Buhari to present 2019 budget to National Assembly

All stage is set for President Muhammadu Buhari to present 2019 budget to a joint session of the National Assembly, Premium Times reports.

According to a letter addressed to the Senate and House of Representatives, Mr Buhari is expected to lay the budget, expected to be a little below the 2018 budget of N9.1 trillion, at noon.

Buhari presents 2019 budget to National Assembly LAILASNEWS 3
Buhari presents 2019 budget to National Assembly

Already, the budget presentation has been preceded with drama with the ongoing four days warning strike by members of the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria. The strike started on Monday.

The workers on Monday arrived early at the National Assembly blocking the main entrance and preventing the normal day’s activities.

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The leadership of the National Assembly in a swift reaction asked officers of the Nigeria Police and State Security Services (SSS) to secure the legislative premises for Tuesday’s plenary.

With the police carrying out the order, plenaries held at both chambers on Tuesday but the workers still vowed to continue the strike.

President Buhari is also expected to address, in his speech, the issue of budget inflation which set the executive against the legislature in the 2018 budget process.

Security has been increased at the National Assembly premises while the lawmakers await the arrival of the president.



  1. 2019 budget came in too early unlike before. Any way, the president to settle and resolve all these strike issues once and for all

  2. I dont know the reason why buhari did such kind of things, because he does not no either dey we still elect him back as president or not

  3. Please n please Mr President do not forget to include the new minimum wage aggred upon cos it’s very important

  4. Best of luck mr president hope this new budget will favours us in nigeria, and i hope you wnt forget all of your promise, i wish him well in this coming election.

  5. Yes let him present it including the minimum wage please make the budget favour all Nigerians and not for selfish intereste

  6. I bet this is your last budget as our president. Don’t worry, Daria must go, this is your last chance to toy with us because if you’re gone nobody will miss u.

  7. I hope the new minimum wage for Corp members is included in the budget. If not. It will a waste of time.

  8. To me, that is an attribute of a good leader, even any successful person do write their goal on the paper. so this is really wonderful habit of our president for having the 2019 budget. this is good but please input every necessary thing and make it in details

  9. The current issue of minimum wage issue should be included in the budget.
    Sadly, this is coming rather too late as one does not know when the houses will agree on the content before it will be passed for execution for 2019.

    Presidency should try and be presenting budget around September/October so that the NA’s will have ample time to review it before passage before the year ends. Budget is not Account and should not be approved in arrears.

  10. That’s a good move by the president to present the budget early enough to avoid delay as further seen in the past budgets that took months to be approved by the legislature and executive. But with this time, it will give enough room to be studied by the legislature and if changes needed will be done and approved as soon as possible to meet the time in order to help boost the economy and development. Hope all major sectors be included in the budget especially our education and health sector.


  12. All this ones are means of campaigning for next year election. So that Nigerian’s would think his working.

  13. Please let the minimum wage increase be included in the budget and provision for lecturer’s to avoid future ASUU strikes

  14. If he likes he should, if not, let him keep it for his daura people… Rubbish…


  15. We need to forge this country ahead. So let the budget include those areas that will bring progress in this country.

  16. We hope this will be a good initiative and be benefit to the nation! And to me the budget is coming too early.

  17. The budget timing is okay it is are believ that the budget will Address the problem of our economy.

  18. It is not presenting the budget is the issue ,the issue here that ,president should present the budget and also do the lmportant thing here

  19. PMB should better leave that Aso Rock with his useless presentations. It’s time up for him

  20. This one he’s rushing to bring out budget for next year now, all this to gain our trust, we have learnt our lessons so we can’t be deceived anymore.

  21. Creating a budget is not a problem but fufilling it is. Let the budget all be in favour of the youths of this country.

  22. I don’t even think we still need any budget. What are we still budgeting?? How to finally kill our destinies and terminate our future?? PMB is really annoying to me

  23. I hope the budget is masses friendly and that it contains all of what the citizens have been requesting for.

  24. It will be great if the budget focus on infrastructure, most especially road,water electricity.
    Cost of running government should be reduce

  25. New minimum wage should be number 1 on the list.. the Nigerian worker should be priority ..enough is enough…health care, employment, good road and electricity are all that we need to live well.

  26. Education should be Paramount is this budget if not Nigeria will get into the state of uncivilisation..

  27. Best of luck mr president hope this new budget will favours us in nigeria, and i hope you wnt forget all of your promise, i wish him well in this coming election.

  28. I join the lawmakers to await your arrival Mr President, so let’s see what you have for us on the budget.. And I hope this won’t have to be postpone because of the strike issues.. We wait here.. Lol

  29. Let me see what will happen between them after he has suffered them for long. What will be the National Assemblys action.

  30. It is a good idea that the budget is being presented to the house earlier than that of last year. I would also like to suggest that Mr. President should address and settle all the striking workers across the country.

