Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan allegedly got into a fight at Golden Globes

Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan allegedly had a fight at the Golden Globes, and according to MTO a  top industry insider said that both actors got into a physical altercation shortly before the event started.

Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan allegedly got into a fight at Golden Globes lailasnews

The insider claimed that “Chadwick and Michael don’t really like each other – Chad is very arrogant and Michael doesn’t like that.” It was further gathered that while Michael is known to be quite friendly, easy-going and enjoys a cordial relationship with his female co-stars, Danai Gurira and Lupita Nyong’o, the ladies aren’t as free with Chadwick Boseman, and this is allegedly due to his arrogant behaviour.

The black panther stars reportedly had an argument when their co-stars Danai Gurira, Lupita N’yongo, were in a staging area preparing to walk the red carpet and it was gathered that the security broke up the fight before it started.

“It wasn’t an argument about anything particular, it’s been building up for some time,” MTO reported.

Chadwick reportedly refused to be around Michael for the rest of the evening, and Chadwick reportedly refused to be around Michael for the rest of the evening. He only joined them when the Black Panther stars came on stage to present a few awards, where they were sure to do the Wakandan salute.


  1. Being arrogant is very bad. It’s better they separate from the arrogant band member to save them from embarrassing them publicly again

  2. How can men be fighting over nothing? And role models for that matter. This is shameful. I ask them to make up for the sake of our youths

  3. If they have issues between themselves, they should at least respect public gathering by respecting themselves and not fighting publicly.

  4. why this is not good guess lack of understanding but not into a fight there should have behaved matured and handled the matter in a way….to avoid social medial and pulblic notification

  5. It takes two to tangle. Since they know Chad to be an arrogant person, to avoid problem they should relate with him in understanding

  6. Chad can arrogant but doesn’t mean he can’t work with Michael, were two people are existing in good term, one most be the binding force by letting go some unnecessaries.

  7. It is said that two people can not be mad at the same time, but if are mad at the same time, trouble, I actually Michael to be his usually camlself, there are better ways to handle situation like that.

  8. They should stop behaving immaturely. Talk about it . You all are also a face to the nation and people are looking up on you

  9. Arrogance is another page of illiteracy. But should have controlled temper at such event. Well its a show of no shame to both.

  10. It takes two to he knows his partner is arrogant he will take it easy it till the deal is over

  11. pride is the downfall of a man, beibg arrogant does not profit a man,its only brings you down, be wise

  12. Going by the movie, you would think Chad would be the gentle one and Micheal , the arrogant one but the reverse is the case.

  13. They should grow up and settle their differnces.

    Quarrels are part of life
    They should put it behind them

  14. Arrogancy hinder ones success most especially wen its mixed with jealousy…let’s make peace with one another

  15. I think they should settle their differences… Though being with an arrogant person isn’t something easy

  16. Can you imagin soone living his life and the other saying doesn’t like it!!! What’s with the person’s arrogance do your things and let peace rain

  17. Being humble pays while arrogance destroys, so always be humble and get it all.
    Life is too shot to be destroyed by being rude or arrogant, that’s why one have to put his or her ego down and handle every situation with care.

  18. I never knew Chadwick was like that,thought he was friendly,nice and easy going .its really not nice to be rude and arrogant he should change his behaviour and become nice .

  19. They should broker peace. That’s all I can say. Though it’s pretty difficult working with a proud partner.

  20. Seriously some issues are supposed to b settled on a low key, fighting will nt solve d beef on ground

  21. Chad really arrogant indeed but it doesn’t warrant physical altercation. They just disgraced theirselves.

  22. There must be a reason for the disagreement. I think its best they get along and put their differences behind them.

  23. You could even see Chadwick demonstrate his arrogance in the movie. But I think Chadwick wants Michael to respect cos of the age difference…10 years is no joke

  24. Arrogance is a bad habit, you guys need to sort things out amicably because you are both adults

  25. how did they now work together. Are you sure Chadwick is the only arrogant band Abbi the wakanda role he played doesn’t have end.

  26. This is kinda hard to believe but if it’s true Chadwick loosen up man what’s with the attitude.

  27. Let there be no strife guys.. It lead to a malicious and annoying life… Settlement should set in.

  28. These are two adult being, why must they even fight each other, any way this what pride and arrogance cause,
    Dialogue is always the best option

  29. Life of the celebrities most learnt think because they are rich people know them and people died in good fun for them. They think it’s an opportunity for them to be proud arrogant and pompous but it’s an advice to all eu celebrities with nothing but human respect is reciprocal

  30. Arrogance leads to down fall, Chadwick you need to blend up and keep off the arrogance way of a thing and cheer up with your man Michael B. Jordan.

  31. Am not in support of this why fighting each other if you have conflict among you try to settle it

  32. Personally I hate argument… And some one that is been rude or arrogant is very bad. So I hate to associate with such persons..

  33. Who would have thought,they don’t actually like each other,and Chad being arrogant .Wow shocking discovery,this shows what they are on screen is far different from who they behind the scenes

  34. Arrogance is a bad thing, it can lead to the downfall of one as people would not like associating with you

  35. Hmmm… I don’t know why. Should people like Chadwick not be dealt with whenever they show their arrogant nature which offends some other people around them?

  36. In life attitude matters a lot, if u have a bad reputation it will even bring you setbacks… Boseman should behave properly as he is a role model to others

  37. The altercation is due to long term grudge both have been having over each other and they are matured enough to settle issues without engaging in to fight. They should settle their differences otherwise separate before it worsen.

  38. never knew Chadwick was like that,thought he was friendly,nice and easy going .its really not nice to be rude and arrogant he should change his behaviour and become nice .

  39. Sometimes this people create a scenario just to get more public attention. But if the fight is real, they should please settle it.

  40. It’s good has the argument was dealt with before it’s truly broke out into a fight and that won’t be good at a prestigious event.

  41. These guys should be matured na, why would they pick up such violence against themselves, they should settle up amicably

  42. A real fight from the two would have more views than the movie itself. Unfortunately, they have to work together and sheath their sword

  43. That’s a normal thing among stars… You both should just try and settle your differences it’s better off

  44. I think the two people fighting should know that they are in the same line of work and that help might be needed at anytime in terms of advice or resources from themselves

  45. Character is priceless and should be built irrespective of any height attained. This is a public disgrace indeed

  46. This is one thing I hate the most they all know that it’s only one person that will win so why the fight

  47. Whatever the issue may be it will be better they settle their differences and save their selves from public embarrassment. It is immature for men to be fighting over nothing..

  48. Arrogance does not be quit somebody that is now a star or a celebrity. I think Chad should learn how to control his anger

  49. Mike has 20 yrs experience in acting than Chad. Mike never went to any prestige college like Chad,but learned and grew along the way. Chad feel like he is not getting the recoginition in movies and commercial and advertising success like mike or the rest of the movie cast. Chad feel like he should be entitled to success as well as mike. Everbody, of the cast of Black Panther have future movies including Winston Duke. Chad is going to Netflix movie with the russo brothers. Chad is worried that Letitia Wright might be playing the black panther soon than expexted. The supporting cast out shined him. I wish the cast and crew much future success and personality matter not arrogance.!

  50. These celebrities sometimes, nothing caused the fight, then why are they fighting. People can be funny and they still joined back to do the black panther salute. Mehn people can be funny

  51. Been arrogant didn’t give you a better chan’s ahead of anybody, is reader you change for a better future and avoid disgracing yourself in public

  52. Good milkiness is not kindness. Therw should earn how to do the right thing at the right time

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