Buhari has already won February election – Tony Nwoye

Dr Tony Nwoye, the Chairman, Youth Mobilisation and Strategy of the Muhammadu Buhari Campaign Council said President Muhammadu Buhari had already won the February 16 presidential election.

Buhari has already won February election - Tony Nwoye lailasnews 2
Buhari has already won February election – Tony Nwoye

He said Nigerians were only waiting for official result confirming the victory, Daily Post reports

Nwoye, who was the All Progressives Congress’ governorship candidate in the 2017 election in Anambra State said the President had done well for the country.

He cited the ongoing war against corruption as one of the President’s achievements.

He spoke while Anambra youths from three political parties -the All Progressives Grand Alliance, Peoples Democratic Party and APC- who said they had decided to unite for Buhari.

Nwoye said Buhari would win the election comfortably in Anambra and other states in the South-East.


  1. Lets wait amd see.there is no need to brag about it. That he fought corruption is not enough reason to vote him back. That’s what i know.

  2. I wish him all the best that what i can say. The corruption he is fighting is not putting food Nigerians table.

  3. We all have one votes each to cast for our candidates, let’s wait and see the outcome of the election, except they have already rigged the election

  4. He who knows the truth and rejected it.. By the time he/she wil find it, the TRUTH wil reject him or her, IJN..?

  5. What is that one say, shame on u will he won’t be the winner all you eveil supporters, let’s wait and see

  6. Oga see leave this tin u re saying
    God will surely have mercy on dis country and give us the right leader

  7. Please let’s wait until after election, only God can decide who will win even though they plan to rig, God will do wonders

  8. How won’t you confirm, thank God you have accepted that you rig election. By your confirmation.febuary 16 is around the corner,yet you have seen the results by knowing the winner

  9. My brother i will advice you to speak for yourself and not another and you can’t predict who wins or not

  10. with all this killing here and there,with this hunger here and there,looting everywhere let me just mention only that three anyway let’s see february is just around the corner

  11. He’s entitled to his own opinions but the elections will tell at last. The victory lies with the voters.

  12. That is backing buhari but u don’t kno what others had in mind,so speak for urself Abi una don conduct the election spiritually finish

  13. I want to agree with you but don’t go to bed without having your eyes wide opened.

    Buhari is far better than any administration. Some bad wagons will go to jail just for the peace of this country to reign.

  14. People should be careful of their utterances this period. Elections have not be conducted and someone is saying that PMB has won. How is that possible?

  15. We know he has won through election rigging, because no average and sensible Nigerian will vote him again. We know the rigging process has already begun.

  16. Can you see Mr Second god already predicting what would happen. It is only God that knows what will happen, everyone else can only guess or hope.

  17. The victory will definitely come as some greedy Nigerians want to take us back to era of handouts rather than this research era.

  18. Is you that know pass, chairman board of riggers association.
    No be only win, you just wait patiently and see how you all will fail Woefully…!!!

  19. You are saying this based on the plan your party has to rig the election, if not for that why not wait till then and let see

  20. Well you have said your own,only God knows what we did not know and his will alone shall come to pass

  21. Please help me tap this man from this dream. I know ALC has plans to rig this election for this man to be bold vomiting Such talk, but God pass u all and you will be exposed that day.

  22. February 16 is still far and we will wait till then to know the out come for the now everyone has a chance

  23. Done well as how with the kind of suffering he plunge Nigeria into, we are waiting for February to come

  24. Which Buhari has already won? You guyz are just dreaming.Because it will be like a movie.Talkmore of in Anambra, I don’t see that happening at all

  25. February have not come, we have not casted our votes and you have declared him winner, no problem let be the way you have said it

  26. I Hope we wake up and dont sell our votes.
    Let’s waits for February 16 and hopes everything goes in our favour

  27. all this propaganda won’t win elections,we should wait for the outcomes of the election first

  28. Off course we always know the result before the election in Nigeria, so I can’t really argue with you

  29. This over confidence from the camp of the APC is worrisome. Does it mean the other candidates are no match or the APC has a secret weapon that it will use for the elections?

  30. Which winning do you mean, may the Lord rebuke him. He will never again rule Nigeria. May the Lord destroy the counsel of the wicked.

  31. Wake up from your dream and face the reality, you can’t just boost that Buhari has already win the forthcoming election even if you will rig the election it not certain. You are not God.

  32. Stop fooling urself and people following you cos APC administration has fail in all angles.
    Let’s wait and see how it pounds out come 16th Feb 2019.

  33. His predictions is right because the turn up in states he has visited are showing signs victory. So February will soon come for us to prove it right or wrong

  34. That’s utter nonsense, you better stop deceiving yourself, people are angry with this present administration

  35. He is free to say anything because he is working for Buhari and the APC. I wonder what he will say if he’s prediction don’t come to pass.

  36. I had expected to hear laudable projects only to hear fight against corruption as one of the major achievements. This is baffling as I know capital projects should be yardstick for achievement score card.

  37. Story for the gods.. Nwoye wait till after election, unless you Apc people have already planned on rigging the election.. Anyways you are tittled to your opinion. February will decide..


  39. People should be careful of their utterances this period. Elections have not be conducted and someone is saying that PMB has won. How is that possible?

  40. Says who. A man who spent over 80 percent of his current administration in London receiving treatment! Yet he finds it hard to relinquish power. They are not the problem.. we the people are the problem. We are our own worst enemy. And until we emancipate ourselves from this mental slavery, we will keep rotating old cargos with zero vision for the most populous black nation on earth

  41. All those people that come on social media to say something sweet about buhari but in their heart they knw the truth all the wanted is just the money behind buhari support just deceiving urselves

  42. Of course. You don’t expect him to say otherwise. He’s being paid by the APC government. As far as I’m concerned, only God will determine who will rule Nigeria. Buhari can win and still lose his life the next day.

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