Buhari must apologize to us over election postponement – I Go Dye

Popular comedian I Go Dye has also reacted to the the Presidential election postponement which was earlier scheduled for today, February 16th 2019.

I Go Dye in post shared in his Instagram page, says the INEC chairman must be suspended while President Buhari must tender an unreserved apology to Nigerians for the postponement of the election.

Buhari must apologize to us for election postponement - I Go Dye lailasnews
Buhari must apologize to us for election postponement – I Go Dye

Posting a throwback video of President Buhari condemning postponements of the elections in 2015, I Go Dye wrote;


I am astonished like many other Nigerians who woke up only to discover that INEC has postponed and fixed new dates 23rd for the elections. I feel this is totally unacceptable from an institution like INEC that had been given 185 billon naira to organise it’s logistics prior to this day.

Federal government has the financial capacity to bear the extra logistics burden that will be incurred from this postponement, but what happens to the rest of us?Who have planned marriage ceremonies,parties,funeral programs and other social activities who have fixed several events and occasions on the new dates,we are now forced to make new plans,resulting in the loss of time,financial burden and psychological problems.

Unfortunately for me,I have proposed 23rd February as the auditioning date for my project Sort talent hunt at Delta State.

After spending so much on publicity,venue and other logistics,I am now forced to change the dates, even the final that was to hold on 27th February will also be affected. This is the highest level of mismanagement and gross interpretation of corruption against the original Nigerians.

This is the kind of frustration melted on Nigerian youths on a daily basis,when they are frustrated out of businesses because of electricity,high expenses of goods and services due to foreign exchange rate,unemployment that has led many to crimes and taking risks’ through the deserts to seek greener pastures in strange lands;the negative options is created by the insensitive of Nigerian government,it shows they don’t really care about their citizens.

To even make this situation worst, the postponement was carried out at Night.So when did they realise that the logistics involved was not adequately prepared for?

This was how the Goodluck Jonathan past administration postponed the 2015 presidential elections and we condemned it,we felt that with the change mantra that will be end of such maladministration. This id a national embarrassment and deliberate attempt to ridicule us a Nation. Amb Francis Agoda

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  1. Yes, Nigeria deserves apologies from PMB & chairman lNEC. & Is a sign of malpractices. But God will help Nigeria.

  2. This I a real fact. This postponement has affected so many people in so many way only we can not have the advantage of hearing from the individuals

  3. Imagine that both buhari and ince must apologize to us all they are not competent to there work let them be sack.

  4. Whether is the president or INEC that postponed this election we don’t care, people have really suffered all because the election was postponed we need mr president to apologize to everyone for this Act

  5. yes o I go die speak well but Mr President have heed to your advice sha. it Is not Buhari fault it is the INEC fault

  6. Yes, Nigeria deserves apologies from PMB & chairman lNEC. & Is a sign of malpractices. But God will help Nigeria.

  7. It’s unfortunate.. dis pospondment has actually caused more harm than good.. God kws best I Go Die, we hv 2 accept it..

  8. It is duty of INEC to apologize to the nation and not PMB, the postponement took PMB in a surprise and he has addressed the nation base on this. What else do you guys want?

  9. We truly deserve an apology from the President for postponed the election date and INEC chairman be suspended for sure action…..

  10. I don’t think Nigerians allegations toward the president is right because he wasn’t the one responsible for the postponement of the election.

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