Catholic Bishops reject Father Mbaka’s apology to Peter Obi

The Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria have rejected Father Mbaka’s apology to Peter Obi, which the controversial priest issued after an embarrassing episode with the PDP Vice Presidential candidate.

Catholic Bishops reject Father Mbaka’s apology to Peter Obi lailasnews

Catholic Bishop of Enugu, Most Rev. Callistus Onaga who relayed the stand of the Catholic Bishops, stated that they rejected Father Mbaka’s apology to Peter Obi because it was no apology but apologetics that did not comply with what they directed him to do.

Speaking during the weekend at a diaconate ordination mass celebrated at the Holy Ghost Cathedral, Enugu, Onaga, under whose jurisdiction and supervision Fr. Mbaka’s Adoration Ministry Enugu operates said;

“Before we met Mbaka, he had already apologised to Obi but when we listened to the apology, we realized it was no apology but apologetics, so we mandated him to do a written apology to Obi which he agreed to do and actually did it in our presence.

“He was remorseful and regretted his action. We believe he would do the needful by sending across the written apology.”

The Catholic Bishop who noted that Fr. Mbaka is gifted but should not allow himself be led into disobeying the directives and authority of the church, bemoaned the deep involvement of clerics in partisan politics and further stated that priests of the Catholic Church must not make political prophecies or endorse any politician or political party.

The bishop who also warned that priests were becoming meddlesome even in matters that does not concern them, added;

“I urge you all to pray for Fr. Ejike Mbaka. This man has added value to the church through his work. I have on several occasions told him that he is gifted but we must not allow anybody railroad us into disobeying the directives of the church. I therefore urge you all to pray for him so that the church can maximize his gift to the glory of God.

“I have heard such cases in some community where the contention was that the priest said that a certain person or the other should be the traditional ruler of a community and the community was in crisis. This is beyond your mandate as priest. Priests are not king makers, just preach and pray for them and let the counties run their affairs. In the same way, we should also allow politicians to play their politics and steer clear from the endorsements of candidates. Nigeria operates a democracy and not theocracy. We must therefore be mindful to preserve the integrity of the Catholic church.”


  1. Even God himself accepts our apology, so what is man to say no to a follow man’s apology. He has done his own part

  2. Why will the Catholic bishop reject his apologies to Peter obi, is that what they are reading in their bible

  3. I just wonder at time if it is the same Jesus that never middle with his days politics but rather preach the only solution to mankind the God’s kingdom is what these men of politicians called men of God are preaching.

  4. If indeed he has done the needful apologies not apologetics no need for written apologies. We Shud all try to apologize genuinely

  5. since he has apologies just let things be by gone after all you are also a sinner and you must surely ask for forgiveness

  6. We are praying for him already because I know he is a gift to the body of Christ, l pray he understands that he was been corrected so as not to derail from his calling

  7. Mbaka is known for his political involvement ,each year the general election draws near .well let Peter obi forgive him for his lawlessness and over talking.

  8. Father Mbaka is surely ready to face the consequences of his actions and that is a good one . He should never be too penalized for that

  9. Apology is apology. Why should they reject it. He is to apologize to Peter Obi and he has done that so what else. But if the insist on a written one, then he should write it and give to them. Once you are looking for peace you can go to any length to get it but seriously should leave politics and face his ministry, period

  10. Excellent write up.. “Nigeria operates a Democracy and not Theocracy”… Bt since he have Apologize let things be by gone… We have many issues to look into in Nigeria..

  11. The priest are some people spiritual role model and what are they trying to tell others if they don’t accept the apology

  12. Thank God,his apology have been accepted,but he should mind his business,stop showing himself on social media wrongly

  13. I don’t know why church is coming into politics. Church should mind church while politics mind politics

  14. The role of s priest in politics is to support the leaders in prayers , give them spiritual advice, guide them in making choice or selection if they permit, not to be against one party in fervor of others ,

  15. Why are they rejecting it? Mbaka should forget politicians and politics and face his calling

  16. They should let peace reign why would they reject it since he has tender his apology,this one is men of God against eachother

  17. Exactly, as a priest or pastor..when it comes to politics, do not endorse anyone..u can warn against danger or worries as the case may be but don’t endorse any politician and play some kinda political eyeservice to them.

