Business consultant calls out Banky W over political declaration

Nigerian singer, Banky W who declared his interest to contest for a seat in Nigeria’s House of Representatives in 2019, has been called out by a business consultant, Peppy Chidinma Akaniro.

Business consultant calls out Banky W over political declaration lailasnews

According to the business consultant, it’s easy for a celebrity to ride on their celebrity status and demand for change and ask everyone to get their voters card to vote the right candidates, however most celebrities do not understand the struggles of everyday Nigerians. 

Read her post below;

Open Letter to Banky W. On his declaration to run for House of Rep. under MDP.

Dear Banky,
Congratulations on choosing to step up to play your part in building a better Nigeria.
While I am truly excited about your candidacy, I have some reservations about you being in touch with the travails of the ordinary Nigerian. You see it’s easy for a celebrity to ride on their celebrity status and demand for change and ask everyone to get their voters card to vote the right candidates but most celebrities do not understand the struggles of everyday Nigerians.

On Monday 28th May 2018, I went to get my voters card at a school around Maruwa, in Lekki, Lagos State. I had been there for almost an hour, standing under the hot sun. People complained they had stood there for over 3 hours too. The queue was moving very slowly and the INEC official in charge treated people with blatant disrespect.

Around 11am, You arrived at the school with dark shades on and walked past the queue into the school. You neither acknowledged anyone on the queue nor ask to be given priority access. You simply used his celebrity status to jump the hoops and hurdles. After a while your wife, Adesua arrived and you came out to lead her in. When they were done, the INEC officials momentarily paused the registration process and started doing a mini photo shoot with You, Adesua, Ebuka, Cynthia and Tunde. The picture was posted on the INEC social media handles.
People grumbled under the hot sun while this photo shoot went on. Others left out of frustration.

If you don’t understand the travails of the voters, how can you change it?
It will be great if you use your status as a celebrity and a leader to let other celebrities understand that such behavior is unacceptable.

What could you have done differently?
1) Acknowledge the people who had been standing under the hot sun for hours and crave their indulgence to allow you priority access. Although some of us left our lectures, our jobs or business to be in the queue for hours, we understand that what you left is more important and we won’t mind letting you go first if you ask nicely.
2) Arrange with the INEC officials to have a special time when you and your friends can go and process your voters card without disrespecting the struggles of the ordinary Nigerian.
3) Come early, pick a number and join the queue. Because then, we will believe that you understand and appreciate our struggles and frustration.

The events of May 28th are long gone but it left a sour taste in my mouth and that of all others who felt greatly disrespected and frustrated.
I sincerely hope that in future, you will act differently in such situation. I wish you the best in your political endeavor and your career.

Chidinma A.
Ordinary Nigerian playing her part.

Business consultant calls out Banky W over political declaration lailasnews 1


  1. He wants to form part of not too young to rule I don’t have a problem with that but hope you can deliver and be the people’s choice all the best

  2. It is necessary he gets to know what a normal Nigerian is passing through every day so that it will help him make Nigeria move forward if eventually he sits there.

  3. What do you expect from celebrities its not a shock sha but it would have been shocking if mercy Johnson was the one that acted that ways because I believe she Has a good heart

  4. Well. It ain’t take a man in the street to know how and the pain in the street. He should know that people who will vote him more is the poor masses and for this to be gains. He need to come down low and play with the poor. She has spoken well and I believe bank will listen to her advice

  5. The problem of the nature of the people in this country is that we are the ones oppressing ourselves those with higher class oppress those on low class treating them with disrespect

  6. Banky W. Has played a hard one on all of us . Now that we are aware of his intention. We will meet at the election polling unit

  7. She is right, if he get the chance to achieve so he shouldn’t forget Nigerian and he should plan to help the situation.

  8. This as a matter of ffacts is one of the reasonable callouts have read. Meaningful, concise, relevant and constructive.

  9. a big thank you to this chidinma for letting us know who we are dealing with. with this attitude portrayed by banky w, he is no different from every other politician out there, meaning he will make no difference as he is already showing signs of corruption which is highly unacceptable. i actually blame the the ‘unprofessionalism’ of INEC staff cos they are the ones that give room to stupidity like this to happen and this doesnt only happen in lagos, it happens everywhere. you can stand under rain and so for hours and will be given an excuse why the lines arent moving but when they are met by a public figure, everything falls into place automatically and you will be left to wonder whats going on in your presence. its good everyone sees this so they know how negligence on the part of our politicians start. this is a clear case of how it starts and we cant do anything to change it, rather we finally vote them in hoping they’ve changed only to see they became worse overtime and then, we start complaining as usual

  10. If he can treat the same people he wants to vote him with such high level of disregard, then what difference does he want to make in government? The same set of people keep revolving in government. We pray God raise us men with a heart for the masses. This ill treatment has gone overboard. After all, we all have equal rights and were born in the same manner.

  11. Thank you lady for bringing this to the public and I am sure banky knows exactly how to tackle this and have a change of heart because he needs the people’s votes.

  12. Very nice response, I hope banky isn’t after the money but the needs of the people.
    All the best to him regardless

  13. Love this well arranged and nice write-up by this fellow Nigerian, if you(Banky w)don’t suffer all of this bet me you will even be worse than those who were previously there,hope this message gets to him

  14. Celebrity or no celebrity, as long as he is a Nigerian , he is eligible to contest. Wish him all the best in his political ambitions.

  15. Seriously Peppy is right. If you want to contest, the change begins with you. he is suppose to do the right thing that people are doing, or ask for a favor from them attached with a genuine reason.

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