Buhari orders prosecution of Pinnick over multi-billion scam

President Buhari has ordered the prosecution of the NFF President, Amaju Pinnick, over an alleged multi-billion scam in the organisation.

Buhari orders prosecution of NFF president over multi-billion scam lailasnews

According to reports, Amaju Pinnick has been placed on a travel ban, through the Presidential investigative panel headed by Mr. Okoi Obono-Obla.

Buhari reportedly gave the order for Pinnick’s prosecution when the Obono-Obla presented a preliminary investigation report to him.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission also addressed a report on the NFF to Mr President detailing the outcome of their investigations which tallied with what Obono-Obla’s panel had submitted to the President.

EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu had in his six-page report informed Buhari that the anti-graft agency had investigated and prosecuted the Director, Finance and Administration, Christopher Andekin; Head, Finance and Administration, NFF, Jafaru Mamzah and a cashier with the Finance and Administration department of the NFF, Rajan Zaka over an alleged financial scam in the football governing house in connection with financial payments from Federation of International Football Associations and Confederation of African Football to NFF between 2014 and 2016.

But Buhari who was said to have been visibly angry over the alleged monumental scam ordered Pinnick to also be prosecuted. He directed Magu to embark on a wider investigation into the remittances to the
NFF between 2017 and 2018.

The president, who was reportedly shocked by the mind-boggling report and additional revelations directed Magu to ensure a comprehensive and discreet investigation with watertight and unassailable facts and
pieces of evidence that would nail the suspects at the court.

Magu in the report also informed Buhari that investigation into the case had been concluded. He added that Christopher Andekin; Head, Finance and Administration, NFF, Jafaru Mamzah and a cashier with the Finance and Administration department of NFF, Rajan Zaka were indicted and arraigned on October 15, 2018 before Justice P.O. Affem of the Federal Capital Territory High Court, No 19 Maitama Abuja on five criminal charges of conspiracy and criminal breach of trust by a public officer.

The EFCC’s boss further informed Buhari that the commission also received another petition dated April 24, 2016 captioned ‘Monumental stealing and financial crisis in the Nigeria Football Federation’, from James Peters of Amal Pepple Estate, Abuja.

He stated that in the course of investigation, the Minister (Sports) forwarded to the commission, documents in support of the petition revealing sponsorship deals amounting to N1.14bn and $1.55m via his letter No. HMY &SP/003/2018/55 dates August 7, 2018.


  1. This is a right step taking by the president because so many atrocious activities had taken place in the NFF.

  2. Just because they have been trying to remove him,its not been possible now they want to frame him up and probably remove him.I think the tactics of President to remove him its not fair. Spoiling his name by saying he is been involved in fraud.

  3. In that case, Buhari and his families should also been prosecuted for the multi-million Naira mansion in Daura. Nigerians are watching. Government interference in football activities, FIFA will soon ban you people.

    • oga, he should go to HELL………………… whose money did his shitty son use to get that power-bike?

  4. I thought this administration is fighting corruption yet corruption is eating deep into the system, let them continue to be prosecuting themselves there

  5. Dat is true some leaders are struggling to do the right thing u are there stealing from it I think buhari said the right thing prosecution is the best for him

  6. Corrupt practices any where should be properly investigated and culprits punished. The NFF is not an exception.

  7. No one is free from corruption in Nigeria God uproot every spirit that have eaten Nigerians out this year.

  8. This is a great job by our president. If it will continue like this, it will be very good.

  9. This is stealing and the President have given his statement on this. Corruption issues like this must be treated at once.

  10. Nice job investigations been made, culprit been caught, but no outcome of the apprehended money,why?

  11. This sound somehow, politics with their non challant behavior, I think they should do a proper investigation on this issue before taking any steps.

  12. This is political play. Don’t take it personally, because they know what they are doing…

  13. the root in the NFF is much, and should have been investigated long long ago. the masses are suffering while the greedy few are busy amassing wealth. all the corrupt must be brought to justice.

