Buhari government shame on you – Iranians chant in protest for the release Shiites leader, El-zakzaky at Nigerian Embassy in London (video)

The battle between the shiites and presidency as taken another dimension as Iranians joined the protest.

A viral video is making waves on the internet, the Iranians chant in protest against president Buhari for the release Shiites leader, El-zakzaky at Nigerian Embassy in London.

El-zakzaky has been in detention for years after his followers had a clash with the Nigerian Army,

This has caused a lot of protests by the members as many lives are already lost,

The country which has been rumored to be the major sponsor has come out to show they are truly behind the shiites.

They were heard “Buhari government shame on you” at the Nigerian embassy as they carry placards around.

Watch the video below:

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  1. This is totally uncalled for&embarrassing,They should be told to stop taking the laws into their hands.
    They’ve caused the loss of Lives in the recent past&the government cannot proscribe the Sect in stead its turning a blind eye to the problem.
    In another Vein,Why sponsor Iranians to join something they know nothing about did we join their nationals to protest the downing of the U.S Military Drone?

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