Cardi B quits Instagram after being slammed for winning Grammy Award

Cardi B has quit Instagram barely 48 hours after emerging the first woman to win Best Rap Album at the 2019 Grammy Awards. The 26-year old rapper decided to call it quits with the social media platform after receiving several backlash from fans who must have felt she wasn’t deserving of it.

Cardi B quits Instagram after being slammed for winning Grammy Award

To the critics, a Latina women shouldn’t have won that award especially on Black History Month.

However, Cardi B feels she doesn’t deserve the hate she’s getting because she really worked hard to make the album which won her the award.

She said:

“It’s not my style to put other people down to uplift someone else, that’s not my style, that’s not what I’m with and I don’t support that. However, I’ve been taking a lot of sh*t today and I saw a lot sh*t last night and I’m sick of this sh*t. I worked hard for my motherf*cking album. I remember last year when I didn’t win for Bodak Yellow, everybody was like, “Cardi got snubbed” now this year, it’s a f*cking problem? My album went two times platinum, my n*gga!”

She continued:

“I locked myself in the studio for 3 months, my n*gga. Didn’t go to sleep in my bed sometimes for four days pregnant, while everybody was harassing me like, ‘You can’t do it..”

Since reacting to the backlash and sharing the above post, Cardi B has gone missing on Instagram. Her account is no longer found on the platform.



  1. Since she got the Grammy award I think they saw she deserves it that was why it’s was given to her so why all the backlash… Please don’t mind them people must surely talk negative about you, if no one talks about you, meaning you are nobody, just ignore and remain focused.

  2. It is said good preparation prevent bad performance. Congratulations, your hard work shows in your performance

  3. People’s opinions doesn’t matter to ur acheivement .don’t get urself worried up cos of damn fyckin opinion of people.

  4. Ur life shouldn’t be dependent on what people think. U can’t please everybody. What is important now is that u won the award! Congratulations once again

  5. Why would they come after him, are they jealous of the award? He is a winner and no one can be taken it away from him

  6. Aunty Cardi B, no body is back lashing you, but people all over the world, especially if you are into rap, you will know she didn’t deserve it, THERE IS ALSO POLITICS IN GRAMMY. Why haven’t Nicki Minaj been given ‘grammys’ since her careers. Question for another day.

  7. Aunty Cardi B, you don’t deserve it. This is politics. THERE IS POLITICS IN GRAMMY. People all over the world knows you don’t deserve it that’s why the backlash. Why haven’t Nicki Minaj been given award since her career? Question for another day.

  8. Don’t be moved be other people stand on you , life move on, put yourself together and get your bearings back

  9. I don’t know why people wouldn’t mind their own business always criticism I know you deserved it that’s why you won so don’t let any one drive you crazy just keep thanking God for your victory.

  10. Peoples opinion don’t have to weigh you down unless you also feel you don’t deserve the award

  11. There will always be controversies. She won and that’s all. Critics and rivals should learn to move forward.

  12. this is what peer pressure can causse in ones life… it depends on how you control it..
    dont let it get to you cardi b

  13. Its always like that. Some people wouldn’t want to celebrate your happiness. Just thank God and its another way to more success. Congratulations once more. Cheers!

  14. Leaving Instagram is not the best thing. You have your award with you. So if your fans think you don’t deserve it, that’s their cup of tea

  15. I buy her decision by quiting, because if she doesn’t deserve it she will not been given so congrat cardi b

  16. Quitting social media is not a solution, after all the fans doesn’t know what it took you to become a winner

  17. No one ever appreciates your hustle in ths world. People just feel you ain’t worth a shit. Please forget the haters and enjoy your life. Congrats Cardi B

  18. That’s childish. People are entitled their opinions. You ignore them because not every one attacked you right! You are celeb so get used to it

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