C. Ronaldo threatens to kidnap and kill me – Alleged ex Jasmine Lennard

Jasmine Lennard, the Celebrity Big Brother star, who allegedly dated footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, has taken to her Twitter page to reveal that the striker is a bully.

Cristiano Ronaldo threatens to kidnap and kill me - Jasmine Lennard lailasnews 4
C. Ronaldo threatens to kidnap and kill me – Alleged ex Jasmine Lennard

Lennard has promised to fight alongside Kathryn Mayorga, the model, who accused Ronaldo of raping her and trying to buy her silence with a $300,000 Non-disclosure agreement.

Read her posts below;

Watched #SurvivingRKelley last night. Sickening. Absolutely sickening that because people are so enamoured by him and his musical talent he’s been able to get away for SO long with these vile criminal acts of abuse and paedophilia. @rkelly #MuteRKelly

On that note and after much thought i am reaching out to Kathryn Mayorga and her legal team to offer my assistance in her rape allegation against please contact me. I have information that I believe will be beneficial to your case and I would like to help you.

There is nothing in this life that I hate more than bullies. People who abuse their positions of power and bully people who don’t have the capacity to defend themselves.

No one has any idea what he is truly like and if they did. If they had half a clue they’d be horrified. I’m not sitting back any longer and watching him lie in the brazen arrogant entirely insensitive way that he is whilst he employs teams of PR’S and lawyers and investigators to

Bully and stalk and harrass and frighten and repress Kathryn Mayorga. I am going to do everything I can to help her.

The way some of these characters act after too. They genuinely believe their untouchable because of their celebrity. The way he has behaved since the allegations surfaced have made me feel physically sick. Donning a super man outfit. Zero sensitivity to the victim and other

Victims of sexual abuse. He legitimately thinks he’s going to get away with it. Not now. I have had a relationship with him for a decade. We have been communicating pretty much on a daily basis for the last year and half and I have messages and recordings that’ll be invaluable to Kathryn and her team in showing his true nature and character how unwell he is.

I refuse to sit back any longer. It’s wrong. It makes me feel like I’m complicit. I just can’t. Reach out to me Kathryn i will help you. 

Despite his best efforts to persuade me to stay silent and get on board with supporting and defending him Im going to do the right thing and share with the public so you can make your own minds up. He may attempt to sue but it’s in the public interest so he’ll fail miserably.

Hundreds of messages I have of him taking and laughing about how he psychologically bullies the shit out of his baby mother and treats her like crap. Messages about all the times he’s cheated on her. Stories of sexual conquests that mirror Mayorga’s. In depth convos where he Acknowledges and shares about having SERIOUS mental health issues.

All the LIES surrounding his children and their baby mothers. He’s a BULLY and he’s a LIAR. His whole life is a LIE. Fucking psychopath.

I have had threats against me and my family I have been informed that a file was created on me to try and dig up dirt and that myself and my child are being being followed by detectives he hired. It’s enough.

And he was doing that while we were on good terms! Imagine that. I found out by pure chance. Someone in his lawyers office a junior with a big mouth told me he’d been paying thousands to have me monitored.

Told me if I dated anyone else or if I left my house he’d have me kidnapped and have my body cut up and put in a bag and thrown in a river. Yes I have proof of everything I’m saying. He’s a psychopath.

Control issues doesn’t even begin to cut it. He’s a whole other level. I have a whole file of threats he’s made against me for NOTHING. Literally 1000 ways I’m going to die his temper is disgusting. He told me if I wanted to go out he would give me permission slips at one point.

No I’m not scared of him and yes I’ve kept ALL his dirty secrets for a decade there are SO MANY. This was a step too far. I can not and will not get on board defending him against these allegations when I believe he is guilty.

I have more than ten years it too. It’s tabloid gold. It’s the life line Kathryn Mayorga desperately needs it’s not just for her though that I’m doing it it’s for all the women he’s bullied and wronged all the baby mothers too. It’s called karma and it’s being served.

All the Arrogant messages he’s sent me about how he’s going to get away with it because the world loves him gloating how none of his sponsors left saying Portugal will always support him. I told him. We ll see about that.

You have NO idea. This is literally just a few small details. No one would believe the things I’m going to share if I didn’t have proof but thankfully because I’m a smart girl I have an abundance of it. Games up.

