China force Christians to denounce faith, burn bibles and close churches

There has been reports in China on Chinese officials destroying cross, burning bibles, closing churches and forcing Christian believers to sign papers renouncing their faith as the crackdown on religious congregations in Beijing and several provinces intensifies.

China force Christians to denounce faith, burn bibles and close churches lailasnews 4

According to Foxnews, the suppression of religious freedoms comes as an official government campaign to “Sinicize” religion by demanding loyalty to the atheist Communist party and removing any potential challenge to the party’s power in the country.

“The international community should be alarmed and outraged for this blatant violation of freedom of religion and belief,” Bob Fu of China Aid, said.

“The situation for Chinese #Christians becomes more dire by the day. We are working tirelessly to put maximum pressure on China stop the persecution,” Jay Sekulow, President Trump attorney and Chief Counsel at the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ), wrote in a tweet.

The persecution of Christians in China is nothing new. A report by the watchdog group Freedom House found that Christians and other religious groups in China have been persecuted since 2012, Fox News reported.

A third of all religious believers in China who belong to a faith group were also found to face “high” to “very high” levels of persecution, which ranges from bureaucratic harassment and economic exploitation to harsh prison terms and even violence, the report said.

But experts and activists say the Chinese government is now waging the most severe suppression of Christianity in the country since religious freedoms were granted by the Chinese constitution in 1982.

China force Christians to denounce faith, burn bibles and close churches lailasnews 3
China force Christians to denounce faith, burn bibles and close churches

The escalating anti-Christian campaign coincides with President Xi Jinping recent consolidation of power that made him the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao Zedong, the notorious communist leader responsible for millions of deaths.

Activists reportedly filmed footage of what appeared to be piles of burning bibles and forms declaring that the signatories had rejected their faith. The authorities allegedly forced the believers to sign the forms or risk being expelled from school or loosing welfare benefits.

A Christian Pastor in the Henan city of Nanyang, whose name was identified out of fear of retaliation by the authorities, reportedly confirmed that crosses, bibles and furniture were burned during a raid on his church on Sept. 5.


  1. Christianity is new in Asia because the Holyspirit did forbid the Apostles from preaching the gospel in Asia…It is in the bijble.And this is the reason there was no missionaries sent to Asia…Like it is new is the more reason it has to go through trials before establishement…good news is that those trials makes it stronger…

  2. The state uses religion or tries to replace it. Napoleon explained :
    “How can one have order in the state without religion? Society cannot exist without inequality of fortunes and inequalities of fortunes cannot exist without religion. How can a man dying from hunger sit next to a man who is belching from overeating, unless there is an authority that says ‘God wills it so.’” And added:
    “It is necessary that there be rich and poor in this world. We need religion to say that in eternity it will be different. I see in religion not the mystery of the incarnation but the mystery of the social order. It relegates to the heavens the idea of inequality so that the rich are not massacred here on earth.”

    With regard to religion being replaced, here is one example, part of a poem which was published in Pravda on 28 August, 1936:
    O Great Stalin, O Leader of the Peoples,
    Thou who didst give birth to man,
    Thou who didst make fertile the earth,
    Thou who dost rejuvenate the Centuries,
    Thou who givest blossom to the spring . . .

    Perhaps following the deification of Stalin & the Kims of North Korea, the dictator Xi has decided to follow in their footsteps.

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