  14. The president has take the right step for doing that he ahould be inveatigated if he is found guilty then he ahiuld be prisecuted

  15. The president is taking the right step but i hope not because of the forth coming elections ohoooooo………… Because Pinnick also needs to be persecuted tooo………

  16. Hope his prosecution is based on enough evidence because this kind of allegations can really mar his image within and outside Nigeria.

  17. Even buhari is corrupt. Let him take a chill pill, I believe he and pinnick are not in good terms. If it were to be someone from his click like El ruffai he will hide it. He want to remove pinnick on the basis of fraud

  18. Before you remove the stick from someone’s eyes, first of all remove the plank in your own eyes.

  19. Our Leaders should please live a life worthy of emulation. If you are fighting corruption stand by it

  20. nice step Mr President, cos we the poor masses are really suffering while others are busy still the money

  21. For President Buhari to have ordered the prosecution of the NFF President, Amaju Pinnick, over an alleged multi-billion scam this is very serious.. That means corruption is gradually going in this country.I suggest that the president should also do investigation among the people on top… amaju pinnick.. Let law not catch you.


  22. Let me wait for NFF president Amaju pinnick to come out and defend himself of the allegations before i cast aspertions.. Its good to listen from both sides before you pass judgment but that does not say i trust Amaju pinnick tho

  23. We trying to fight corruption but our leaders are corrupt
    I think corruption should be caught from the top so that I poor can also have access too

  24. Please even if pinnick is guilty, let us tread softly in order not to create another ugly scene for the international body FIFA to view.

  25. This is serious, president buhari fighting corruption you should start from your self Mr. President what about the multi million mansion in daura. I see no reason why Government should interfere in NFF business.

  26. Please even if pinnick is guilty, let us tread softly in order not to create another ugly scene for the international body FIFA to view.

  27. Even if he’s guilty of the allegations levelled against him, this matter should be treated softly so as not to cause problem at FIFA level.

  28. Some People are looting money, president is fighting corruption and masses are suffering. Its well with Niger

  29. This is a very good move by the president . The mis management of funds in NFF is seriously affecting the teams and its workers

  30. I’m more concerned about how it will turn out. More investigation should be carried out and money recovered should be used for the nation.

  31. How come the President just discovered the fraud or is this another political tactics to remove all obstacles to his presidential election. ?….. just asking

  32. Thank you Mr president for this right and giant step, its the nation’s money and he must return it and probably face jail term

  33. Kudos to you buhari for doing such things to him, and i hope allot of peoples we learn from what happen to him

  34. What people do sometimes is alarming.. But prosecution isn’t a bad idea either.. You crime will haunt You so refrain!

  35. This old man scams people too. He deserves every persecution. 99days for the thives 1day for the owner.

  36. All of this are the hand work of Solomon dalong the sports minister and chris giwa. Mr dalong is puting all his best for giwa to occupy that position.

  37. No wonder he didn’t want to leave that appointment since, so it’s because of all this atrocity that he’s committing. You are in soup now, go and face the music.

  38. If this trial and order by the President is true.Then maybe we are moving closer to tackling corruption in uniformity manner.

  39. Please before prosecution just be sure these days we don’t fully investigate things and someone will be wrongfully judged hmmm its well

  40. That serves him right. Please let him be prosecuted and I pray they can retrieve the money o. Haba!

  41. This step being taken by the president is good, pls these man should be properly investigated. Our players can’t continue to suffer

  42. Many like Pinnick are walking free today, I hope they prosecute them too then we can be assured the president is working

  43. All this stealing and looting is the main reason why our football has not developed, if it true he show face the consequences. God bless Nigeria

  44. Haaaa, this man loot this huge of money?, this man really be should be persecuted and seized most of his properties.

  45. At least Amaju pinnick is not a politician else people would have said PMB ordered the probe against a political opponent. The battle against corruption cuts accross all facet.