I know. That’s why I haven’t done anything this far. I’m really sick and been battling medical health issues. Something just hit me after watching that R Kelly docu. I can’t sit here knowing everything I do and say nothing and let him bully this girl and get away with it all.

Cristiano Ronaldo 'gives hotel workers £18,000 tip for keeping the paparazzi away from his family during their holiday'


  1. This might actually be lies,they should be properly investigated,before taking any action so that she wont spoil his reputation and good name.

  2. I don’t think Rolando will condiscend to this nevertheless we will still know the truth of this all the same let the proper authorities look into this

  3. I cannot believed that CR7 will do that at all am sure there’s something else but you can’t open up because it will take a turn on you please and please don’t tarnished CR7 imaged

  4. All this celebrities and their troubles every where I don’t know who to believe any more. Give your evidence that will help convince us that C Ronaldo raped you and also a bully.

  5. One needs to be careful the way one digests these information. These could be a deliberate attempt to destroy this guys reputation.

  6. Women are using this rape, molestation etc into another level. Now they’re trying to bring any man who’s up down.

  7. We can’t judge a book by it cover. We only see the physical actions of Ronaldo, n one no what he do behind. The lady might be saying the truth Or lied against him.

  8. Why are women hell bent on destroying tr careers of celebrities. I don’t want to believe that Ronaldo has the time to kidnap and kill some one. She can try another lie.

  9. Why do you guys want to bring his name to the mud…. All I know is that the truth must reveil itself some day

  10. you want to destroy the name and image of our C Ronaldo ..it will not work for you in Jesus name

  11. Why are you all just speaking out now? Some people can go to the extreme to tarnish a reputable image. Fine, he has dated you before and you both broke up, is that new but during those good times, he was the best man in the World to you. What happened no? Let him breathe ladies

  12. I don’t know the accuracy of this news, but always we should be bold and speak our mind, let people know when they do things you don’t like so they don’t repeat such.

  13. lol this woman shut up your mouth . worry about your current problem and stop talking about what that has passed a long time ago . you think ronaldo get time for pussy . he his living a wealthy live and by his profession no allegation can stop him . cause everybody is looking up to him

  14. so of all the people in this world na you wey flat like old bathroom slippers Ronaldo won kidnap… You are highly privileged

  15. Don’t even near that side, go and find another public figure to file such allegation against, this is our real guy please.

  16. She just wants recognition abeg.. The story looks fake and cooked. I don’t believe a crap about it

  17. C Ronaldo? I don’t think he can think of that because he suppose to be thinking of new drebling skills to bring out. Pls don’t stain his name

  18. This serious
    I don’t think c Ronaldo
    Can do such things
    They are just framing false accusations on him

  19. I don’t think my ORORO can do that, even if any player can be a bully not CF7. This is a lie from the pit of hell, they just want to ruin his reputation.

  20. Jasmine Lennard is a freaking liar from the pit of Hell and she is wasting her precious time bcos she can never destroy CR7’s name and image, she should just shut her devilish mouth.

  21. Lier, are you trying to create headlines new? He can not do such thing. C.Ronaldo of all people try to kidnap you

  22. You hate bullies, and you’re just speaking out now, Nawa oh. This one doesn’t even know how to lie

  23. I don’t beleive those lies. why wanting to tarnish the image of the footballer if you have issues with him you sort out ways of settling not coming out to fabricate lies

  24. Where are your evidence to prove what you are saying, allow Ronaldo to focus, when you have prove then bring.

  25. you think ronaldo get time for pussy . he his living a wealthy live and by his profession no allegation can stop him . cause everybody is looking up to him

  26. I think that is just a fabricated story from her just to get attention…. Really unbelievable.

  27. Well since this is not the first allegation against him, I can’t say who is right or wrong. But it better not be cause I love that guy much better than Messi. God help celebrities.

  28. What could ever think such from Ronaldo. So it’s truth that you should never judge a book according to its cover

  29. Don’t say Ronaldo cannot do this or that. I don’t believe her either, but in every rumor there is an element of truth. God bless Nigeria

  30. Integrity with no doubt maintains your personality on matter how rich you are the regions is always a very nice straight to cultivate look at how the lives of c ronaldo and r kelly is being the tag irresponsible because of their act

  31. there should be proper investigation here. is like somebody is looking for cheap money here.or a possible blackmail.