  18. Disobeying the instructions of the bishops is very wrong though he apologized, but better still obey the instruction given to you.

  19. Apologies are meant to be accepted. The bible says we should forgive.. As a so called priest you ought to know that….

  20. Well let’s pray for fr mbaka so that he will learn how to keep his mouth shut when it comes to electoral period in fact when it comes to things concerning politicians

  21. I love the way bishop of Catholic church handled this case of Reverend father Ejike Mbaka,let the matter settle

  22. betrayers, intruders. wickedness of man what concines you in the apologies is that what God sent you to do. please mind your business

  23. The enugu bishop had really advices review mbaka very well. I like his public advice. But mbaka should endeavour to do as instructed by sending the already written apology letter to Peter obi.

  24. Obedient is better sacrifice, he should just follow the directive of what they want and settle this issue once and for all. Wisdom demand this.

  25. They would had just forgive him at first. Which ever way or form apology is apology. While stressing by writing note again

  26. The fact that he is gifted does not give the right to go contrary to the Catholics body. I’m glad they disciplined him and made him feel remorseful.

  27. He is truly supposed to apologize because priests are not meant to meddle into the affairs of politics but do the works of the Lord

  28. He did the right thing by apologizing, they should forgive him and accept his apologies. Revd Mbaka is a good man

  29. He should let this go everybody have their own side if he do not accept that apology which mean he is indirectly tell the church not forgive one another.

  30. Nothing done on earth wasn’t planned and program by God…… To show how someone level of spirituality has gone…. I believe everything. Was for a reason….

  31. Father mbaka has bitten more than what his mouth can carry he should lev politic for politicians and face the church… But I think he did the right thing by saying he is sorry

  32. Thank God for Mbaka have finally apologize. I pray God help our men of God to speak out words that are of boom and not of doom

  33. He knows the doctrine of the Catholic. So he go ahead to do what they ask of him. Next time he should be careful the way he talks

  34. Bishop sir, please lead mbaka, prepare him again to stop involving himself in politics,, thanks for telling him to apologize

  35. Is becoming too much of father nbakar lately, he wan’t to rubbish the whole catholic family before now I support those bishops jare

  36. Oh! So the apology was actually forced out of him not that he did it willingly. Now all his blind followers who think he didn’t do anything wrong, what do u think abt ur bishop’s stand in the matter? All of u need to wake up from ur slumber

  37. Only God knows the mind of man. But since he has apologized either it’s an apology or an apologetics, let the matter go.

  38. Mistakes and offense is equal to human because of imperfect but someone realised that he has done something wrong and apologize, the other party should try and forgive.

  39. After he has tendered his apology, I dont see any need for a written apology again, they are taking it too far. Unless they have been settled or bribed to force the man to do that again.

  40. politics is meant for minister of god for goodness sake,can someone kindly put this man in check please,he is not setting the right example

  41. When una no dey hear say make una stay out of politics. Christianity has just one primary aim which is God’s Kingdom. And the sole candidate is Jesus Christ.

  42. That is their case, they know how to handle themselves, they should do so however they think is best. We’re just watching.

  43. Though the apology wasn’t straight forward but we all know he is sorry. I hope there is no envy and jealousy behind this.

  44. It is good he has written an apology letter. It is also good he knew he did wrong and I believe it won’t reoccur.

  45. Atleast he feels remorseful. I believe his actions were for the best. He’s not so interested in politics as such

  46. I suggest he should write apologetic letter to Peter Obi. Next time, he won’t run his mouth anyhow. A man or woman of God should learn how to talk and when to talk.

  47. If they feel is apology isn’t sufficient, then he should write another apology letter for peace to reign

  48. Even God himself accepts our apology, so what is man to say no to a follow man’s apology. He has done his own part They used accept is apology.

