our security, the best bet is to alert security personnel just like the man did.

  21. Something must be done as soon as possible to ensure safety… Thanks for letting this out and thanks for giving yourself caution cause so dangerous, you didn’t know who is he.. This is Nigeria where everything is allowed, walking with gun on the street without any fear

  22. Even if you have license for your gun, you cannot just roam about with the gun, but I think this man needs to be questioned

  23. Nigeria is jus a country that as no rules and regulations.were are our force men to bundle him to cell.a civilian for that.

  24. These days in Nigeria even a cattle reared moves about with gun, I which its high time something gets done to stop all these

  25. These days in Nigeria even a cattle rearer moves about with gun. I think its high time the government bring in a final solution to the country insecurity

  26. He most have a mission to accomplish…else why would he be parading with an AK47 raffle when he’s not a security agent….,

  27. He should he questioned properly to say where he got the gun from.. Why will a civilian be in possession of a fire arm

  28. Lol, that’s camouflage, he’s simply trying to scare people away to achieve he’s aims which I don’t know






  30. this is ridiculous… Even if he’s really a security he should not go around with gun like this

  31. From my observation, he looks like a military mannon guard. That head cover is a military one but still some of the security forces around could have asked him his identity because the nation is on fragile state now. People are afraid .

  32. Thank God, you didn’t approach him, that might lead to something else, reporting him at social media is quite okay,just to create the awareness, good one.

  33. Believe me befor a guy should move freely like that there must be something backing him up, believe me, he has a sponsor

  34. It’s so good that this man called out to the attention of the public, how can a person be carrying guns around the streets without being interrupted and interrogated, he must provide the licence for carrying arms before he uses it to commit crime

  35. Well done for acknowledging thAt the security of our beloved country lies in our hands and we must know that this is all we’ve got aside God.

  36. This is really a sign that our security structure in this country is nothing to write home about! I just hope there is a good reason for this man walking around with firearms openly especially since he does not belong to the force or any security details.The necessary authorities should take charge of this escalated situation oh!

  37. You did the right thing by bringing it to public notice nd security operatives, before he opens fire nd begins shooting randomly.

  38. Thanks to your brain and sense that coroperated then allowed you to mind your business else Who knows what would have happened to you by now

  39. Where are security agents? So none of them saw this man around that area? This is very bad. No one is safe in this country

  40. Thanks for the alert. Thank God you had a second thought not approaching him. Please, our security operatives should always be @ alert. May God continues to protect us IJN

  41. This is Nigeria….mind you business else you’ll have to blame yourself in the grave. Thank God he didn’t intervene.

  42. I don’t understand why that man can’t be stopped by any force within the environment to interrogate and know why and who gave him the gun.

  43. Investigation should be made as soon as possible and he should be arrested for constituting nuisance.

  44. Thank God for DAT kind of man who was able to reach out in the social media. Nigerians should be very vigilant

  45. The man really is sensible
    Atleast he is conscious
    Don’t even know what is going around in their neighbourhood

  46. he is really a gud and wise citizen, where was our security operative , everyone should aware that security is everybody business

  47. You did a very good job by not asking him whom he is… Cause you just avoided a military slap which can transform your life to worst if he was a military man hahaha.. Oga that the best decision and a good step you took

  48. Like seriously?? Re we truly safe in nageria hmmmm God please we need your intervention less we all perish

  49. Dats so intelligent of d man ,he s really a gud n wise citizen.
    Pls dat man shld be traced coz he looks strange.See mind That’s guy should be investigate properly

  50. He actually looks like an angry mad man, something should be done before we hear of any other killing.

  51. This portrays how insecure our country is, thank God for this good samaritan who alerted the social media.

  52. Great observation and a right decision not to go near d unknown man
    Nd also thanks for sharing it online, so as to make d securities in dat area be at alart

  53. Thank God your Brain listened to your sense oo
    Because that guy doesn’t look like one who will delay to use the trigger at the slightest confrontation

  54. I was reading to see that the man was apprehended, what has taking it to social media change oga don’t you have police station in your area,

  55. After corruption, lack of security for life and property is the second disease this country is suffering from

  56. I congratulate you for not going to the man sha maybe you for don go by now at least alerting is the best and we believe precautions will be granted

  57. Hmm I don’t really know what this country is turning to seriously
    He should be questioned where he got the fire arm

  58. Please let a security agency nap that person o, before life is lost. Thumbs up for the alert. We all need to be vigilant in our various environs

  59. Thank God you didn’t approach him because you never can tell. I hope the about it police will do something about it.

  60. Well that surprising and formidable. Roaming around with a gun causes panic and fear for people passing around even if he has the license

  61. Thank God you mind your business. Something must be done about this kind of people ooo. May God save us in this country

  62. He might belong to any Nigeria force, because for him to have the boldness of carrying the gun around like that

  63. I think he is a security coming back from his night duty in the morning. Most of those security don’t use to wear there uniform but always with id to identify theirself.

  64. To carry a gun in the open like that without any fear. Thank God for that nice man that was able to alert others

  65. He needs to be interrogated because that’s dangerous and how did he got in possession with the firearm

  66. Something should be done now o before things start happening, the police should look into this case before it’s OK late.

  67. That is somehow scary and will a civilian walk freely with AK47 and so one said anything

  68. That’s the duty of the security personnel, and which they have failed woefully, our country is no more secure

  69. We have to really be security conscious in this country. No one should be careless with his or herself in this country.

  70. Even in the seat of power yet, security seems to be so porous. How can this happen and you expect people to be saved.

  71. Thank God he was sensitive enough to alert the security personnel on social media, no one knows what the guy is after, his mission in the state. But thank God the security guards intervened

  72. He is not a civilian but a Fulani…fulanis are above the law… That is Nigeria for you.A country where anything is possible.

  73. In these days of sporadic killings of civilians even in their own homes, sights like this isn’t impossible.

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