  32. I don’t believe this go and look for another way to get your money, he as them in plenty if he needs them

  33. Such a cooked up fabricated white lie, my C Roy can not do so. Girl who paid you to say so or wants Roy’s name dragged to the mud..

  34. This is absurd.. After 10 years you got a prof
    Please show it to the world and accomplish your aim

  35. Why all this fabricated lies against this guy now,it’s so obvious that you just want to paint him evil for fun,I will advice you to stop it before it gets out of hands

  36. so i am wondering why the lens has shifted to the celebrity now, one time i feel its a way to blackmail the celebrity, but we never can tell…nobody is a saint.

  37. Fame should not make you have uncontrolled passion. The lady should be told to be decent in dressing… Don’t be inviting and expect them not to react towards you.

  38. That’s one of the reason why I love Nigeria my country. As you dey fuck up, immediately your fuck up will be treated. If you can’t speak at the time of the happening, then the rest is blackmailing.

  39. You don’t know what you want to say, is this how you’re taught how to blackmail someone?

  40. This story is not so true because he does not look like one and moreover why haven’t you speak all this while.
    U have been silent pls remain silent.

  41. Let her stop the blackmail and find solutions to her problem. Who God has blessed no one can cause

  42. If they have any disagreements between themselves I think they should settle their differences because I don’t Ronaldo can do this.

  43. If it’s is true he should be punished because been farmus and rice doesn’t give him or anyone the right to act foolishly

  44. So sad, so you want to just end Ronaldo’s carrier in one day? How can u tell such a lie on him…

  45. Fame is becoming a problem.C Rinaldo cannot be this bully they’re labelling him. These women are heartless.

  46. I hope all these were not made up.moreover is there evidence of him raping the model, if yes did she collect the car as bribe?

  47. All this twist in stories. It doesn’t seem to go down well with me. I think these stories are not completely true

  48. Well only your proof can convince the world. Please note that your proof should not be a hear-say proof but an eye witness evidence.

  49. I want to believe these are fabricated lies about him. Ronaldo is not a psychopath, he wouldn’t have been so successful if he is.

  50. From R.Kelly to Ronaldo. Who be next. Rape everywhere. So you didn’t give him consent to do, well Dem guys are millionaires, so easy to get money from.

  51. My friend go n sit down, u belong to his past and that’s where you will be. Don’t drag the footballer into this unless you have a strong evidence. I don’t want another drama, let’s finish digesting that of R. Kelly first

  52. This is nothing but a complete make up lie’s. Just shut your mouth up and stay in the past you belong to.

  53. Well done ma, continue to bully C ronaldo online here oh. I dont believe all this allegations

  54. Just because they are celebrities, does not rule them out out from comitting crimes like the rest of us. I think thats the reason most people find it hard to believe. The case is better well investigated, only God knows the truth.

  55. What will he gain if he kidnapped you Ronaldo is a star and he’s reach to have a girl more like you so do not lie on him

  56. This needs to be properly investigated to ensure that justice is rightly served to the guilty party. Why do all these celebrities mess up all in the name of fame and people power?

  57. He should get a restraining order not to get close to u…. Leave that abusive relationship…. It’s better to be alive to enjoy than to be dead due to beating

  58. How true is her alleged claim about him, it might be another setup on him, he should be careful with them this time

  59. Hmmmmm…I don’t believe this
    Ronaldo I know can’t do such a thing
    Dear hope you are not trying to blackmail my man?

  60. Am speechless on this matter, Satan is really at work, even ronaldo of all people, I seriously think this is a rumor

  61. This guy is just trying to get famus here.. Maybey there was a minor misunderstanding with C rolando

  62. Facts and evidence are needed to make your proof right if this cannot be placed then nobody will believe….Probably it’s all framed up nobody can tell

  63. What u people did in the secret….when there is issues between u guys u decided to tarnish the Nam of c Ronaldo a beg madam go rest

  64. Don’t believe C Ronaldo is a bully, can’t believe he wants to kidnap her,we need evidence

  65. Once you announce you’re getting married I knew this and others will start showing up,
    Blackmailers will be going for your Dollar$, your lawyers should be on their toes.

