Bus driver beaten to death with charm in Ondo State

A bus driver was beaten to death with charm in Ondo State over the weekend, by some hoodlums who have already fled the community.

Bus driver beaten to death with charm in Ondo State lailasnews

The bus driver who has been identified as 50-year-old Akeem Olanipekun was beaten to death by the hoodlums, after an argument ensued between them at the Imo area of the town. Sources who were present at the time of the fight, disclosed that the bus driver who was beaten to death, had accompanied his friend who operates a rental business in the community to erect canopies for a ceremony at the Imo quarters.

“When they were about erecting the canopy, the ‘area boys’ approached them for the payment of ‘Owo Ile’ before the canopies could be erected.

This led to a hot argument between the deceased and the boys, who went home and brought the charm with which they beat Akeem over the non-payment of the ‘Owo Ile’. The deceased, after being beaten with the charm, was shivering and later gave up.

Currently, there is tension in the town because of possible reprisal by the family of the deceased, who had two wives and some children” an eyewitness said.

The police Area Commander for Ikare Akoko, Razak Rauf, who confirmed the incident disclosed that the corpse of the deceased had been deposited in the mortuary of the Ondo State Specialist Hospital, Ikare Akoko, as the police has intensified effort to arrest the perpetrators who are currently at large.


  1. Owo ile dat should not be more than 1 thousand has led to his death, patient is always good.But those boys will surely pay for this.May his soul rest in peace

  2. and this is the power of not more than 1000 naira only ,well thats lagos for you because you will even be paying for you breathing

  3. OH God, why is this world like this, there are a lot of heartless being, May the driver Soul rest in peace, his family will cry a lot, God will take care of the family.

  4. My God! What is Nigeria Turing into. So the don’t beat with hand again, is now with charm. God help us all.

  5. The use of charm is common among this hoodlums they are always fortified with it I pity the deceased may his soul rest in peace so pathetic, they must fish out the perpetrators and must face the law

  6. Too bad just because of one thousand a life was wasted ,we can’t continue like this whole the law enforcement agencies will just foul this hands and be watching

  7. People need to be careful with the way there use this charm of a thing.. Imaging that driver is dead like that and am sure he will have family at home waiting for him

  8. Charm is now a child play,they will meet people like them.soon since they ve succeeded in making his wives widows

  9. This is the effect of the non efficient law enforcement agents in the country. Beaten to death with charms, so absurd.

  10. People no even believe in almighty heavenly father, they rely on using charm, he should be charge to court and judgement should be prevail

  11. This is rubbish please government should do something to this areas that will be asking for owo ile,instead if them should go and look for work they are asking for owo ile after that man have already pay for the land rubbish,. May his Soul rest in peace

  12. Imagine a life lost because of hw much?…sometimes i feel some humans weren’t created with conscience in dem

  13. Charm in this modern and computer age?????may God save us.
    Pls police should do something serious about it
    RIP my brother

  14. Yoruba people and charm, na wa o. Over money which may have been quite small you killed a man. I pray they are caught

  15. These people should be punished. What is worth taking another person’s life just like the way they did. Just because of a token. May your soul continue to rest on

  16. Why would people be using charm on their fellow human being poeple are wickid, those people suppose to be death with

  17. Comment*
    patients is everything bt d way we react to situations at times mks me wonder. wn he already knew who they were

  18. One shouldn’t just allow these touts waste ones life o, they don’t value lives. Imagine over owoile and party that isn’t his. RIP

  19. Very sad that the man had to die in the hands of hoodlums that have no value for life. They are lazy and condemned forever.

  20. All these agbero boys dem they making life more difficult for the average man before u do anything you must pay for what reason now they have beat someone hubby and father to death now, please let the security officials make sure they are found ND brought to book enough is enough

  21. Haa he just lost his life just like that Rip We just have to be careful in this life and more be pray in every journey

  22. This issue of deve or owo ile by youth or hoodlums in the community should be stopped by the government, look at how they killed the man now. May his soul rest in peace.

  23. Why would they beat a man to death because of “owo ile” those area boys must spend the rest of their dirty life’s in jail, they mustn’t go unpunished for such wickedness

  24. that is very bad. he should have given the area boys what they wanted instead and see what it has resulted to. May his soul rest in peace

  25. Idleness is a dangerous disease. Had these boys had something doing, they wouldn’t have had the opportunity of becoming nuisance to the society.

  26. This is jungle justice and it is unacceptable in a modern society, they should have reported to the appropriate authority to handle the matter and not take laws into their hands.

