Christopher Plummer dead: Oscar winner, ‘Sound of Music’ star is dead

Christopher Plummer, the award-winning actor who played Captain von Trapp in the film “The Sound of Music” is dead.

Plummer at 82 became the oldest Academy Award acting winner in history, has died. The actor died at the age of 91.

The Oscar winner died on Friday morning at his home in Connecticut with his wife, Elaine Taylor, by his side, said Lou Pitt, his longtime friend and manager.

“We tried so hard to put humor into it,” he told The Associated Press in 2007. “It was almost impossible. It was just agony to try to make that guy not a cardboard figure.”

Plummer had a remarkable film renaissance late in life, which began with his acclaimed performance as Mike Wallace in Michael Mann’s 1999 film “The Insider,” continued in films such 2001’s “A Beautiful Mind” and 2009′s “The Last Station,” in which he played a deteriorating Tolstoy and was nominated for an Oscar.

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