  46. This NFF is just cash cow, that is why people are always fighting themselves to be at the helms of affairs.

  47. There is no one above the love . President buhari is really doing a lot for this country . If Amaju Pinnick is found guilty then he must be persecuted

  48. Though am not been move with the wrong happenings going on in NFF…the fact is still seen and what most be, most always come to be no matter the time rage.

  49. Their is a need for proper concentration on NFF, as money meant for players had always been an issue from time immemorial. Kudos to the Mr President for his concern in that ministry.

  50. Pinnick and his team get enough money to give them a comfortable life, but their greet wont allow them let football progress in this country. This is a welcome development and he should be removed immediately.

  51. Pinnick and his team get enough money to give them a comfortable life, but their greed wont allow them let football progress in this country. This is a welcome development and he should be removed immediately.

  52. This money is too much for one person nah. Why are people so greedy and inconsiderate. EFCC should persecute him and investigate very well

  53. If a thorough investigation are made and eventually he is fond guilty. He had no other choice than to pay for his crimes.

  54. Mr PMB remains the corruption fighter. How can a person own such amount of cash When the poor are getting poorer?

  55. Investigation should be done properly and is he is found guilty offcoures no mercy the law will take his full effect no time for jokes again

  56. Election is around the corner and that is why Mr president is actually doing his job for once. As if they are also not guilty of fraud

  57. president Buhari did the right thing by having him prosecuted. Except this is a political war, The rate at which these Officials Squander money is too bad

  58. I hope this is not a case of trying to implicate the president of NFF because I know right from beginning the administration of president buhari is not in support of this guy.

  59. This is a very nice step from the president he deserves the prosecution if not other won’t change from there evil ways

  60. Nobody is above the law, if he is found guilty of the charges he should be prosecuted Immediately just as buhari has ordered

  61. Thank God the president has taken a radical step quickly without any delay this will teach others lesson

  62. I like this step that mr president is taking but my challenge is that if every organisation will be scrutinise like this things will be a little bit ok.

  63. Good move? What of ganduje in kano state. Am not a politician but let say the true. Buhari is not fight in good way. If u are APC u are save

  64. This man is a forth finders since he knows that something like this is existing Right.

  65. That’s a good decision by the president they deserved to served the same punishment this NFF leaders are they there to steal or work to make progress may God help us in choosing right leaders.

  66. Well done mr president the fight against corruption is a very sophisticated one. while Poverty I’d the order of the day, our leader are busy stealing.

  67. This is so sad. How could Pinnickninvolve in this. Anyway, proper investigation must be carried out…

  68. All these are just political strategy, Buhari and all his party members are just revealing the secret of others but covering theirs

  69. One sided way of fighting corruption, what about Governor Ganduje that was caught on tape taking bribe? What has the president done about that. Fighting corruption indeed.

  70. this is a quite a claim, i don’t quite understand the magnitude of this yet but government should properly investigated this

  71. NFF as a body is rotten and reeks of corruption, owing every member of staffs salary, pinnick should be investigated

  72. This is just bad we the citizens are suffering and our so called leaders are stealing our money
    Thank God he was caught and he won’t go unpunished

  73. I believe this is just the aftermath of NFF president’s election…just a way to dent his image.

  74. If only this corruption fight is also meant for APC members. Corruption is everywhere even in Aso rock… Let’s see how it unfolds

  75. Thats the one he’s seeing… He’s not seeing other very important things to take care of… Well all is well

  76. Mr. President concentrate on governing and leave football matters. Did you know how to play football let alone asking for investigation.

  77. So after Pinnick struggled to get FIFA approval, all he was after was defrauding the NFF. just imagine the level of greed

  78. This is good to hear if only if they are doing the right thing and he should do the same to members of his cabinet who have been reported of same scam

  79. I hope its not a lead to sabotage some and benefit some people’s interest in the organization.

  80. That’s a very good action from buhari, they should do their investigation very well, this is why NFF has not grown to standard.

