Check out how Daniella Okeke’s bumbum was 10 years ago

Nollywood actress Daniella Okeke’s bumbum may be regarded as one of the most notable among female Nigerian celebrities.

The actress is known to always flaunt the assets and she is considered by many of her followers and critics, to be favoured in the industry just because of how heavily endowed she is.

Check out how Daniella Okeke's bumbum was 10 years ago lailasnews 2
Check out how Daniella Okeke’s bumbum was 10 years ago

Some have even said her bumbum is fake and she must have engaged in one of these body corrective surgeries.

Well, jumping on the currently trending  #10yearsChallenge, the actress has posted a photo of her bum she took 10 years ago to prove to her critics that she has not done any surgery.

Posting the photo on Instagram, she wrote:
‘#10yearchallenge AND DEY SAID WE DID YANSH SURGERY 😂🤣😂 SMH’


  1. it may be natural if she looks like this ten years ago and it is also still possible that she has done the surgery for a long long time.

  2. She really is endowed. Only you with overload and people like us are looking for small one. Ok o, thank God now they will know its not surgery.

  3. Wow it has been there all this while,,she was has been gorgeously endowed from birth…what a sexy look ..tell them’s not surgery it is NATURAL.

  4. Everyone is entitled to his opinion. She is naturally endowed and that’s her body, she flaunt it anyhow.

  5. Wow that surprise me ,but I think it’s natural,God is good , that’s how my blessings also increase

  6. This one has pass 10years challenge ooo.. She is carrying overload not bumbum.. God knows everything he should not be mocked

  7. Why can’t we mind our business, the body is hers and what ever, should not be your business unless you are jealous

  8. Don’t mind your critics, anything they don’t know, they must say….bia ndi critic must you talk?

  9. Well if its natural then its a blessing to her but if its not then let’s leave her alone when the time comes we shall know

  10. Her bum is real after all. All those critics can now stop criticizing. But what’s with all these 10 yrs madness.

  11. Okay you’re proud of your bumbum, tomorrow it might be a heavy load,bcos as you age the weight comes down on your legs. For now enjoy it

  12. Can’t stop laughing, you really got a big bum bum, see how it looks ten years back, well I just hope it’s real!

  13. Some of you saying that she did surgery a long time ago must be insane to think such. Even after the proof. Ten years ago is she affluent the way she is now. You people better get a life.

  14. Celebrities!!! She’s had what she has now for a very long time. This is a good way to shut critics up though.

  15. Wow the picture are the same nothing changed especially the bumbum, which shows that is natural

  16. I sincerely think there is a far more important thing to talk about than that. I am not keen to make any further comments on this.

  17. This is seriously too giant,I guess she boosted it, congratulations okeke,enjoy your big bumbum jare

  18. She did not undergo any corrective surgery on her bum comparing her look 10years ago. Everybody changes in nature and stature but her heavy backyard is forever there to proof that she is real. Keep fit baby.


  20. funny o this bumbum is for okeke and she is doing her thing and jobless people are talking of fake yash or bumbum. her favour in the industry might be as a result of the bumbum to me its still her blessing. everyone have what will make the get favour from people.

  21. You don’t have to mind what people say they’re all jealous of you back side my sister you’re highly endowed

  22. Hmm, there is nothing we can’t see. … If you artificial did increase the bum. Good if no good. Next look alike pictures please.. Failed the competition

  23. If is natural cause some are not man f us natural I think u have to use it properly not to ruin the lives of men BT to use it change men for better when they get attracted to her

  24. Big bumbum small bumbum all is the no big deal about it. When she dies bumbum dies . all is vanity. This is no story abeg

  25. Na u sabi as u take show am. So it is still bothering u what ppl said. Then get more matured and leave them alone

  26. wow ooo na true talk that the young shall grow na the bum bum come follow grow too.abeg na ur endowed asset be that

  27. Don’t mind them haters. You are naturally endowed. Keep flaunting your assets and let them continue talking.

  28. It’s a serious upgrade for real. We all have our different pace to grow some meticulous body parts

  29. She got fat oh and the package increase..Abeg more package in d next 10 years to come

  30. I think all of you woman where buying bombom from somewhere because all this bombom just they big niii

  31. her favour in the industry might be as a result of the bumbum to me its still her blessing. everyone have what will make the get favour from people.

  32. God has created each and every one of us in a special and perculia way maybe that is how God has created her judging from her pic ten years ago

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