Car stolen during church service at a Lagos church

A man has taken to the internet to seek for help in locating his mom’s car that was just stolen during church service at a Lagos Church.

Car stolen during church service at a Lagos church lailasnews
Car stolen during church service at a Lagos church

According to him, she drove the car to church and after service, she was surprised to discover that the car had been driven from where it was parked.

See his post

Twitter pls do ur thing, my mum’s car was stolen in church today, after service she came to where it was parked, and it was gone Honda CRV

The car was parked outside, by the side of Christ the King Catholic Church (CKC) ILASAMAJA LAGOS

The car registration number is EPE-635AU Pls retweet, and report to the nearest police station if you see the vehicle… Thank you



  1. some ushers where suppose to be watching over where their members vehicles are parked…i still pray God help and the Car should be found

  2. Na wa oooh… People really come to church for different reasons sha. I hope the car is found. Please let’s be security conscious too.

  3. Even in Church dis is very serious bcos it no longer save anywhere to park a car if d car can b stolen in d Church environment den d people involved no dey fear God,I pray dey find d car

  4. My prayer is that the car will be found for the woman to have rest of mind more so that she was in the church to serve God when the incident happened. Almighty God will recover the car for her.

  5. It a pity some people don’t know the height of punishment the pure on themselves, stealing in the church is very bad and any body got should be punished

  6. If stealing inside the church is no longer a crime to them stealing in church promises is what I can’t tall about because people no longer fear’s God

  7. Very possible, this is what happens when people are not taught to have Gods view of matters using the Bible but are thought how to prosper

  8. Some people goes to church in order to steal, i have lost my phone inside the church with the offering money i put inside it the only they left was my ID card right in my nose but i didn’t see the person . I prayed that the car will be found

  9. Imagine thief’s at worship places now. God will perform his miracle again. This car will be found, and the thief will be caught

  10. There are thieves every where, even is the most secured places they still thief talk less of church. They one thing one has to do is your in a car tracking system. I pray the police recovers the stolen vehicle.

  11. People are so bad these days I came to shore to come and steal a car that’s very bad I pray god caught them

  12. I pray for the car to be seen…. stealing at the church premises it’s not good dey will face the consequences

  13. People are no longer afraid of house of God until you experience something terrible before you stop stealing abi

  14. People are in church trying to make heaven. Others are outside nose diving into hell fire. Thank God we all have the right to our choice in life

  15. May the car be too hot for the thief to use…In short the engine will go off and they will park it and run….

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