  81. Buhari anything that happens after this is not your concern we know you, but you are open to prosecution .

    we are the comment association of Nigeria CAN and we need and end result with this prosecution to determine you running for office second term which will not even happen

  82. Let the president bring out others, aside from this one….they are all guilty, even president buhari himself.

  83. People are dying of poverty while our leaders are busy stealing,this is unfair and the president Buhari took the right step.

  84. That’s the right step taken by the presidency, giving orders to investigate Pinnick in the scam that it’s report was submitted. Let’s see what will come out of this case.

  85. The NNF has being doing so well for the past few years, this is a major setback in the
    But anybody who is guilty should be prosecuted

  86. This is unbelievable, no wonder they are always wanting to kill themselves when the time comes to elect NFF president.

  87. This is what the president started with in tenure does it mean he wants to end with it. Anyway, all fraudster must be brought to book. So I guess he is doing the right thing.

  88. Nice work, EFCC doing their own. President unmasking them. What is the end result? Will the remit the stolen fund or let culprit walk away after letting us know with the countrys fund as usual ??

  89. Serves him right, they are the reason our football teams keeps backsliding. Others may learn from this experience.

  90. I love that. NFF has been in scandal long before now. But no one has investigate the head. I pray, EFCC get to the bottom of this scam.

  91. He need to prosecuted and if he is find guilty after the investigation, he should be deal with. I don’t know why Nigerian are like this, so many people are suffering, dying of hunger, poverty rate keep increasing everyday and some are still there with the aim of stealing in anyway. God will punish them one by one.

  92. Oga pinnick u just secured this spot not too long ago and u are already involved in this type of scandal. He should be sacked jare

  93. This is very serious. They should start the prosecution fast .how can only one person be eating all the money while others are suffering

  94. I knew it that pinnick is really rot a trust worthy person so he also can embezzle funds. Thanks to president buhari and the EFCC on this one

  95. It took them a long time to look into the financial status of the NFF. Although time will tell if truly there is a case of scam and stealing of funds from the government

  96. I guess this is the reason why they all want to die for the position at the detriment of been ban by FIFA.

  97. The order was alright, he should be prosecuted for such scam allegation if he is found guilty should be made to pay the price, you know we are fighting Corruption.

  98. This actually serves them right
    One by one he should be picking them out for prosecution and in that way they will stop all this Crimes

  99. This is serious oh! he needs a good lawyer on this matter.corruption everywhere…too bad.

  100. That is the only thing our president is good at , the other tangible things he suppose to do he wont.

  101. I think the President is doing this thing to please us so that we can trust him to be able to vote for him this 2019 election

  102. Ha! all these billions entered NFF account ? Well every organization has their account records, he should just show them if he is innocent

  103. Stealing huge amounts of money for their own selfish interest
    PMB is at it again…kudos

  104. This is a good step taken by the president.
    Many person’s are dying of poverty while others are stealing.

  105. Abegi forget all these show off… Oga all these one nur consign us….
    How can a scam persecute a scam
    Is that possible..

  106. This corruption is the kankerworm that’s going our football…

    The matter should be thoroughly investigated and the culprits brought to book

  107. Why is he covering some people’s crime and exposing those that belong to the other parties,prosecution should start from his own family

  108. Welcome development by Mr President, this is what supposed to have been done in that NFF organization.

  109. This is a big scam. It means corruption has eaten deep into every sector of this country and something has to be done to this urgetly, and this man deserved to be prosecuted indeed.

  110. Please tell that PMB to stop December himself because Nigeria as a whole is corrupt so his not an exemption.

  111. That’s a great idea by the PMB some citizen are dying and some of our leaders are laundry our belongings to their own

  112. Until you start probing men like tinubu and Amechi. Then am sorry. There’s no transparency in your fight against corruption. It is one sided.