  66. Some persons just like to create problem for CR7 just to make themself popular or make exploit from Ronaldo.

  67. Even though every other person believes, i personally will not…women will be trying all they can to bring men down…if you are not with them, you are against them

  68. This is definitely a lie . They tried to lie against Ronaldo but he was vindicated when the driver of one alleged raped lady by Ronaldo cane out to testify that Ronaldo didn’t rape the lady . This one will be disgraced e too

  69. This can’t be true, it’s always rape alleged or sex scandal toward this stars/artist… What is the matter about you women? you this woman should be careful.

  70. Let’s see how this goes because so many men out there are psychopaths and having been getting away with their evil for so long.

  71. Though the allegation appears to be funny but the appropriate authority should intensify investigation.

  72. Hmmm all these our male celebs have one skeleton or the other in their cupboards. And why do they all have baby mamas and the females who are so quick to get impregnated by are they sick?

  73. This might actually be lies, they should be properly investigated. I think this just a blackmail

  74. One needs to be careful the way one digests these information. These could be a deliberate attempt to destroy this guys reputation.

  75. I don’t believe any single word this lady spoke. Ronaldo can’t do such a thing. Internet is full of lies and deceit.

  76. I don’t thow people derive pleasure to see other peoples down fall. Maybe she’s only angry he’s not going out with her anymore.

  77. I don’t think Ronaldo can do all these but all the same nobody can be trusted let there be thorough investigation to know the truth

  78. Another one on C Ronaldo again, people will not even leave celebrities alone,always saying one thing or the other against them.

  79. Christiano Ronaldo may be arrogant but he is no rapist or bully.. Its people like Leonard and Kathryn who are trying so hard to bully themselves into the life of this successful footballer. Leonard is just another pained ex Ronaldo’s gf.. Leonard and Kathryn teaming up to bring down ronaldo by any crooked means possible is going to be an epic failure. Many have tried but all have failed.

  80. So someone like C Ronald can be a bully? He should better play it cool before he losses everything he ever work hard for, for all these allegations revealing against him.

  81. Stories… Stories
    Who knows which is true and which isn’t
    Until proven guilty with evidence
    Let’s watch and see as this unfolds

  82. This is a pure lie for a fact I am sure Ronaldo is not that stupid na to threaten to kill her, haba

  83. They are at it again they want to tarnish his image the matter should be look into well as well

  84. I don’t Ronaldo in person I can’t attest for him. If you have enough evidence why not take him to court to be charged

  85. As a celebrity all this fabricated lie shall surely locate you you people should better behave yourselves

  86. This are d peeps we said they shud be sanctioned CO’s of fake news dy published
    How can DAT be true, u shud confess DAT u need money

  87. Well surviving r.kelly has caused a stair in the world, ronaldo looks like a great guy but no one knows what on the inside. And why would he want to rape a lady when many girls already want him for free what’s special about this one taking him to court.

  88. The girl should find a way to make herself popular not through fabrications. Rinaldo can’t do that

  89. cannot believed that CR7 will do that at all am sure there’s something else but you can’t open up

  90. Threating is not good things…… You don’t have to threat someone because of your selfish interest

  91. We didn’t know Ronaldo as kidnapper, we only know him as footballer, may be you should tell us another story

  92. Everybody trying to become celebrity… You guys should leave us alone.. If he threaten you.. Do same.

  93. I cannot believed that Christiano will do that at all am sure there’s something else but you can’t open up because it will take a turn on you please and please don’t tarnished CR7 image.

  94. If what this lady said is true, then it means that Christiano Rolnado is a two faced, brutal being. How can he treat women as if they are piece of rubbish.

  95. For long have you been planing your trap.
    I laugh just go and sleep cause you’re dreaming.
    Kidnap maybe you think of rat not human being.

  96. Hmmm look at the way they just want to tarnish the image of this great player
    Nobody is to be trusted…
    What will they gain if they succeed in ruining his life

  97. Are you guys sure this girl is really saying the truth because I can’t believe what she just said.

  98. So the piece of crap took time to write an epistle that is a like. Ronaldo is blessed and you can’t bring him down liar!!

