Chris Brown to sue rape accuser for defamation

Chris Brown has vowed to sue his rape accuser for defamation, after he was arrested in Paris over the claims.

The singer claims he was set up by the 24-year-old model, who claimed Chris took her to his hotel in Paris and violently raped her. Chris called BS, saying he was never alone with the women.

Chris Brown to sue rape accuser for defamation lailasnews

Chris insists he was playing music off his iPhone in the living room of the suite with 20 people around him the entire time.

Chris’ Parisian lawyer, Raphael Chiche, says,

“Chris Brown is free. No lawsuits were filed against him. He vigorously challenges the charges against him. A complaint for slanderous denunciation will be filed tomorrow with the public prosecutor of Paris.”

Brown was released from police custody Tuesday, but prosecutors say the investigation is still ongoing. A source in the judicial system of Paris told TMZ the fact Brown was released with no conditions and free to leave the country is a sign authorities have problems with the case.

Serial rapist breaks his back while escaping from Police

The 24-year-old model claimed she was raped by three men including rapper Chris Brown during a drug-fuelled party that turned ‘violent and brutal’ at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Paris. She said:

This friend asked me what I was doing the next day, and if I would like to meet Chris Brown,’ said the woman, who finally met the rapper on January 15.

I said yes and the next day, on Tuesday, I had an appointment at 11.30pm at the Mandarin Oriental hotel to meet the rapper. At the reception of the hotel, I found myself with friends of his and other girls. We went up to his suite to pick him up and we all went to a nightclub called ‘The Quay’.

Everything was going well. Around 4am, they decided to go back to the hotel. I wanted to go home, but someone in Chris Brown’s entourage took me by the arm and said: ‘Come on, we’ll have a good evening.’

Leaving the nightclub, there were two Mercedes vans that were full up. So I said, ‘There’s no place, I’m going home.’ Then I was told, ‘No, come on!’. And I was put in Chris Brown’s car with another girl.

The woman adds:

Before entering the suite, the bodyguard took all our cell phones. It didn’t seem surprising given the artist’s notoriety and I didn’t worry. Once in the suite, we were offered drinks. There was cocaine and cannabis.

There were about fifteen girls, friends of Chris Brown. The music was loud, people were coming in and out … It was a bit chaotic.

At one point, I went to the bathroom. Chris Brown followed me and took me by the right arm. He made me enter a sort of dressing room. He closed the door.

It lasted 25 to 30 minutes. It’s still too difficult for me to explain in detail what he did, but it was brutal and violent.

He was threatening and aggressive. I was very afraid. Once it was over, he opened the door. I told him that I wanted to pick up my cell phone and go home.

Chris Brown went to see one of his friends. I thought this person was going to accompany me to the bodyguard for my cell phone, but that’s not what he did.

He took me to his room, he locked the door and he abused me too. It was the same with the bodyguard All I wanted to do was go home. I was too scared. There were three muscular men, aggressive and menacing. I couldn’t do anything. I’m traumatized, I can’t overcome what happened to me and resume my habits. It’s horrible, I’m lost.


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  1. Yeah I am in support of your ambition to sue your accuser, if actually if you are sure that you are innocent of the allegations then take an actions against them, it is very bad to spoil peoples name and characters.

  2. All this white celebrties are ass holes. They can’t control themselves. They are bringing shame to the industry.

  3. The lady has just swallowed more than he could chew. It’s a sorry case she has to face the law court for a crime she reported. The innocent shall prevail

  4. Coming to total conclusion on such us really injustice… Investigating this issue will clear the air and make right standard than just mere conclusion….

  5. If Chris Brown is saying the truth, good but if it’s he actually committed rap and he wants to sue accuser then wahala da

  6. The rate of rape allegations made me to realize that some people can blackmail innocent people for money and fame. In the end, we will know who is lying.

  7. The whole thing is turning to a mess and I thing a propare investigation should take a place and if is true that he did noting of such then he should go ahead

  8. Hmm this incredible the man said he didn’t rape her and she said he did however is only God that knows the fact besides this may God expose the truth very soon

  9. You are saying a long story and Chris is saying something else, so whom do we believe. For now I go with Chris until,the investigation is completed

  10. You can go ahead by accusing her if you have proof. Go ahead in fact you can make money at the end defamation is expensive in law.

  11. Yes oo, way to go Brown, I never believed you did it, some women just accuse a man of rape just to destroy his reputation

  12. What i want to know is the outcome of the police investigation concerning this because now we dont know who is lying.

  13. I just doubt if this Chris Brown is really Innocent. I just hope he has not bought this people with money ti make the case in his favour. Above all,it’s only God and CCTV that’s if there was any,that can prove this whole story.

  14. Her story seems truthful and touching. Could Chris brown be guilty of this? I’ll like to know the end of this one.

  15. No body made me a judge and I ain’t judging you Chris. So you better find a way to clear your name. Good luck bro.

  16. If the story this woman share is true, Chris Brown must be punished but I don’t think this woman have any evidence to back up her case. This will serve as lesson to ladies who run after celebrities

  17. Okay na…. How are we sure that he is not guilty and his trying to use his money cover up
    All these celebrities eeh, I don’t trust them ooo

  18. I new the girl was lying. She acted to make money or defamed Chris Brown. Look somewhere else for your business.

  19. It appears as if there is no evidence, the trial is dead on arrival. But French law is presuming everyone guilty until proven innocent

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