  113. Well he should be prosecuted if found guilty, but i wonder when the likes of babachir lawal and adams will be prosecuted too

  114. Even in sports they still find a way to syphon the money meant for their maintenance and practice. You need to see the physical check ups they give to the players, very local and substandard

  115. Since the football federation is directly under FIFA, the officers appointed into it feel they can do anything without any punishment by anyone except FIFA. A lot of corruption allegations hanging around Pinnick especially during last year’s world cup hosted by Russia.

  116. Nigeria needs to be free from these men who are defrauding the economy, the NFF should ensure that no such monetary scam ever happens again, if he is guilty, he must be arrested

  117. Corruption everywhere in this country. No place is safe again. Kudos to the president on his orders.

  118. This is an interesting order by Mr. President, Pinnick should be investigated and if found guilty should be made to refund our money and be jailed

  119. I don’t know if this is his fight against corruption or if this is a frame up. If the president intends to fight corruption, it shouldn’t be one sided. Everyone involved must be visited

  120. Please the appropriate authority should please take up the case if he is found guilty let him face the punishment for that.

  121. Are you sure this is not framed up so as to remove him from seat. Although it is a huge sum of money

  122. That’s a good step taken by the president,he should be prosecuted and punished if found guilty

  123. Up you Mr president… Let them investigate well a, every time this man pinnick keep on telling Nigeria that NFF don’t have money..I support the prosecution Mr president

  124. Although time will tell if truly there is a case of scam and stealing of funds from the government

  125. He should be investigated properly without any hidden agenda and if found guilty then he should be prosecuted

  126. there are so many scammers there especially in the government, all those that wuld lie during election just to be voted in for, what have they done to those ones

  127. Corruption, corruption corruption, its good to fight against corruption
    Keep the good work my president

  128. Oh my God, no segment can be trusted anymore. He should be persecuted if found guilty of the charges.

  129. Abeg Mr President free the man all politicians are criminals as a matter of fact almost all Nigerians are criminals

  130. I thought the nff president said there was nothing like fraud in their department before.NFF should be taking back by federal Government with full force.

  131. Everyone is just trying to scam the next person in this country. May God save us from the hands of the evil ones.

  132. once you are having issues with the people in power, the next thing is prosecution, look at the way Senator Dino has been going through prosecution because he is always speaking out the truth. It is well with Nigeria,

  133. The president has taken the right step and i hope that the whole truth of this matter is unveiled.

  134. Please when they do this their scam they should share some to the masses ..so they can support during this times ..lol

  135. Please we need to carry out more investigation about this matter so that we will not accuse the wrong people or persons involved

  136. This is a right step our president take, he must face justice and this will he a lesson to all other people who are also planning to scam people

  137. Imagine each an every single day our people are dying of hunger and security challenges but our superior leaders are busy stealing our money.thank God he’s prosecuted,wish he would face law accordingly

  138. Foolish man. Those people under his government committing the scam was left alone. And now attacking anyone that doesn’t contribute to his reelection

  139. Corruption has to be thoroughly addressed because it has eaten deep into every facet of thus country

  140. Please let the investigative team be thorough in their job to fish out as many involved to face the law

  141. After the investigation, if found guilty, he will face the law, if not guilty, the president have to apologise.

  142. I support the president. Anyone squandering the country’s wealth should be brought to book. Ride on PMB

  143. How is it is gat one man will comfortably steal millions if dollars meant for the entire sports federation and share between a few group of corrupt individuals for others to suffer and be denied as little as their salary
    With nothing too to run the organization
    This is mad

  144. Thanks to our EFCC in Nigeria there doing better and my advice to buhari, he should do all the possible best to follow what there saying

  145. This his case should be thoroughly investigated and if he is found guilty of the offence then he should be made to face the full wrath of the law.

  146. No wonder he wants to die over chairmanship of of NFF against Chris Giwa,
    Thanks PMB for taken this bold step.

  147. Kudos to the president on his orders. Let them investigate well a, every time this man pinnick keep on telling Nigeria that NFF don’t have money.

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