Chidiogo Enweagbara opens up on acting nude in Nollywood

Nollywood producer Chidiogo Enweagbara has given her opinion on acting nude in the Nigerian movie Industry.

According to the producer, who spoke with Inside Nollywood, acting nude is a matter of choice and subject to the actor in line as some will gladly accept the role while some other will not even consider it.

Chidiogo Enweagbara opens up on acting nude in Nollywood

“Acting nude is a big deal to me. But in our part of the world, I don’t think so. And I think it should be at the actor’s discretion. Some don’t mind while others will find it difficult to do so,” She said

The filmmaker says she loves telling stories that are entertaining and relatable. Commending the growth rate of the Nigerian film industry, she says,

“Nollywood keeps on growing. Thankfully, we have more and more options for funding, content buyers, film equipment and talents for behind and in-front of the camera.”

On her current project, Greyish, Enwegbara says it tells the story of someone who gets important information and has to make a critical decision. He soon finds out that the deal is more than black and white. That actually, life comes in shades of grey.

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