Chika Ike’s vacation in Thailand – Actress spotted stroking Elephant

Nollywood actress Chika Ike’s vacation in Thailand doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon as the actress was spotted yesterday at an Elephant Farm having fun.
Chika Ike's vacation in Thailand - Actress spotted stroking Elephant lailasnews 4
Chika Ike’s vacation in Thailand – Actress spotted stroking Elephant

Chika Ike had earlier had a stop at a Zoo where she took her time to play with life leopards.
In her knack to taste adventures, the singer took to a resort in the country to play with elephants. The elephants which were big and friendly usually stayed by the pool side where they welcomed curious guests like Chika.
To see her elephant friend, the actress wore an eye-catching two piece swimsuit that was very much beautiful. She shared pictures of herself stroking the animal on its head and trunk.


  1. This is the season for vacation..enjoy your vacation…time to relax and hav fun…looking amazing..beautiful woman…

  2. She has been playing with animals ill naturally not go more than 20fts from since she went to that thailand. She is really having fun

  3. One thing I love about thisblady is her shape and humility, it baffles me alot… Chika I love you. Shine on dear

  4. It’s good to go on vacation and have fun. Enjoy your life. You deserve it cos all work and no play makes jack a dull boy

  5. When did Chika ike turned a singer again? I know her as an actor tho.. And am surprised where she got all those hips from.. Bae you look smashing and hot in those pics

  6. Such a beautiful woman. Hard to make a reasnable comment looking at her, nothing reasonable about this post anyway…lol.

  7. I think she is enjoying her vacation to the fullest but just becareful with all these wild animals, best of luck

  8. Is she seducing the elephant or why was she dressed in such a manner.This is why they do have a broken home.

    I wish you happy enjoyment

  9. My favorite actress looking so beautiful and amazing, have fun to the fullest dear, when I grow up I will surely be like you. Happy holidays

  10. The lady is so beautiful. What an adorable looking elephant. She should have gone for a bigger one.

  11. That’s good but must you show your nakedness to the world for us to know that you are enjoying your holiday?… Anyway enjoy wella

  12. Chika Ike is really enjoying her vacation. She’s just living her life so beautiful. Just enjoying herself, she looks beautiful really beautiful and happy.

  13. Its good and interesting to take time out after some work to enjoy and catch fun.
    Such is not meant for lazy bones.
    Keep enjoying dear, come back when you’re satisfied.

  14. This is the season for vacation..enjoy your vacation…time to relax and hav fun…looking amazing..beautiful woman

  15. nowhere money cannot take u once u have the money u will be traveling everywhere u wish to just for enjoyment

  16. Enjoy your stay in Thailand and stay there as much as you want. I can see that Chika Ike really loves animals. She should be careful with animals before they will bite her.

  17. That’s so lovely .Vacation in a different country is so cool.i will love to go for vacation anytime from now in a different country

  18. She is really having so much fun. I didn’t even know she is a singer too. Nice photos Chika Ike, enjoy yourself in Thailand.

  19. this lady has been on vacation spree
    No acting, nothing
    Big men sponsoring her vacation
    Anyways enjoy

  20. Keep enjoying your vacation pretty lady.No time for haters.She also has a killer shape.I like her style

  21. Oh my God this lady is just too much, may God always be with you, enjoy your self complement of the season.

  22. This Lady get heart ooo. Even me man no fit go for this kind jugular. Elephant ! I no fit try am. What if the unimaginable happens ?

  23. This is good news,China like is having fun with the elephant, she is well prepared to snap pictures and I hope she is enjoying her vacation following up with animals,this is good news

  24. Wow this looks very nice and beautiful …i really love her guts I pray the elephant don’t trow her away

  25. Wow. I’ve been feeling her absence in movies lately. She’s on vacation. She’s having a wonderful time.

  26. Chika is good to enjoy your life and vacation in Thailand but as you enjoy please remember your Creator God who has given you life to freely enjoy.

  27. Enjoy your vacation in Thailand Lady China, and have a safe trip back to Nigeria. Nice pictures though

  28. Obviously the vacation was fascinating enough for you China. Sure when the opportunity presents itself, you won’t hesitate to do this again. Nice postures anyways

  29. This is an awesome way to go on vacation. I really envy her choice of location. She ignored the usual US and UK trips that other celebrities normally scramble for to Thailand, kudos to her jare

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