Cardi B blast Donald Trump over government shutdown

Cardi B took to Instagram to blast Donald Trump over the partial government shutdown describing it as the longest in the country’s history.

Cardi B calls out Donald Trump over government shutdown lailasnews

Cardi B took aim at President Trump for “ordering” federal workers to go to work without pay and quickly dismissed any comparison to the shutdown that took place under former President Obama.

“Now, I don’t want to hear you motherf—–s talkin’ about, ‘Oh, but Obama shut down the government for 17 days. … Yeah b—h, for health care. So, your grandmother can check her blood pressure and you b—-es can go check out your p—ies at the gynecologist with no motherf—in’ problem.”

She went on to say, “I know that not a lot of y’all don’t care because y’all don’t work for the government or y’all probably don’t have a job, but this s–t is really f—in’ serious, bro. This s–t is crazy,” she continued. “Our country is in a hell hole right now all for a f—in’ wall. Everybody needs to take this seriously. I feel like we need to take some action. I don’t know what type of action, b—h, because dis not what I do, but b—h, I’m scared. This is crazy and I feel bad for these people that got to go to f—ing work to not get motherf—ing paid.”

Watch the video below;

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  1. If it were to be in Nigeria, buhari would hv sent DSS to pick her up and those would hv been her last words.

  2. That’s too bad how will they work without getting pay what kind of thing is that this man trump will should not even think of second term

  3. Cardi take it easy please. He is the President. A little respect is needed. Donald Trump is responsible for what happens in his govt

  4. I think the US didn’t just shut down for unnecessary reasons, she shouldn’t take things personal, i guess she should appreciate her country who has a project visible to them

  5. She’s right in standing up for the government workers, why would they be working without getting paid don’t they have families?

  6. Trump is such a stubborn Man. He should build the fence by himself and for himself. Why telling Mexico to pay.

  7. If cardi B can talk to Donald trump is this manner, and not be arrested that means she has the right of speeech to express how she feels about what Donald trump did about shutting down the government , working without pay, but this can not happen in Nigeria without be prosecuted for hate speech

  8. For all it’s worth Trump has the interest of Americans at heart. Sometimes a leader has to make some strong stand in order to accomplish a task.

  9. How is it that Trump will subject people to work with out paying them. Another bad government. I think age affects leadership. If he is being evil please let’s not work together and…

  10. Hahahah thank God you are in America were you can say anything and yet you are complaining,but trump isn’t helping why not hear your people out

  11. This is the decision taken by the government and I think every citizen should adhere by it. Cardi B is talking cos she’s not in Nigeria if not buhari would gave sent efcc to level one again against her.

  12. Donald Trump is responsible for anything that happens during his tenure…. so cardi b should take it easy.

  13. Well said! If it were to be in Nigeria, they would have shut her down for for speaking her mind. I hope her claim is considered

  14. U are lucky to be an American citizen if not u would have been under DSS watch for criticising the government.


  16. Cardi has some truth in what she said cause how could workers waste their strength working without being paid.
    Well, she expressed her freedom of speech, though it cant happen in Nigeria else those would be her last words

  17. First time in the history of America. Trump should pay workers. If it’s not affecting those in America it will affect their workers in Nigeria

  18. Another bad government. I think age affects leadership. If he is being evil please let’s not work together

  19. Nice, cardi has her right to speak though.. But in Nigeria,government workers stay for 6months to 8 months without getting paid and we still manage to survive without posting it on social media.. Here’s the thing,your country is not in hell like you said.. My country is hell right from the moment i started existing!! Like i met it in fuckin hell already and we are surviving.. Your government control ours and we suffer so much but when their citizens suffer for few days,you bother social media about it! Please stop disturbing us we are already tired of our countries…we can make a video against our oppression or our corrupt leaders and live to tell the Story.. I just pray they don’t attack me after this comment…

  20. Freedom of speech is in the USA if it is Nigeria Nne your life will be in the hands of DSS and other security agencies.

  21. Everybody now talks to trump anyhow, but why shut down a government for that long and workers are not being paid. This is not good at all

  22. My dear, you don’t the right to talk to the president of the United States of America that way. Cos you don’t know what it takes to be a leader. Mind your words.

