Buhari rejects electoral bill for the fourth time

President Muhammadu Buhari has declined assent to the amended electoral bill (2018), as conveyed in statement to the National Assembly through Ita Enang, senior special assistant to the president on national assembly (senate).

Buhari rejects electoral bill for the fourth time lailasnews

Cableng reported that Enang avoided making a categorical statement on the bill, but was clear about the National University Commission Amendment Act which the president assented to.

“President Muhammadu Buhari has taken decision on Electoral Act Amendment bill 2018. In accordance with his power under the 1999 Constitution and has communicated that decision to the Senate and House of Representatives in accordance with the law,” Enang told reporters on Friday.

“President Buhari has also assented to National Open University Amendment Act, which allows the National Open University to operate as all other universities, having the same power and functions and the same administrative structures eliminating possible discrimination as some use to want to have on its products and programmes.

“It has also allowed the establishment of some centers to be called study centers and given conditions for the establishment of such study centers.”

When asked if the bill was assented or rejected, he said;

“The president has taken a decision in a accordance with the powers vested in him according to the constitution. And by convention that decision contained in the communication can only be revealed by the person to whom that decision is addressed. But the electoral bill has left Mr. President because he has taken a decision and has remitted it back.”

Pushed further Enang said, “Thank You very much but this is all the law allows me to say by convention. Mr. President has sent that communication to the national assembly.”

When asked if it is safe to say he rejected the bill, he said;

“It is safe to say that the president has taken decision as allowed by low and has communicated that decision to the senate and the House of Representatives.

“The implication of the decision is that the president has taken action on the bill within the time allowed by law.”

While the opposition parties had mounted pressure on the president to sign the bill, some controversies it sparked include reordering of the sequence of the 2019 elections, placing the presidential last, instead of the governorship and state assemblies and exclusion of card readers.

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  1. there is more to this than meet the eye,lets the election commence then with 2006 electoral bill

  2. Mr president first am greatful for the equality granted national open university its realy to the benefit of her students and aspirants..
    For the bill, I hope the decision made will do the country good, because that’s the main priority.

  3. The electoral bill in question is very clear why is mr president refusing to sign the bill ?? That won’t stop Nigerians from excising there franchise come 2019

  4. What reasons does he have for his decision. Well, we will soon know if his reasons is for the best of this country.

  5. Why is he refusing to sign the bill is there something to it say your reasons to the world mr President

  6. Signing such bill comes with two sided thought…..is it going to be seen positively or negatively……Is it going to favor or disfavor students when the bill is been signed…this are thought we need to work on before saying our side and blend it with his side…..

  7. Why must Mr President reject the electoral bill? Any way whether he signs it or not, election must take place come 2019.

  8. The is short, they should not exclude card readers…Let it be included, reasons why his rejecting the bill, no one knows..he has a better explanation for that

  9. Why buhari refusing to assent to the electoral act bill, it showing that possibility of rigging of the 2019 election in plan

  10. first am greatful for the equality granted national open university its realy to the benefit of her students and aspirants..
    For the bill, I hope the decision made will do the country good, because that’s the main priority.

  11. Mr President should have a reason for not signing the bill l pray that 2019 elections will be a successful one

  12. Why has the president rejected the electoral bill for the forth time, though accolades to him for removing the discrimination from national open university, the president should also attend to the other arising issues of the nation

  13. I am sure buhari has rejected the electoral bill because something must be wrong . When it’s the right time buhari will sign it

  14. What could be the reason for not signing the bill, l pray he will sign it soonest for us to move forward

  15. Although he is the president and he has the right to take any decision regarding the bill and his reasons are stated

  16. Why will our president reject the bill, don’t he want the election to commence? Hmmm this 2019 election is in God’s hand

  17. PMB is using delay tactics to frustrate the Electoral bill using the power vested in him to advantage. APC have perfected plans to rig the elections.

  18. I feel this constant rejection is a strategy by the president to extend his stay pass may 2019

  19. Granting NOUN equality with other unis is very good. That’s what I’ve been praying for. But the rejection of the bill, I don’t know what to say to that

  20. His is the president, he has the right to sign and make command law and how things will be for The good of the country

  21. What’s wrong with the president? Is he not supose to sign the Bill? Somthing is wrong somwhere.

  22. In any decision made by someone,there must something attached to it,so there must be something behind Mr President decision on rejected electoral bill.

  23. As long as the rejection is in the best interest of the country, then Buhari has done well. He knows best since he is the president.

  24. Mr president is a very intelligent man AMD I see maybe its because of the forth coming election. He wanna win by all means.

  25. Hmm I don’t support the exclusion of card readers. The technology should be improved and the transfer of registered voters of one state to another should be more effective to curb multiple registration

  26. Whatever the president does is in his power as a president because he has the veto power to decide what can or cannot be done.

  27. The reason Mr president has refused to sign the electoral bill is because it won’t favor him and the party. The bill is simple , it will eradicate the huge rigging, it will help candidates of other position to win without the help the president because what happens is that, when the presidential election is first conducted and the winner is known if affects other elections directly in favor of the president party. Every other elections, the electorates are likely to vote for the president party for other offices. This is the fourth time the president is rejecting this bill because is not favourable to him simple. This is pure politics.

  28. Mr president first am greatful for the equality granted national open university its really to the benefit of her students and aspirants

  29. I just hope the president delaying his assent will not prevent the elections next year from taking place

  30. The way I’m seeing things, it’s like the former date for these election will be postpone, this one that president is rejecting the electoral bill

  31. I love the decision concerning open university
    But on the issue of no use of card reader is that a joke or what?

  32. I don’t think he has any genuine reason for not signing. He is just shying away from his responsibility.

  33. The President has the power to do and undo because the highest power is vested on him. I brlieve him rejecting the bill is for a good reason and it shall be clear to all in the future.

  34. At least he gave noun the power to full act as every other schools dats a good one but he refusing signing the bill dat I don’t really know maybe he should come out n explain better

  35. There is something going on at Aso Rock. Is this a tactic by the president to delay the upcoming elections?

  36. Weldon’s I know he will not consent to it the senate are manipulative looking for what will favour them our president is not a fool

  37. guys you people should relax because he just have little time on throne so if he like o let him sign if he also like o let him reject

  38. The decision on the open university is a good idea, for the electoral bill Mr President has his constitutional right,

  39. He doesn’t want to sign the electoral act so that he can rig the elections next year but his plans won’t work

  40. The most intriguing part of this story is that of the National Open University and their various study center.

  41. The President may use his veto power to reject the bill, but how ever he must get to agreement with the arm concern

  42. he ll surely have a genuine reason for the rejection we shall know what the response is with time, for now we’re only speculating

  43. That man there is not buhari,he is afraid that his signature will caught, that is why he don’t want to sign it,he should prove himself if he is the real buhari

  44. For the fourth time haba why is he doing that anyway he’s the president he might have his reasons best known to him

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