  99. Ronaldo said he know nothing about this case that he don’t rape this fucking woman so what is you want to revenge it better you quit it

  100. This is nothing to me but a fabricated lie. But why people like to be tarnishing someone’s image??

  101. I don’t believe this to be true but I think he should report to the police and prove his innocence

  102. you can find a lawyer info online and contact him hopefully your are doing all these with a good heart but i really dont see much need for you to put this on social network without providing any proof

  103. That’s not true nah what’s all this lies for.women with there bad life that why we complain about man beater

  104. I don’t believe her but you know now people you don’t and can swear on can do what you don’t ever think

  105. Well, we will hear from CR7 soon. I hate all this one sided stories. All the same, it’s annoying if this is true.

  106. Women ehhhh! Stars should be mindful of what they do with side chicks…especially the desperate ones…who do we believe now?

  107. From the appearance of a bully or a wicket fellow u will know, so if u want to be famous why are u using someone who always donate blood to poor people, what a pure lie, stop tarnishing my mentor image

  108. No matter how hard they try to bring Ronaldo down I will be progressing to their amazement…all these fake news are only coming up after he left Madrid!

  109. From Roni to rkelly to Ronaldo something is going on in the entertainment industry I just don’t understand Christiano Ronaldo dosent seem to be that kind of a person very soon Lionel Messi will come up

  110. I don’t know if l am to believe Ronaldo or the model if she was thoroughly burrid by Ronaldo and he want to use his money to shot her up by offering $300,000 is wrong

  111. Nobody is saint but the truth is any allegation can be use against anyone, the fact still remain unless the court judge he is not guilty

  112. This is a fabricated lie, why didn’t you come out before now to sit this out comma and I promise you if Cristiano Ronaldo is ready to take it up with you are doomed already

  113. Everyone is chasing after famous celebrities for money. So, he has been sleeping with u while dating u, after break up, it is now rape

  114. Celebrities with their atrocious ways of life, but why telling us these now, some of these ladies too are just gold diggers

  115. If she is trying to get back at him, why not go direct instead if fighting him indirectly. If he is a bully she should have done something about him along ago not now.

  116. Silly stinky gold digger like u go and look for a job ur problem is not C Ronaldo ur problem is idleness nonsense

  117. I can’t believe in all this cooked up stories, I’m sure the lady is trying to frame up a story to defame him

  118. I find it difficult believing this cock and bull story. Why didnt she say anything since

  119. I don’t know if this is the new means of killing celebrity career . Anyone can just come and lay accusation of alleged past events


  121. Do not take him serious, that is a mare harassment, he can’t just do it, if he will do it, he wouldn’t say it, he is just joking.

  122. All these reasons are not genuine to me. Where is the chat,video or calls where threatening to kidnap you.

  123. I’m sorry oo.. But I really don’t buy into this metoo movement that’s trending right now cos most women are just out to destroy others in the guise of metoo movement..

  124. I stand on the right thing, and I believe dat every right thing should be done so dat the ones can be exposed

  125. I hope all these are lies. Well the case should be investigated properly to ascertain the truth

  126. Celebrities and their lifestyles, they usually seek attention whether through good or bad ways/means. Let them live their life the way they want it.

  127. If what this lady says about Cristiano is true, then he is bad and should come out and defend himself but if she is telling lies, she must apologise to him.

  128. Another scandal for Ronaldo. All because he’s had lots of girlfriend.The Lady should go and do something meaningful with her life as she’s seeking for attention.

  129. From R Kelly to Cristiano Ronaldo. Let your evidence be authentic oh, if not don’t even try to destroy someone’s career.

  130. Ronaldo is too blessed to be brought down by this crab you are saying here, see fowl seeking for attention

  131. I can’t defend anyone of them until concrete evidence is brought about these allegations against my Star… I hope he turns out innocent.

  132. Enough of all these rubbish and stop fibbing. I’m sure it must have cost the person masterminding all these a fortune to pay the lady fabricating all these lies. She would so excel writing stories.

  133. This woman should just shut up and stop lying jare. I don’t believe you and no one does either. Nonsense.

  134. Why does people enjoy making names at other people expenses. He wasn’t a bully when you were dating him, now he’s one.

  135. Seriously alot of issues are happening out there. As much as it’s possible for the news to be true, it can also be a frame up.

  136. How can one really ascertain if this lady is saying the truth about Christiano Ronaldo? He just have to come out to disprove this allegation.

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