  23. That is what that made Democracy the best form of government ever. But if it was Nigerian hmm. I think she would have been behind bars by now

  24. pls they should free that man let him do what he feel is the best cos every government has its own policy

  25. She is very right about what she said, Shutting of government is rubbish and it will affect other country.

  26. Hmmmmmmm if it is Nigeria she should have been in Gail by now…….I love the American ways of living, they are so free

  27. So this no payment of salary is everywhere and the stupid CNN television will not show it or tell it to the world. If na African president now this whole thing could have been aired.

  28. Cardi B really has guts to have said this on social media.Donald Trump is also a stubborn man and can be radical at times.This cannot happy in Nigeria.

  29. That is too bad, how can you be working without been paid. You need to chill and stop blasting your president.

  30. All if u insulting Trump, I think there is more to this. I love this president. God bless Nigeria

  31. so much for american democracy,actually its not funny doing a work you know may never be paid

  32. That is bad oo,why will you tell workers to work without being paid,Mr,Trump please do something about it

  33. Careless talker thank your stars that you are not in Africa you would have been taught a lesson big fool

  34. It is called freedom of speech.. In my dear country Nigeria, if you express your sincere views and it contradicts the ruling government, they will send efcc after you.. But cardi will stil walk absolutely free without any kind of harrassment.. That’s a working country.

  35. I thought that its only in Nigeria government workers are not being paid. She’s very right action needs to be taken at all cost.

  36. The government should consider those that are affected by thus shut down and do the needful to ease their pains.

  37. I don’t think trump can do this BT if is true either with a reason or something but please let them b paid

  38. But it’s not really good for people yp work and not being paid for their labour. Trump is really not helping matters at all. I believe she has made her point.

  39. It truly is not fair but it has to be many serious protesters against the president before this can actually be taken seriously. Well done cardi B

  40. When Obama was in power, Trump may be seeing leadership as what he can control anytime he wishes. He is now there and trying to prove his stubborn. Cardi B, thumbs up

  41. She has mind oo a whole president of USA if she’s been drag to court does she think she’ll win

  42. This is a country where democratic system of government are been practise,try it in nigeria and is called hate speech.

  43. Thanks to America, you have the right to say how you feel. Try it in Nigeria and face the Nigerian police

  44. I believe she is just saying her mind though. But comparing Obama to Trump is really not acceptable. They have different ways of ruling.

  45. Everybody have right to their opinion. She as just said her mind it’s now left for Trump to decide. But you don’t try this in Nigeria, the next thing you will see is DSS parading your house.

  46. Cardi B. shouldn’t be getting herself involved in politics. She should just face her career.

  47. That’s America for you. Freedom of speech. This cannot happen successfully in Nigeria except you’re dependent on luck. If it was Naija she would have been quickly arrested.

  48. She’s absolutely right. If it’s Nigerians that hates the truth now , they should have ordered her arrest immediately.

  49. That’s too bad how will they work without getting pay what kind of thing is that this man trump will should not even think of second term

  50. the way every one reasons is different and everybody has his or her choice and opinions. i don’t think blasting donald trump is the best

  51. Yes I think she is right everyone as the right to say what he like to his or her government in foreign not like this Niger area

  52. Comment*whatever happen,this country is far better than our problem,cos I know dat matter will be resolve soon

  53. Democracy, if is Nigeria they would find a way to shut her up, but I didn’t know she is now intrested in politics

  54. How I wish we can express our feelings that same way here in naija to the point of referring to our president as motherfucker, e for sweet oo

  55. This is very surprising. In Nigeria buhari can kill everyone for that. Cardi B lucky you, it’s Trump not buhari

  56. Cadi B baring her mind in black and white. Thanks to freedom of speech and respect for fundamental Human Rights in the US.

  57. We are in democracy world, you have right to say thing you want to say. But remember he is your governor.

  58. A worker is worthy of his wages. That’s a bit too hard by trump. Do reconsider n creat smiles on the faces that look sour as a result of this

  59. We are in democracy world, you have right to say thing you want to say. But remember he is your president.

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