Chris Brown raped me in French hotel – Lady claims

A 24-year-old woman claims Chris Brown raped her on the night of Jan. 15-16th after meeting at a nightclub in France.

The woman filed a complaint to the police claiming that Brown invited her to his hotel room at Le Mandarin Oriental along with another woman.

Chris Brown raped me in French hotel - Lady claims lailasnews 2
Chris Brown raped me in French hotel – Lady claims

However, in her testimony, she claims that she ended up in a single room with Chris Brown where she claims she was raped.

She also alleges that Breezy’s bodyguard and his friend also abused her. Paris parquet already opened a case and began investigating into the claims that he raped her at his hotel.

Brown has yet to release a statement on the allegations.

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Brown has another sexual assault-related lawsuit to tend to in North America. The singer was sued for an alleged sexual assault committed by Brown’s friend at the “Undecided” singer’s mansion. While Brown himself isn’t accused of sexual assault, the woman claimed he provided cocaine, molly and other drugs to the guests.

Brown has maintained his innocence and demanded that the judge throw away the case.


  1. I can’t really concur to this accusation… Though he’s not perfect since once confirm of such act but shouldn’t be in all cases…. He hasn’t said anything yet concerning the allegation so the intelligent workers should are to it deeply…

  2. Enemies of a progressive life. Women are really devil when you dont give them what they want you are in big trouble the guy may just refused to have sex with her.

  3. How do we believe you are raped, your stories looks like falacies, is he with guns or any weapons before raping you, simple you really agreed with him, never a time will l believe that he raped you.

  4. Interesting! What is the truth about this matter? The woman or Chris? Why did she go to him in the first instance if he knew d kind of person he is?

  5. Chris Brown you are becoming something else. I know the police will do a great job getting to d root of the matter

  6. Thorough investigation must be done on this case, throwing the case away won’t be d better option

  7. I really don’t know what to say or believe. why are all this celebrities raping women? Or is this a false accusation

  8. I don’t believe she was raped. Why does she followed him to hotel, they should do the proper investigation.

  9. Scandals everywhere. The question now is that, who visited who and why would Chris Brown want to rape her

  10. He looked like a real raper, let police try to investigate and come up with a result, if guilty let him face the law squarely.

  11. This rape case is becoming too much. This celebrties should be careful with the life the live.

  12. Ladies should learn to stick to truth some times,if he had raped you as you claimed why dint you shout on that faithful day or you just want to trap him, police should do a better investigation in this please,that’s the last hope

  13. Well I dont kn if it is true or not but it should be investigated.meanwhile Chris should release his statement.

  14. Na wa oooooo, celebrities and rape allegation, what really it the too much money or what. This is a very serious issue. A very good investigation should be carried out on this.

  15. How can you be raped when u willing got in a hotel room with him. It might be true though but girls r celebrity freak that’s why some of them end up being hurt

  16. What was the girl doing in the French hotel,those people should just look for something meaningful to talk about

  17. Why all this now and with the celebrities, are they getting away with a lot because of their status or taking advantage of people, so many questions begging for answer. Let the police do there investigation

  18. Chris Brown even you too accused of rape that means nobody is safe again. The world is turning into something more like hell

  19. they should better investigate there matter properly before they start accusing the young man wrongly,who knows if its true or not

  20. How do we believe that you were rape now he invited you to his hotel room, didn’t you go?? Na wetin dey happen for hotel room again??

  21. Some of this things are false and lies, they may not have gotten thier expectations so they frame the males up. But I don’t like rape

  22. Well I hope the truth is uncovered soon, he invited you to a hotel room an u went ahead to accept the invitation, what were you expecting to take selfies with him in an hotel abi

  23. throw away the case ke? the case should be investigated and let does who are found guilty face the law

  24. throw away the case ke? the case should be investigated and let does who are found guilty face the law

  25. Why did she not rape him back all this matured women that are talking abut rape i don’t understand does the guys fuse them to liy on the bed or drag the to the hotels

  26. Seems like this accusers make money from their allegations, because all these allegations are becoming rampant.

  27. I can’t believed this because is she not agree with the man what brought her to hotel to go and meet him I think a wrong accusation.

  28. When u went to the hotel he invited what were u thinking,he will be looking at u as a statue.
    U are looking for a cheap way of making money and tarnishing someone’s image.

  29. This accusations of rape against celebrities is becoming irritating. Something needs to be done about this.

  30. All these celebrities with their bad behavior. Taking advantages of their fans. I hope the rape is not true sha if not you shall be punished.

