Cardi B wants to be Kim kardashian’s vice president

Popular singer and mother of one, Cardi B has said she wants to join forces with Kim Kardashian West as her vice president.

Cardi B wants to be Kim kardashian's Vice President lailasnews

This was made known during an interview with TMZ outside The London NYC on Thursday.

Cardi B was asked about Offset’s hope for a potential Kim K presidential run and she revealed Kim’s been thinking about politics for some time.

She strongly insinuates she and Kim talked about the presidency, and tells us that’s the real reason why Offset says he’d vote for KKW.

Cardi and Kim kicked it back in early August, so we’re thinking that’s when they chopped it up about politics. Kris Jenner was there too, and you know she’s always got something in the works.

She wrote back then;

Im officially apart of the rich people club!! I’m not poor anymore mwaaaaahahahaha!! P.s I’m selling one of @krisjenner napkins on eBay!

If Kim really is serious about running for President, sounds like Cardi B sees herself as potential vice president material.

Few days back, rapper Cardi B’s sex tape with her husband, Offset, went viral on the internet after followers saw lucid video on her Instagram stories and shared massively.

She has however responded to suggestions that she leaked her own sex tape with her Offset on the social media platform.

“I wasn’t getting fingered i had LETHER SHORTS ON …. but i wish i was :/ I was very very horny,” she tweeted.

You wanna know what sooo funny. I don’t see my fans complaining about the instasnap .All i see is other artists stans mad at it .Like why ?why ya so worried ?Worry about your fav artists don’t worry about Cardi!


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