Buhari will win with or without the votes of Igbos – Okorocha

Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha has stated that President Buhari will get re-elected with or without the votes of Igbos, a tribe of the Southeastern part of Nigeria.

Buhari will win with or without the votes of Igbos - Okorocha

Okorocha made this known on Wednesday at the zonal rallies for Okigwe and Owerri zones, organised in favour of President Muhammadu Buhari.

He said:

“Some people, especially our brothers, are campaigning now against President Buhari, saying he is Boko Haram and a herdsman.

“You can remember in 2015, I was telling the Igbo, to cast their votes for Buhari because he would win with or without the votes of the Igbo.

“I was called all sorts of derogatory names. Some said I was going to Islamise the whole Igbo. Is Igbo land Islamised today?

“Igbo, today, are playing politics with the mindset of traders, thinking only of the immediate benefits, unlike other tribes that are playing real politics.

“My people, listen to me and listen real good, whatever I tell you to do, do it as it will profit us. I’m telling you, today, that Buhari will win.

He continued:

“On Saturday, if the Igbo support Buhari and he wins, in 2023, Igbo will have the right to demand Igbo presidency. Those who love Igbo nation must vote for President Buhari, because if we miss this chance, we may not get the presidency even by 2023, 2027 or 2031. The time is right for the Igbo nation to play the right politics, so as to have a clear chance by 2023.

“On Imo State governorship, the president advised that we all vote according to our conscience. Conscience in Igbo is ‘mee uche gi’, which translates to voting for Uche Nwosu. Nwosu is the only credible person among all those vying for the position. He has no dent or skeleton in his cupboard.

“His only sin is that he came from a poor background and by the grace of God married my daughter. Today, Action Alliance (AA) and APC have joined to form what is called perfect alliance”, Okorocha said.


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  1. well I hope what is been said is the true reflection of his mind. I personally don’t think this “alliance” will work out. It will only take time before things get out of hand. God help Nigeria.

  2. Hmmm! If you are trying to say the election will be rigged, let me lie down in my house and sleep. Why will he win? Nigerians will send him to a late retirement.

  3. It is well. All I want and desire is that God choose for us good leadership. It is not how far but how well. May God deliver Nigeria from darkness

  4. Taaaa, this one is a typical lie. Even though buhari is a magician, he will not win the election. What okorocha is saying is out of point

  5. February 16th is so close let’s wait till then, this okorocha Don chop money full belle why e nor go talk say buhari go win

  6. Rocha is crazy cos I can’t understand my that young man help Igbo people like real, buhari will fall Rocha you arr not God.

  7. This is the last fight for Okorocha and at the same time, image mending statement. 16 Feb is already by the corner.

  8. Okorocha, better stop misbehaving and go Mia brushing. He thing s he is wise but v he is doomed.

  9. Well for us now what we believe or need is free fell voting so not anything anymore says

  10. Lol we will see nah
    Nah next tomorrow nah
    Cus I know that buhari supposed to be packing his things now in that office

  11. After all the negative action and selfish acts okorocha the governor of IMO state have done in APC in his own God Almighty given state he is now saying this. Well these are the reasons I don’t follow the word of people but my on conciance. Let God’s Almighty ordained leaders lead Nigeria forward

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