Buhari forwards new minimum wage of N27K to NASS

President Muhammadu Buhari today, 24th January 2018, forwarded a proposed New National minimum wage of N27,000 to the National Assembly.

Buhari forwards new minimum wage of N27K to NASS lailasnews

Deputy President of the Senate, Ike Ekweremadu, confirmed this when he read President Buhari’s letter on the floor of the Senate during plenary.

The letter further noted that passing the bill on time would stabilise the economy as Nigerian workers have been looking towards solving the Labour crisis.

“Mr. Senate President, I hope if the bill is passed on time, it would stabilise the nation’s economy and avoid workers’ strike. ”

Recall that the National Council of State, a body of past and present leaders of Nigeria, approved the N27, 000 minimum wage at their meeting in the state house on Tuesday January 22nd.


  1. This is not good at all ,why will our minimum wages be increase to 27000 naira when they can pay 50,000.can Mr President feed is family with 27,000 naira for a month.you are treating Nigerias like a better.

  2. this money is not encouraging at all with all the problems that a family have…
    this can carter for ones weekly budget

  3. Though it should be #30000 but that #27000 is still manageable but I hope the state won’t cut it down when it gets to them

  4. This is still too poor, what will a family man do with #27,000, and we claim to be the giant of Africa, when even small countries are paying their workers well

  5. Well, Mr president has done what he can do, i believe gradually it will increase, and i hope it takes effect immediately.

  6. Those who work their asses out get peanut but those doing nothing are getting pay millions of naira plus the ones they steal, God is watching all of you

  7. Congratulations to civil servants but Buhari I hope you are not doing this for the upcoming election but all the same you do well


  9. Well, this is not so bad but I think the federal government can do better than this, the workers deserves more.

  10. Hmm we lack of leadership in this country, what will 27000 buy in this nation every day things keep increasing in price they do nothing to it, once u register 2person for jamb in a family all the remaining balance can’t take the family along for 3weeks

  11. Mr President is Mr go slow,,,now presenting 27k,,,even this is nt dere request,,u better GI n pick up ur letter sir

  12. They are insane, if they can pay 27k then what is 30k that they can’t pay. Useless President with useless Senate cabinets.

  13. The #27000 for states is too little. Our minimum wage should have been #100,000 if this country leaders is selfless.

  14. mr president why cant you just provide what your people need. now you want them to engage in strike again

  15. Well he tried, at least he made an attempt despite the economic situation of the state. The last two administration overlooked.

  16. Why settle for Less than what was bargained for……Take an honest look at South Africa……N200,000 which is N173,000 @the top of the Ladder&we pride ourselves as the Giant of Africa

  17. Hmm. 27 thousand is still not enough to cater for the needs of some families especially in this economic meltdown.
    Well. This is even preferable compare to the previous minimum wage.

  18. Ordinary 27000,what good will this do with the present condition of this country,abeg come and be going jor

  19. My main concern is the ASUU strike, the FG should at least pay half of the money so that we can go to school

  20. 27000 thousand naira is not enough for workers that have about 3 or 4children to feed and to pay for school fees. Our leaders can afford to 50,000 as minimum wages, they are just too greedy. God will some day make things better and easy for humans if only humans are ready to work by his principles

  21. At last they finally got to a conclusion #27,000 is not bad at least states can make it up to #30,000.

  22. How can this stabilize the nation’s economy? Well it’s best know to Mr President. This minimum wage is not encouraging and I know their will problem of paying.

  23. It is too poor for my liking, Nigerians deserve far more than this, if you did not go to school then you will definitely earn a poor salary

  24. let National Assembly reject that money because the money is too small. what a shame on Federal government

  25. It is better for him to bring it back and agree to complete it #30000. Because NLC have not agreed on #27000. So no need for him to send it to National Assembly, agreement before action, we are in democracy and not military.

  26. Well, it wansnt accepted by nans, its either they increase the mimimum wage or nothij else, how can a family of 5 sustain using that income while politicians in Nigeria are the highest paud in the world

  27. I don’t know what is the differences between 20thousand so it’s better for them to just accept 30000

  28. This is a bold step, congratulations to all civil servants, I just hope this is not a campaign strategy, and workers won’t be owed salary for months. The FG should also penalize those state that are owing their workers

  29. Mr. PMB should not change what the authorised committee has done which 30k for every workers, council of state is just an advisory council, it has no legal backing or constitutional power to do what they did yesterday, they should have asked PMB to do the needful

  30. This amount of money is nothing compared to the hardship Nigerians are passing through. But it’s a step-by-step thing. Senate should expedite action and pass the bill into law.

  31. Nice one from Mr presented but could be better if it is 30000 to avoid industrial action from NLC based of the tripartite agreement.

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