  49. Mistakes and offense is equal to human because of imperfect but someone realised that he has done something wrong and apologize, the other party should try and forgive

  50. nice one, you just said my mind. I have been wondering when fathers were made king makers in this country to decide who wins and who fails

  51. He has shown his humility and willingness to do the right thing and he did. The matter should not be pushed further and hopefully, the statements from the bishops would help to direct other priests and men of God to be careful in there speeches concerning politics and government.

  52. Mbaka is a true Reverend father and what ever apology he has given to the governor peter obi, should be accepted

  53. They should accept his apology o since they ask him to give written apology he should do it for peace to reign

  54. If the church rejected the apology, He should just obey and do the right thing.Coz he’s under the church

  55. I guess he’s got he’s reason and I believe his reasons are best known to him for doing something of such

  56. If he has truly apologized. Then let matters lie low. There are too many propaganda about him. No one knows who is correct

  57. As a father of a church you should be a good lead to the members why not just do the right apology and let bygun be bygun

  58. I just hope someday soon in this country, there would be a very clear difference between priesthood and politics.

  59. Our religious leaders with wahala sha. Even if we offend God, God still forgive us. Why we humans?

  60. he should write the apology letter nah to mr peter obi let peace reign. it will teach him aA lesson because he talk too much

  61. Before we met Mbaka, he had already apologised to Obi but when we listened to the apology, we realized it was no apology but apologetics, so we mandated him to do a written apology to Obi which he agreed to do and actually did it in our presence.

  62. Are they God no matter what since mbaka open up and apologize him then he did what is called open confession. I believe that my confession must go to whom I offended.. That is all… They are human being. God have answered you for the apology

  63. Why all these remorseful comments…even in any organization if you are asked to apologize in any certain way and you don’t it won’t be accepted…if they say he didn’t apologize the right way let him do it the right way…no one is perfect…everyone is subject to corrections…

  64. Father Mbaka has done nothing to warrant this apologies he only made a public declaration he can only denounce it not apologizing.

  65. Why is the church mingling with politics even when our Lord Jesus Christ went to Jerusalem he chased out those selling in the temple n exchanging currency such act can be use to translate what is happening now in the church. I beseech our minister to please focus on the gospel by winning more soul to Christ kingdom

  66. Good, for Catholic Bishop intervention, and the humility of Father Mbaka, please stay away from politics,

  67. It’s a shame that Rev Mbaka is now a politician in clergy uniform. Too bad. He should note that he is not GOD.

  68. Men of God getting involved in politics this days is the height of it
    This will soon lead to crisis in the church

  69. Apology is meant to come From the heart, it should not be forced out. The bishop should have let it be, cos d more it’s been stressed more people will feel hurt.

  70. And what’s wrong in forgiving someone who accepted his fault…even God forgive us our sins so see no reason why he shouldn’t be forgiven

  71. Father Mbaka has done the right thing by sincerely apologizing to Peter Obi, i am sure Peter Obi has also accepted the apology, all is well

  72. He has done the right thing to apologized to Mr peter obi,then the bishop should also forgive him,since he has apologized ,why rejecting his apology again.

  73. Yes he really needs our prayers to remain in the faith and not go astray, and I also think he should tender a proper apology to peter Obi.

  74. This fr Mbakas case is becoming somthing elseoooo,,,I was really angry with him when he said Jonathan was blood shared with buhari is god’s sent,,I don’t understnd why his is putting himself so deep into politics

  75. Is really bad that fr. Mbaka is saying this kind of words but since he apologizes , it is better that he apologised

  76. I’m still wondering what these men of God and politics have in interest?
    Its not the way it should be

  77. Why will the bishop reject his apology? I hope nothing is fishy here sha the good thing is that fr mbaka apologized simple

  78. To err is human, forgiveness us divine, since he has apologized be it written or oral it should be accepted

  79. Which shows that the apology is not from his heart. The man is just full of himself. The bible made it clear that pride comes before a fall

  80. He humbled himself and apologised to Peter Obi both verbally and written and I think that should be enough, the the Catholic body should accept him.

  81. A good thing the apology that is fitting had been composed
    And I believe Fr. Mbaka will send it across
    Nothing heals and ends problems as quickly as sorry
    For peace sake

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