Chioma: Nigerians react as job seeker lost job out of impatience

A job seeker with the name Chioma is trending on twitter for a rather controversial reason that has generated a whole lot of drama and reaction on the popular social media platform

In a chat that was posted on the platform, a man identified as Mr Benson contacted the lady who seemed to have undergone an interview at the company: Alpha Consulting.

Chioma Nigerians react to job seeker who lost job out of impatience

The lady asked how Benson got her number since he started the conversation on an informal note. And since he didnt respond to her query on time, she blocked him.

It was then after he had been blocked that he now gave the details of the company he was working for.

See the chat:

Now the controversy trailing the chat on social media is who should absolve the blame.

Should it be Chioma? Whom many users believe was right to ask the man where he got her number from since he didn’t introduce himself as a staff of the company from inception of the chat.

Should it be Benson? Whom many believed had the responsibility of being formal with the communication right from when he hit her DM.

See reactions:

*** To me Chioma was right. How did Benson get her number and saved it. Why will you send it as WhatsApp message? And Chioma sef body too dey hot every guy doesn’t mean arm

*** If you see anything wrong with Benson’s approach you’re probably a Chioma type of person; rude and impatient. She’s a typical example of people who are quick to tag others “bad energy” but don’t realize they’re the actual bad energy.


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