Car rams into Akwa Ibom House Of Assembly, destroys perimeter fence

A car reportedly rammed into the Akwa Ibom House Of Assembly and destroyed the complex’s perimeter fence, in what many interpreted as another ploy to gain access into the 6th Assembly chambers.

Car rams into Akwa Ibom House Of Assembly, destroys perimeter fence lailasnews

The incident occurred on Sunday and it was gathered that the bus overshot the gutter and rammed into a section of the fence, leaving an opening close to the House of Assembly chambers section of the complex.

Car rams into Akwa Ibom House Of Assembly, destroys perimeter fence lailasnews 1

While a remedial work is ongoing to fix the perimeter fence under the strict supervision of the Assembly security agents, security men at the House of Assembly arrested the driver of the car which rammed into the Akwa Ibom House of Assembly and whisked him away for interrogation.

“It is suspected to be a ploy by Idongesit Ituen and his co-travellers to create an opening for an illegal entry into the chambers,” a security operative allegedly said.

“The plot is already failed one. The gutter on the road and the distance between the fence and the road makes the story of an accident a farce,” a bystander retorted.


  1. Story for the gods..that guy needs to spill the beans…what if they had lost their lives?

  2. This Akwa Ibom house of rep saga is really taking another shape oo. Something has to done asap to avoid further damage to the image of the h/rep

  3. How can they allow such thing to happen house of assembly for that, immediately action must take place quickly if not they can’t have peace of mind when holding any meeting

  4. How manage or are there trying to collapse the house of assembly.A whole house of assembly….something is wrong somewhere

  5. There is a huge problem in Nigeria . Did he truly lost the control of the car or the driver tried pacing way for illegal entering into the house of assembly

  6. There’s is too much problem in this country, suspicion here and there, I just hope the forthcoming elections comes and goes smoothly.

  7. I don’t believe the driver can deliberately crash his vehicle against the fence. It doesn’t make sense.

  8. Is this really a ploy,deliberate act or a political means of luring things around?smile…this isn’t a deliberate act but occur accidentally……investigation would prove his action.

  9. Let them first investigate him and find out if it is actually a ploy before taking any drastic action because it might be it happened accidentally

  10. Though it might look like a plot to access the assembly, but one cannot truly tell if it was just an accident or a plot

  11. This is terrible, what an incident but why the suspect? Anyway the government should try and fix the fence back we just hope no life endangered

  12. The citizens of Akwa Ibom are not known for committing suicide. We all know that a bus is not a heavy duty vehicle where one would think of having it’s way without any hitch. So it was a mere accident and nothing connects it to Politic. We should be objective here please.

  13. Whenever the elections are approaching, all sorts of things crop up,weird ones,unimaginable ones,unbelievable ones….well let’s see what this will all eventually lead to.

  14. they should take the man to the hospitals and ask questions later cos I don’t think it’s any attempt to go into the complx since he was just alone

  15. That could truly be a ploy to access the House of Assembly. As it’s getting to election period, different precaution and security men has to be out in place.

  16. That’s just what they will say, the person driving the car was he drunk

    I think this happened for a purpose

  17. U no go kill urself for road, u leave road jump over gutter then find urself at the house of assembly fence na there u wan die abi, Buhari fustration has really dealt with some people’s brean.

  18. This shouldn’t generate any issue now, anybody can have such accident…just carry out an investigation and am sure house is not sitting on Sunday

  19. But if they truly wanted to gain access into the building, i don’t think is by breaking down the fence..entering there is easy even with a well starch security guard

  20. This people should stop politicising everything
    They should find out the reason that such occurred
    It might be that the car lost its break or any mechanical fault instead of just concluding nonsense

  21. I hope there are no casualties sha, they should repair their fence, it might not be as thought, could really be an accident

  22. Politicians will do anything to get their desire. The driver should be interrogated properly. He will mention the person that sent him

  23. I urged the security operatives to properly interrogate the driver because I find it hard to believe how a box will hit the fence of the house of assembly. Is that his lane?

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