Cassper Nyovest reveals he suffered from depression

South African rapper, Cassper Nyovest has taken to his Twitter page to reveal that he suffered from depression five years ago.

Cassper Nyovest revealed he suffered from depressed 5 years ago lailasnews

Cassper who is arguably one of the most successful rappers in Africa made this known while reflecting on his success journey.

He noted that he was broke five years ago when his debut album dropped, and was so depressed. Cassper Nyovest is thankful to God, as he is today seen as an inspiration to many. See what he wrote below;

I was broke as hell and depressed 5 years ago. My debut album dropped just 5 years go. Today I am seen as an inspiration to all kinds of people. Black, white, young and old. I appreciate my life so much. Crazy what God can do in your life in just 5 years. Please don’t give up. 🙏🏿


  1. Depression ain’t a good thing and I’m so glad yhh overcame it by not given up. More uplifting in Jesus name

  2. Glory be to God for your life and helping you come out of depression. May God help me also and uplift me from my broke state. Amen

  3. Well said, Cassper,summary of it all is trust in God. He will see you through the darkest turnel of life. Congratulations for being a source of inspiration to many.

  4. Thank God for your life that God helped you out to get over it now is a story to be told I pray that those people that are depressed right now will use your story to overcome theirs also.

  5. Its wonderful how things involve , in 5 years Casper is a hero to many but back then he wasn’t, astonishing

  6. That’s good for you to remember and acknowledge God for the increase you have seen, keep up the positive mentality

  7. Depression is indeed a killer.Thank God yours didn’t get to that stage and you survived it.People will definitely see you as an inspiration considering where you’re coming from and where you are today.More to come.And we owe all that we are to God

  8. This one many stars are coming out to declare their previous allegiance to depression, I hope DEPRESSION is not trending now, please don’t blow it out of proportion

  9. What is depression? Depression is a state of mind producing serious, long-term lowering of enjoyment of life or inability to visualize a happy future.Thank God for your life bro Cassper.

  10. Life is all about falling and raising, thank God for your life that you raise again. Congratulations

  11. Congrat. Yes don’t give up on God cause He will not give up on you. He is able. Hold on. Happy for you.

  12. You should not be broke just because of what happened to you. But stand your ground, because there is still hope for you.

  13. Been broke is one of the major causes of depression among celebrities because they wants to be rich like their fellows thank God he survived

  14. Thank God you were able to overcome the depression. One thing is sure, once there is life, there is hope so never give up on yourself

  15. Depression my dear life is not easily. But are you such is depression or it was lack of inspiration. Many Nigerian are complaining of depression when they just started to lack ideal.

  16. Thank God you survive it and not committing suicide like other, thus tell us that we should not always give up

  17. Please my brother take it easy with whatever you are passing through, depression is not a good thing in humans life

  18. Everyone who has made it in life definitely had rough times . but the most important thing is been able to overcome obstacles.

  19. Indeed its true,never give up in life just keep struggling you will succeed one day,depression is a silent killer am happy he’s surivived.

  20. That’s good, and there’s nothing too big for God. With God all things are possible. Depression can’t help it only damage ones health and lead to sudden death.

  21. To God be the glory, money is good my brother, not only you is suffering from depressions,even me I need money

  22. well its nice all this celebrities are sharing their experience on depression it will give we the fans to never give up thanks bro

  23. Thank God you survived it. Many died from it. Every successful person has a story to tell. I won’t give up

  24. Thank God for your life that God helped you out to get over it now is a story to be told I pray that those people that are depressed right now will use your story to overcome theirs also.

  25. What depression does to humans, is not leads to so many evil mind thinking. Thank God he got out of it.

  26. don’t give up on God continue struggling and praying for God shall see you through thank God for your life

  27. It’s a good thing he survived it, depression make some people do craziest thing. I am happy for you.

  28. Congratulations for overcoming your dark days of depression and sorry,Thanks for your advice,it’s really good to wait on God

  29. That means when there’s life will still get hope if you dont relent in what you do I have your depression is gone now bro

  30. Everyone suffers from depression, but the most important part of it is how you overcome yours. We are all tempted at one point or another, but it all depends on how you handle your challenges. You’re lucky you survived yours, that’s a lesson for others.

  31. All glory to God Almighty for seeing you through your years of depression…. I wish you more grace and blessings

  32. Depression is like low bp that kills silently and instantly. I thank God that you came out it. May we learn to be ourselves all the time.

  33. 90% of the world population is depressed or has been depressed including you typing here you wouldn’t know it. If you think its a joke make research on depression and see what depression is all about. Infact the economy situation of Nigeria alone can make some one to be depressed

  34. Depression is really a bad thing.. You won’t know until you experience it which I don’t pray for anyone

  35. the true strenght of a man is not when he is successful but when he falls and able to rise up again

  36. Broke we understand,I thank God u made it hard works pay and with God everything is possible


  38. its true its not an easy thing, many people do suffer from depression a lot. it all depends on how you can take care of yourself. glad he overcome it

  39. In life one must pass through frying pan before he or she can be successful. But thank God he survived

  40. Nothing is worth killing yourself for in this life….please try and reach out to people who are depressed right now…

  41. Thank God sniper didn’t look like orange juice to you… Depression really scatter people… It takes alot to overcome depression… Thank God for your life

  42. I think every one in the world as depressed in his or her life time because they is no how you will live without getting it whether by dating someone and suddenly you brake or by other thing

  43. We bless God as he helped you out to get over it now is a story to be told, and I pray that those people that are depressed right now will use your story to overcome theirs own conditions.

  44. It is good to free your mind and be thankful to God for whatever thing you have. You can not come and kill yourself

  45. Is good that those who has duffered from depression are coming up to talk sbout it so yhat people currently in such delima can learn and stay strong yo fight it

  46. Depression is never a good thing, Let’s try as much as possible to always overcome it n not let it overcome us

  47. Thank God he did not kill himself. It was only by d grace of God that he survived it and today, his life is a testimony.

  48. Depression leads to suicide I thank God you were able to over come it. But watch your stress level always

  49. It is because u overcome you were able to tell now… Thank God u didn’t give up

  50. Don’t give up! I love that word in any situation you find your keep hope alive that one day is gonna be good

  51. Thanks for the words of encouragement, depression is what one would get over if one didn’t give up.
    I thank God for your life bro….i wish you and myself more success.

  52. This is a very natural story because many people suffers depression in time of hardship especially when there is no one to rely on

  53. For good 5 years??? Thanks be God you are alive and depression free. Depression kills faster than any poison in the world. I’m happy you came out of it.

  54. It’s been part of average Nigerian because of what we pass through, may God deliver us from this monster

  55. So many Africans face depression daily, some even take their own life when they have no one to talk to. Please help people you can help and always give a listening hear to those who need our help as we do not know who we might save

  56. Thank God he survived it. Depression kills but having the ability to manage it makes you a real man or woman

  57. Overcoming depression isn’t that very easy but thanks be to God for the grace provided to him to overcome depression.

  58. Everybody has what make them depressed, but like Cassper Nyovest ,God can do anything in few period of time to overcome depression

  59. Depression is really bad seriously. You can imagine living without visualising, without seeing a better future ahead. Depression is not something to experience because its kills. Congratulations to you for your success and blessings

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