Checkout These Beautiful “Thickilicious” Ladies Breaking The Internet

Hello Laila,

Thickilicious Revamp Group has finally berthed~ This group was born out of the need for the plus size girl to BE Herself, BE Positive and BE Happy, thus the group.

I have watched for years how the plus size girl has been relegated to the back by the society, and termed ugly and unacceptable, but today we want to rule in all aspect because we want to be heard and seen.

Beauty is not about size, but how happy you are, I wanted the plus size girl to be anything she wants to be, a model, icon, business tycoon and sexy wife, my group brought a lot of plus size girls to limelight, inspiring them to be more, we just started the group less than three weeks , we are breaking grounds and more heights to conquer.

We had our first inaugural meeting in Lagos, and we were heard, seen and we made impact,we have plans on going global and steadier ( big net coverage ) we have beautiful packages – branded shirts, membership fees and other beautiful packages for sponsorship and partnership, the group is opened to all plus size ladies and their chasers (MEN)

We are also into charitable events and empowerment expo’s, with finesses ETC…

We are Thickilicious.

To join or identify with these beautiful ladies and live life to the fullest, You too can join the thickilicious group by sending an email with the subject “THICKILICIOUS” to for more information.


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