Chris Brown denies rape allegations

Chris Brown has denied rape allegations after he was arrested in Paris on Monday, though no charges has been filled against him.

Chris Brown denies rape allegations lailasnews

The Americand R&B singer has been released from custody in Paris with no charges filed after being detained on rape accusations, a rep for the singer.

Brown and two other people, who were not identified but reports said were Brown’s bodyguard and a friend, were released at around 10 p.m. local time, according to an Associated Press report. Brown and the two people were detained on rape and drug charges; the Paris prosecutor’s office said the investigation is ongoing.

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Officially reacting to the allegations, Chris Brown took to Instagram to post an image that reads “THIS B!TCH LYIN’” and in the caption, Brown denies the accusations.

“I wanna make it perfectly clear, this is false and a whole lot of cap. For my daughter and family, this is so disrespectful and is against my character and morals’.

Chris Brown denies rape allegations lailasnews 1

In 2009, Brown pleaded guilty to the felony assault of Rihanna. Since completing his probation in that case in 2015, he has faced legal troubles including a felony battery charge and assault with a deadly weapon, as well as being sued by a woman who says she was raped at his house.


  1. Why Is All This Shit Happening If Like The Lady Call Her And Let Her Know Ur Mind Not Rapping Her.

  2. A proper investigation should be putting to this matter, Chris Brown may be innocent of the allegations leveled against him, this can be assassination of character, this is my opinion.

  3. I just noticed that all most all the singers are now accused of rape each day, ladies if u have issue with them go and settle it and stop spoiling they names or if u have a reasonable evidence good

  4. This is simply the handiwork of people who want something from him so Chris has to be very careful now

  5. Let there be proper investigation to know if the lady is lying or Brown himself am not in any side for now.

  6. Is rape the new hubby…what would make them rape people when they have a lot of girls around them…

  7. Looking for a way to tarnish your image,since he said it is against his character, they should investigate thoroughly before passing judgment

  8. So just because had one bad record with rihanna, people are taking advantage of that so they can ruin his reputation. Chris too should be careful

  9. I think this allegation is illegal, celebrity for dat matter just imagine how beautiful d girl was, cus their are so many girls featuring with him…… I think they wanna blackmail him

  10. proper investigation should be carried out before conclusion.since nothing was found with him let’s still assume he is innocent.

  11. A proper investigation should be putting to this matter, Chris Brown may be innocent of the allegations against him, and Chris brown too should be careful because i think all these lady’s are trying to get famous by tarnishing peoples image
    Should be prosecuted, this is my opinion.

  12. Mere since the beginning I know the lady is lying Chris brown is not the type that does immoral act

  13. So all this white celebrties are rapists. We day we keep hearing of rape case from them. Is a shameful thing.

  14. You are a beloveth to many I just hope u are actually innocent because it wouldn’t speak well of you If proven otherwise

  15. I would like to believe the story from Chris Brown side. The lady must just be blackmailing him to get some cash or been sent by some haters.

  16. This issues of rap cases is off because u can not tell me that all this stars do rap because all this women we be begging them for sex talk more of rapping

  17. I would like to believe the story from Chris Brown side. The lady must just be blackmailing him to get some cash or been sent by some haters.

  18. Let him be… No one is talking about the girl who followed him to his Hotel room… This may be a plot to ruin his reputation

  19. Brown is a social and public figure so one can’t jump into conclusion if he’s been innocent or not but seeing his case filed out is good….

  20. The police should do a proper investigation on this issue and if Brown is not guilty, the lady should be punished for doing such

  21. Why should any reasonable man in his right senses rape someone when girls are everywhere even without offering anything,some are just there to sacrifice. I guess she’s just trying to seek notice, but who cares. Mtcheeew

  22. My dear you are a star that is why they want to pull you down but papa God got your back nothing dey happen

  23. What do you expect, he is a celebrity and super star,the notion with most of them is that they will always get away with whatever thing they do…pls he should be questioned very well

  24. They should be proper investigation on this matter. This rape issue is getting worse on celebrities

  25. Time shall tell who is lying and who is saying the truth. Laws should be made to prosecute anyone who knowingly accuses innocent people of rape.

  26. Anyway he keep denying it we can’t judge may be he do so or not is only God that knows the fact besides this

  27. Thorough investigation should be carried out and if he is found guilty, he should be seriously dealt with

  28. Proper investigation is needed in this situation because the girls might be send to him to spoiled his image

  29. May be she likes you and you didn’t give in then she decided to tarnish your image.. Anyways is only God that sees the unseen.

  30. Shit happens guy . I hope that whatever led to that accusation , you won’t entangle yourself with it again .

  31. If he says he is innocent there is high possibility that he is, the woman should show us evidence that she was raped, we can’t just believe anything we hear

  32. only God know the truth shall but just come to think of it no body will accuse you for what you don’t do oo

  33. So because he is a celebrity then he might be the innocent one while the lady is the guilty one Abi?
    They should investigate this case well.

  34. The case must be investigated, all this allegations on celebrities must be investigated. As its getting rampant.

  35. Whether the bitch is lying or not, the court of law will decide, cos evidences will be provided for or against u.

  36. Once he is sure he is innocent he should refute the allegations, or else face serious sanctions for rape.

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