  27. This is what joblessness can cause.. Where have I heard that you pay money to put canopies for function.. And if that’s the way things are done there, why then attacking the driver instead of the person doing the function.. This is just how an innocent man lost his life for nothing, leaving 2 wives and children.. May his soul rest in peace Amen.. And may police find the people involved in this..

  28. please can someone ask the hoodlums,have they now gotten the money(owoile) after they’ve killed the poor man.

  29. It’s evident that the best way to stay alive is to desist from argument as people could go to any length just to prove their point
    And that includes killing

  30. They will not go and look for jobs it is just to be reaping from where they did not so all in the name of “owo-ile”

  31. What will we do about this area boys of a thing,the way the beat people without caring if the person is of there father’s age or not, God we need you

  32. These area boys should be thrown into prison. Whether the land belongs to them or not does not give them the right to behave as they want. May the soul of the driver rest in peace.

  33. These area boys should be thrown into prison. Whether the land belongs to them or not does not give them the right to behave as they want. May the soul of the driver rest in peace.

  34. This is not good,they have wasted that life for nothing so why are they running, may his soul rest is peace.

  35. May his soul RIP..those people should be brought to book…wicked and fetish people….God owns the land….why collecting money? Corruption.

  36. Hmmm wicked people everywhere, all because he didn’t pay the Owo lle that is why they took his life with charm, ok now that he dead has the money been payed.?

  37. Guys of this day matching ground is not by force talking of involving a charm on it, police should live them unpunished. This guys are armed robbers

  38. People are evil, taking a life just because of paper money. Leaving the children fatherless and making his wives widowed

  39. Those who killed the driver with charm should go and face bokoharam, no matter what they are expected to right with charm. Such an act is wickedness.

  40. What is the police doing… let the investigate and apprehend the these criminals. May the soul of the deceased rest in peace.

  41. Thank God for opening your eyes to see the differences and also appreciate God for showing you the right past in your life and also delivered you from generation curses.


  42. This hoodlums are very heartless , how can they lay their hands on a man old enough to be their father and even killing him.

  43. This December period, many things dey happen, you just have to be careful who you quarreling with because devil will want to tempt u. May his soul rest in peace

  44. Just because of one thousand naira a life was taking away. I pray they found the whole things concerning his death.

  45. The police should intensify efforts to bring down those hoodlums into book so as to face the wrath of the laws.

  46. Something like that still happen,this is serious, but what’s the business of those boys ,well since the man is dead they will still get the punishment later in life even though is not now.

  47. Is it a must to pay for the owo ile or what ever its called….this is total rubbish thosr giys should be brought out oo and face their music. Rubbish all because of one meaningless thing someones life was taking….

  48. This is really bad, this is the end time where people are no more have fear of God….. May his soul rest in perfect peace. And sinners must not go unponish.

  49. Those boys are wicked. These area boys are jobless, heartless and ruthless. One should be careful when dealing with them.

  50. This is why I always say people should always mind their business and take hands off what’s not their business…. He should have allowed his friend to answer them since he own the job now he has put his family in distress over something that isn’t his concern

  51. This is very bad all because of money but this man should have not quarreled with them life is more precious than anything in this world

  52. I dont know why human treat humans like animals, imaging being so confident and taking anothers life how do you sleep at night after that.

  53. This wickedness by people is becoming something else
    ..this people needs to be brought to book….and I think this activities of area boys should stop …they’re not doing any good

  54. Nobody has the right to take laws into their own hands…. Its not everything that’s about charms or evil. Take note

  55. what a heartless world.
    nawa ooo i can’t even lay my hands on someone self not to talk of using an external power on the person

  56. People find it really easy these days to kill other humans without remorse, truly men have become lovers of themselves.

  57. What will joblessness and laziness not turn our youths into. But the man should have respected them sha. So unfortunate for him. My condolences to the family

  58. All in the name of one nasty money that isn’t their right in the first instance. The money they will squander on gin they wasted a mans life. Living the family in sorrow.

  59. Just killed human being with charm, because of ‘nonsense Iwo ile’ just like that. May his soul rest in peace.

  60. Which one is owo ile in erecting canopies again,why are all these hoodlums behaving like this.But they should have just given them,see how the man died now.

  61. People should know what is obtainable in our country even though is not right, we should be careful for our own lives, once you die you are gone

  62. Owo ile dat should not be more than 1 thousand has led to his death, patient is always good.But those boys will surely pay for this.

  63. So because he refused to pay them any money, they had to use charms to deal with him. This is the world we live in, wickedness to the core.