  31. Mr President please look more into youth development and human capital.. We need to be happy atleast for once, youths are going into crime and illicit businesses all in the struggle to survive.. There is hunger in the land. Mr President please do the right thing for us and may God continue to lead you on to the path of goodness

  32. Instead of improvement coming this early…they want to present us with budget..political propaganda!!he is not yet sure whether he will emerge as president again…well tho ..next year will speak for itself

  33. The budget will sound very appealing I know coz he’ll want to win the favour of the people… Hopefully, Next year will turn out better than this year

  34. Isn’t it rather to early for budget.. Its usually presented at d beginning of d year.. So why this early

  35. budget for what? all the once they have been budgeting since how far have they use it to work please no need for it jor

  36. The president and the lawmaker should please help Nigerians. I pray the budget will favour Nigerians.

  37. Nigeria, a whole 9trillion, the one for this year we didn’t see what it was used for. Corruption upon corruption in this administration.

  38. 2019 budget came in too early unlike before. Any way, the president to settle and resolve all these strike issues once and for all

  39. this sounds interesting 2019 budget is read in a hurry dis time around and hope the new minimum wage will be included in it

  40. Political propaganda is all I see. Simply because the elections are around the corner. Smart chap. But then, God will decide for Nigeria in the long run.

  41. If eventually he submitted the budget it shouldn’t be implemented yet until a president is sworn in for Nigeria next year

  42. We will hear what he has in store for Nigeria. Though presentation is one thing and implementation is another

  43. 2019 budget, election around the corner. What do we expect? I know they have plans to convince us to vote them in again.

  44. I think that’s not the main thing to be done… What about the freezed education which we know that education has a big role to play in a developing country

  45. As usual after doing half of the budget they will take it to 2020 without doing the proper thing,yet they say no money

  46. That is not the issue..we want him to sign the electoral amendment bill into law… because the forth coming election is near the corner.

  47. Hello Mr President, stop talking about 2019 because am not praying for you to lead us again… Enough is enough!!!!!!!!!

  48. I regret voting for the man who promised to reduce fuel pump price but increased it.*

    I regret voting for a man who promised not to pay fuel subsidy but paid the most*

    I regret voting for a man who promised to convert presidential fleet to national carrier but later fleeced Nigeria in the name of a new national carrier*

    I regret voting for the man who promised to provide 3 million Jobs annually but instead destroyed 12 million Jobs in 3 years according to the NBS.*

    I regret voting for the man who promised to scrap first lady office but appointed 11 aides for the First Lady*

    I regret voting for the man who promised Nigeria economic prosperity but made Nigeria the poverty capital of the world.*

    I regret voting for the man who promised to fight corruption but reinstated and promoted the sacked pension fund thief; Abdurrasheed Maina.*

    I regret voting for the man who won his election on ‘integrity’ slate but harbours a certificate forger, grass cutter, and more in his cabinet*.

    I regret voting for the man who thinks foreign rice is not good for Nigerians but foreign hospitals are good for him.*

    I regret voting for the man who can’t provides his credentials.*I say No to Buhari in 2019.*

  49. Good to know that the budget for next year have been presented to e National Assembly. Hope there will be no delay in passing the budget an also in implementing it.

  50. 2019 budget this time around when hope to favour the nation and More over will buhari win the next coming election.

  51. Hope the budget also includes the current increases on the minimum wages, and plans to empower Nigerians, we need improvement in Nigeria

  52. We all know by next week, the media will be all about how the Senate is faulting and rejecting the bill.

  53. If all our problems and challenges in this country can be looked into as fast as the 2019 budget then our lives will be better.

  54. It shouldn’t be about just presenting budgets…. They should please help the country grow and stop extorting our money!!!

  55. I am no suprise because they will write it down and failed to do it. But let hope that this one will be different

  56. They are finding a way to peddler that budget i know how they will loot money before next year election

  57. I hope its the necessary things that will help the nation both old and young.But its kind of too early, who told him he is going to win the election

  58. I hope everything that set the country back in this year has been treated and added to this new budget, things like the new minimum wage, etc.

  59. I love listening to lies when I already know the truth. They are not deceiving us but only deceiving themselves.

  60. Fake budget, deceit and lies everywhere… We all know that this budget is just being exaggerated Cooked with lies…. Z keep it to yourself sir we tired of fake budget yearly

  61. Gudluck mr president hope this budget favours Nigerian.just pray it will be invested on people nd not election.

  62. Mr President, hope this budget is a budget of hope and favour to the masses. Pls endeavour to include the minimum wage in the budget

  63. Let him make sure he lays a viable, functional, valid, and achievable budget that can be enforced successfully.

  64. All this budget is not helpful to Nigerians..there are somethings he needs to attend to,before bringing any budget

  65. I’ll know that this country is a joke if this man called buhari enters for the second tenure… imagine the nonsense… we’ve not even entered 2019 and he has produced budget…

  66. Hope there will be no delay in passing the budget an also in implementing it and hope the budget won’t disappear again like that of 2018.

  67. I had to watch the people deciding the fate of this country and I was disappointed cos they weren’t representing at at

  68. Politicians with their fake lives and fake promises all these are because of 2019 election, that is politicians for you they are full of lies.

  69. The stupidity of our legislative members was displayed today during the budget presentation and the whole world laughed at them.

  70. Still pondering in this 2019 budget presented now
    Kudos to Mr President for the new change his government is witnessing

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