Cameroonian woman strangles neigbour’s children to death

A woman has been arrested in a border village called Kye-Ossi in the Southern region of Cameroon for the alleged abduction and killing of her neighbour’s for children.

The woman was accused of colluding with some other men to kidnap the children and then murder them gruesomely. She allegedly lured them into an inn called “Auberge Ordinaire”, where the crime was perpetuated.


It was alleged that the corpses of the children were kept in a car while the killers awaited the arrival of the customers to pick the bodies up. The customers are said to be from Gabon.

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The mother of the children, who was reported to have been asleep after the children got back from school, got disturbed when she couldn’t find them. And it was so surprising that the murderous woman also engaged in the search for the children.

When their corpses were discovered in the car, one of them was still breathing. But the other three had died. This enraged the residents in the area and they went on rampage burning down the hotel and other properties around it.

The woman was seriously beaten before the arrival of the police, who prevented them from killing her and her children.


Cameroonian woman strangles neigbour's children to death lailasnews 3

According to a witness at the scene of the incident, the alleged murderer is a very popular person within the village and a lot of people go to her for assistance. No one knew she was into crime.

The unidentified man said:

‘This woman is a witch and I wish we could just kill her now. How can you kill the four children of your neighbour without mercy. It would have even been better if it was strangers, but people you know. And she is the kind of woman that everyone respected her because of her friendliness. I hope the police will kill her too’

The Police later arrested the woman and her husband including everyone involved in the crime.


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