  64. Because of ‘owo ile’ they beat their man to death, this is serious.
    Police must apprehend the culprits and charged them to court.

  65. Just like and they killed him? What’s wrong with people and entitlement…to do every thing u must pay money before such thing will be done…they should’nt have ran away, I thought they have mind. They should have stayed back and allowed the family to retaliate…nonsense

  66. Using charm to beat somebody, all these area boys that should go and find reasonable something to do with there lives. They will face the law

  67. God, because of owo ille? They driver made a mistake by trying to argue or even fight them because he knew the rules and reason for them coming for that money. …anyway, rest in peace.

  68. May God help us in this country so it has really gotten to this extent please the accused person should be arrested and the government should use him to set example for those who think they can use their fetish power to distroye others

  69. Honestly there are certain things that needs to be put right in this. This kind of matter should be treated with seriousness so that all these nonsense will stop.

  70. Whats the use of the charm when the charm cannot even protect you. They shouldn’t have killed him though

  71. What a wicked world we are living in,please the police should do a proper investigation on this murder,they should fish out the murderers and serve them their justice accordingly, May is soul rest in peace.

  72. You guys killed someone all in the name of collecting money, may his soul rest in peace.. My condolences to the deceased family…

  73. Lazy hoodlums instead of using their hand to work and get money they just wasted an innocent life ,their sins will find them out

  74. It’s all these boys that call themselves community boys / youths that must have done this thing. Instead of them to look for meaning fully things to do with their lives, they Reach busy looking for who to extort

  75. Whoever those hoodlums are they have scores to settle with God and I pray that they are caught and that they serve their time in jail

  76. God save your children in this world

    And those claim lowo ile they might not even be native of ondo state oo
    May the victim soul rest in perfect peace

  77. This is so disheartening and saddened. An innocent man killed like that. My condolence goes yo his family. The police force should act fast and apprehend all the perpetrators of this murder and make to face the law and the government must come into this matter stop all this illegal levy by this area boys. Such a wicked world.

  78. The hoodlums or perpetrators must be hunted for and make sure they pay dearly for this heinous act. The driver was just wasted for nothing!

  79. Some people have just sold their soul to the devil, how can you beat your fellow man to the point of death because of money, they should be brought to justice

  80. This is too bad..is that the way to settle argument….why using charms on people. .those boys deserves 9 years jailed. .

  81. this owo ile of a thing sef, it really needs to be stopped, its such a pity an innocent man had to die that way, police should just at appropriate and arrest them all.

  82. This is too bad. And am married to an Ondo man. That’s why I don’t visit village. Thank God his parents live abroad and am a Ghanian. God4bid

  83. Terrible act. They should be arrested and made to face judgement. Now they can’t collect own le anymore

  84. People should try and avoid any act that will take life..all these stories are terrible. May his soul rest in peace.

  85. Oh God see his they ended a poor man that is struggling to make ends meet. May his soul rest in peace. The culprits must be brought to book

  86. Like seriously?!!!
    Rip to the deceased
    Pray the police catch the perpetrators and bring the family of the deceased justice.

  87. All this people calling themselves Omo onile should be parked and jail or keep somewhere before they do more damages to innocent Nigerian.

  88. Abeg make una try arrest the accomplist someone will leave home to go find what to feed and then be killed what’s all this

  89. The perpetrators should be arrested by the police, this is dastard act, how could you kill your fellow human being in the name of OWO ILE? This OWO ILE of a thing should be cancelled henceforth. The Area Commander should put more efforts in finding the perpetrators. Thanks

  90. God will judge thise area boys. Those guys are nemesis in the society. May the soul of the man rest in peace

  91. Yeruba people and chamwhy is this world like this, there are a lot of heartless being, May the driver Soul rest in peace

  92. OH God, why is this world like this, there are a lot of heartless being, May the driver Soul rest in peace, his family will cry a lot, God will take care of the family

  93. May God deliver us all from this deviliesh act around the country. He was carrying charm all in the name of to make money, now look at where it has landed him to ‘Grave’ .May his accept my condolence

  94. How can one kill an elderly man just because of peanut change that they want to collect. Justice must be served, they must be caught and made to pay. Let them first arrest members of their family.

  95. The perpetrators of that evil act must be fished out and brought to book. Legal action must be taken against them

  96. Just form little amount of money you have killed a man, now will you fend for his family, what gain do you have now that you are a murderer

  97. So this is it?? Jst killed that innocent man like that because of money. .May God have mercy on those boys.

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