‘Christian Wake Keep’ is an European tradition, the Bible does not support it – Reno Omokri says

Reno Omokri has stated the ‘Christian Wake Keep’ is a European custom and it is not supported by the bible.

He revealed this in his latest post on his Twitter page:

‘before you hold, attend, or participate in a ‘Christian Wake Keep’, Read The Scriptures. You wont find anything like that in them. It‘s a European custom. It‘s not Christian. Christ died, was buried the same day and rose. That’s the Christian model’.

Additionally, he queried why people pray for the dead as it looks like campaign before election.

‘why do people pray for the dead? It is like CAMPAIGNING after ELECTION. SALVATION is ONLY for the LIVING. No amount of prayer can change the destination of the dead. David prayed and fasted for his son. When the boy died, David IMMEDIATELY moved on.

Read The Scriptures. Christ was buried the SAME DAY He died. Are your parents more Christian than Christ? So how come you put them in mortuaries for days/weeks/months so you can gather big crowds and spend millions on a so called ‘Christian’ burial?

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