Chilling moment lesbians getting married were arrested by police in Ghana (Video)

Lesbians getting married in Ghana were arrested by the police, in a crackdown which saw at least 22 people arrested.

The raid was captured on video.

The shocking video footage from Ghana Web shows the moments after the police force stormed a property at Obomeng, Kwahu South.

“Why are you pushing me like that?” one of the alleged wedding-goers screams at a man who appeared to be a police officer. “Arrest everybody!” an officer out of shot shouts.

As officers scuffled with attendees, a local who, activists claimed, stayed up to assist the police, can be heard saying: “We will burn them, we will burn all of them.”

At least 22 were arrested and are, at the time of writing, all being held in police custody at the neighbouring Mpraeso Police Station, according to reports by advocacy group the African Equality Centre.

Watch the chilling moment below;

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