CAMA: “Anyone insulting me is wasting his time” – Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Church, has replied critics of his statement on a new government regulation, stating that anyone insulting him is wasting his time.

CAMA_ _Anyone insulting me is wasting his time_ - Oyedepo lailasnews

President Muhammadu Buhari had signed the Company and Allied Matters Acts, CAMA into law on August 7, 2020, and the CAC intends to apply the law in churches.

Under the law, religious bodies and charity organisations will be strictly regulated by the registrar-general of Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and a supervising minister.

CAMA provides that the commission may by order, suspend the trustees of an association or a religious body and appoint an interim manager or managers to coordinate its affairs where it reasonably believes that there has been any misconduct or mismanagement, or where the affairs of the association are being run fraudulently or where it is necessary or desirable for the purpose of public interest.

While addressing members of his congregation on Sunday, Oyedepo said such laws were borne of out the government’s jealousy about the prosperity recorded by the church.

However, reacting to his statement on Monday, Mrs Onochie – the social media aide of President Muhammadu Buhari – said the popular cleric would have to create his own country where he can live by his own laws.

Oyedepo has now reacted to the criticism, stating that anyone insulting him is wasting his or her time.

During Tuesday sermon, Oyedepo via the church’s social media platforms, said, “If I ever preached a message where there is no laughter, don’t listen to it. I have been laughing like this 76 till forever since I found Matthew 6:33. I have been laughing at the devil and smiling as I serve. You insult me, I enjoy it. You insult me and I stop going to work because you insult, I will be a big fool. I am going to work.

“They said, see his legs. Yes, I thank God for my legs. See his nose, yes, He made it and He did it beautifully. See how short he is, that’s the size He made me for so I can save more clothes.

He added, “Nobody has the power to determine how many people worship Jesus. No force on earth has the power. When I’m lifted up, I will draw all men to myself. So, get all the facilities ready. The devil is tired. You ask him and he will tell you. I am tired because there are churches today that are just pushing the frontiers of the gospel in spite of the devil.

“As at last night, we got the report of 520 of our new churches planted. The Lord shall send the rod out of Zion, rule thou in the midst of thou enemies. It’s a divine agenda. No policy under heaven can stop it. 520 churches planted on the 16th of August. If I were the devil, I will start mourning now. Shame on the devil.”

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