  31. Please the police or FBI should do something about this cause some women can dabage a man’s reputation by calling he raped her

  32. I no know wetin dey worry all these women wey dey come up with shit stories everywhere just to tarnish ppls images

  33. White people always want to destroy blacks just for nothing! And blacks don’t have common brain! Is only blacks that always rape them. Chris brown can’t do such and even R kelly’s Case I don’t believe them at all. White people are envious of black people out there doing good for there selfs!

  34. Interesting! What is the truth about this matter? The woman or Chris? Why did she go to him in the first instance if he knew d kind of person he is?

  35. Chris is just used to all those act, an it is not his fault, he is suffering from a diseases called Bipolar Disorder. That is why he behaves absurd some times.

  36. Why will this musicians involve in raping while ladies are willing to be submissive to them as long as they slept with a celebrity

  37. Hmmmmmm,
    Raped you kee. Well, the police should look into this very well oh. Just to make sure she is not trying to slander this guys name.!

  38. The lady may be saying this to spoil his name besides what will a whole celebrity gain from raping her, when much girls are outside their seeking to have him.

  39. The raping case is more rampant these days. I think they should give a capital punishment for it so that people can refrain from committing the crime.

  40. Assuming, it is true Chris Brown invited her to his hotel room, what did she expect he wanted to do with her, Look at her face? Abeg, all these gold diggers should look for better strategies to use. This method is outdated.

  41. This world is turning into something else
    How can a celebrity rape you?
    What nonsense!
    Though the hotel management and the government with the CIA should do something about it

  42. I can’t really concur to this accusation… Though he’s not perfect since once confirm of such act before still shouldn’t be in all cases…. He hasn’t said anything yet concerning the allegation so the intelligent police officer should see to it deeply…

  43. What were you doing in the hotel, you went to the room by yourself, nothing like rape is enjoyment garage

  44. Hmmm,are you sure he raped you or you gave your body to him,it is well with you of.proper investigation should be done

  45. Well what is she is doing in the hostel with Chris brown of not for sex, abusing him of rape all this girls self nawa o

  46. If the investigation is done properly there won’t be a problem and the victim should also look for evidence because the police can ignore the truth

  47. What took her to his hotel room,if it was not a mutual agreement? Proper investigation should be carried out, I also guess the hotel has a CCTV, because I found if this girl is sincere.

  48. I never seen any man or woman that will put fire in his or her lap that the fire will not burn him or her for that reason i will say congratulation to you for raping you

  49. if celebrities or musical artist are involved in despicable acts like this,can we conclude that they’re starved of ladies around them

  50. Let their be proper investigation,
    Why will he ask the police to throw away the case, if he is guilty he should be able to defend himself

  51. These celebrities never fail to dissappoint with their reckless lives.Chris brown involved in this rape case is a total disappointment. They abuse women sexually and this should be properly investigated and he should be punished if guilty

  52. Why is it that hardly do you see a celebrity guy not accused of rape. With all this rape issues going on with Chris Brown, I think it’s high time someone taught him a lesson.

  53. In her statement she said he invited her and another lady to his room, if she claims the rape occurred what was the other lady doing or where was she

  54. All this girl’s will just wake up one morning and start claiming that one super raped or assaulted them just to let people hear them on media.

  55. This serious
    They should try and investigate very well
    It seems the lady is framing false alligation

  56. Could this be true? The last time I checked it was R Kelly and now Chris Brown again? This is really annoying and something must be done to prevent reoccurrence

  57. Chris brown is capable of doing that but let us hear from him first.and investigation should also carried out.

  58. Here is another case of rape. What happened that made her find herself in the same room with Chris brown. Well they have cops to hamdle it

  59. Did he force you to go to the hotel room,?you went there willingly so why saying he raped you?

  60. Though he’s not perfect since once confirm of such act but shouldn’t be in all cases…. He hasn’t said anything yet concerning the allegation so the intelligent workers should are to it deeply…

  61. Another rape scandal, all thing artist and their core hurt looking to reap where they didn’t sow.

  62. After all these year and this allegation is surfacing right now. Evidence will serve justice in court not social media talk.

  63. I did not believe this woman stop spoiling Chris brown image he can’t do such a thing he will rather go and meet a prostitute than rapping you

  64. This I think is a frame up and an attempt at cheap popularity. Why didn’t she report immediately and and allow for medical test to prove she was either raped or molested as claimed.

  65. To the lady; what to keep you there?? If you weren’t there he couldn’t be accused for rape…… The government should intervene in the case of rape in the country

  66. Proper investigation should be carried out and the law should take it’s full course celebrity or not.

  67. Thorough investigation should be carried out to determine if he is guilty or a mere frame up against Chris brown

  68. Nawaooo for all these rising rape allegations. I won’t comment till after the police concluded their investigation.

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