Cardi B gives the middle finger while rapping about Offset

Cardi B gave the middle finger while rapping about Offset in a recent concert. Its seems there is a lot to their split than we know.

Cardi B gives the middle finger while rapping about Offset lailasnews

Cardi B returned to the stage for the first time at NYC’s Jingle Ball. Cardi brought the house down with a performance of her hit single “Bartier Cardi”, but when it came time to recite the lyric that mentions Offset by name, she saw fit to throw up her middle finger.

Cardi can be seen throwing up the hand gesture in relation to the lines “I turn Offset on”, making it clear to her fans that there won’t be a reconciliation any time soon. Watch video below;

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According to Hollywood Life, the split between Cardi, and Offset, was a long time coming.

“Cardi moved out over the summer and they have not been living together since,” claimed an inside source.

“However, the pair continued to make it look like they were together as Cardi was hoping for some miracle that would solve the trust and other issues they were having as a couple. She did not want to announce the split and was hanging onto hope that her small family would find a way to stay together.”

“She still loves Offset and really wanted things to work out,” the source added.

“However, when the latest round of text messages and receipts from other women came forward, Cardi felt completely disrespected for the last time.”


  1. nawa oh. Is it everything dis Casi b Dose dat will be published online??. Very soon dy will tell us dat cardi b is in d toilet pooing anytime she is pooing

  2. She is hurt, yes, but she has to forgive him so she can be forgiven too. Men can always cheat and go free but not women. So my dear forget the past and pray that it will not happen again as you face the future

  3. it means that I don’t think that they’d have settle the matter between them so they should find out what is going on in between them

  4. She’s just trying to look ok, just to make her fans believe she is doing ok after the split, she’s just trying to appear strong.

  5. U and this ur offset self…… U guys should just make up and save us the stress of reading ur drama everyday

  6. She is hurting, but she should just move on,all this drama is not worth it,most men do cheat it depends on if you can take it,if you still love him you can just Settle your issue ,he might even change

  7. More stories are unfolding on the subject
    Well if the case is much more than it’s told then they should stay apart for good and end the drama

  8. Cardi B is really living life without so much care about offset any more . She definitely moved on already

  9. They should settle their differences once and for all because of tomorrow, so that she can move on unhurt

  10. This gesture is leading us on to believe that Cardi and Offset are over. It’s only a matter of time before they get back ‘together’. The entertainment industry sure loves promance.

  11. This is a sign of a woman with so much bitterness and resentment on someone loved so much and cared for. Is unfortunate that she and her ex to be couldn’t work it out but she should not let things go further bad like this. No matter how hurt she may feel, is still the father of her child. She went too far by using the middle finger and is not good.

  12. You cant solve a problem by creating another problem, she shouldn’t make their split look likes they are now total enemies, their is always room for reconciliation between people

  13. Cardi b should try and forgive offset and let them come back together instead of doing this because it won’t help the situation at all

  14. Cardi B drama queen! If this separation is best for you Cardi, then go with it. Offset and infidelities…

  15. She is hurt yes but they can try and work out their problems first, celebrities opt for divorce first

  16. what is really in that finger or is that were her power is???? please stop rasing it up OK and sing normal

  17. She really feels bad and it’s not get fault. Let her take things easy. If she still loves him, she should try to work things out.

  18. Am we have happy for her if both of them have settle the matter between them and stay together as they did before

  19. Pls lady make it work (marriage) don’t let the word”celebrity” deceive you. No one celebrates marriage failure.

  20. Oh no She’s really hurt…let her just try to forgive offset or better still move on with her life instead of hurting herself the more.

  21. It’s totally what I’ll call doing the right thing at d wrong time, if u still want him go for him bringing viz issue out looks childish to me

  22. Cardiff B is a great rapper , I guess the middle finger is a form of swag or just to add color great performance

  23. I think I understand how she’s feeling, she felt hurt, cheated and stupid, why do men cheat on their wives sef

  24. I don’t know when men will stop cheating on their women,it’s really difficult to bring back trust in a relationship. Offset should change if he wants to be taken back.

  25. But we know she is not with the girl again, why rapping about him and giving him the middle finger.

  26. That’s the problem with women, when they’re pissed off the whole world will know there’s an issue more especially if the fault is from the guy.

  27. She should not let all that negativity drown her. What does throwing the middle finger achieve for her.

  28. I believe Cardi B’s love and faith for Offset will bring them back together again and all the disrespect will vanish away!

  29. I think the sign means the dispute continue, wch some people turn to b Illuminati sign. It i well.

  30. It’s hard to keep a relationship that is not working especially when the other person is no longer in love, just be strong and I pray you find Love again.

  31. It’s her life and relationship,, after giving birth they splited,,, still yet the reason is yet unknown, maybe it was a contract marriage

  32. She really gave this guy enough time to make amends on his cheating games but he was hellbent on doing the bad. Its good she made her decision.

  33. They are always beefing themselves, all these celebrities, today they are romancing AMD tomorrow breakup.

  34. Thats how it is full of haters though.. She don’t wanna handle the issue with maturity.

  35. That’s because of a heart break from her ex. Some persons normally finds it hard to move back to the normal activities after it

  36. It is hard to let go especially when you are hurt, l would like you to act matured and let go. Don’t cast him

  37. That’s just formality. The pair will soon come back bcos in their heart they are making reconciliation which we are yet to know. Cardi B and Offset are still madly in love with each other. I know so

  38. This lady may be hurting bad because of the split, and is doing this out of frustration. Let them get back together, or move on with their lives.

  39. These things do happen in relationship. Cardi should not take things so far so that reconciliation can still take place. The heart can be funny

  40. Wow this is worse than I thought. Well it’s good to express your pain, anger or whatever; but in the end it’s only forgiveness that heals the wounds. Let go Cardi, for the sake of your son

  41. Only you know how you have been hurt but try and be fine and let go. You need to live your life happily

  42. That’s her business, shes taking things too far now, instead of her to seek for means to amend things for their daughters sake

  43. Its anger bringing all this…it hurt a lot and therefore she need to react and pour out her anger…so let her do what she want to

  44. This is seriously serious.
    Am sure there’s something more to their break up aside not just being compatible

  45. She needs to move on and forget him, he’s not worth the stress. He has put her through a lot emotionally

  46. This Offset and Cardi B shit not even funny to me, because they literally just brought a baby in this world, and now the little baby has to deal with this? It’s really sad to me

  47. I don’t judge people in their relationships. She must have her reasons for that. What ever it is keep it cool dear it’s not worth it

  48. It’s human nature to feel bad when someone who earn our trust fails us. I believe she will get over it over time.

  49. Life of celebrity but all the same they should learn to settle things without the media and social media.

  50. If she feels she is still in love with offset then she should just bring down her pride and apologize to him and make things work out between them

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