Buhari has failed but none of his opponents is credibly better – Balarabe

Balarabe Musa who is a former Governor of Kaduna State, has berated ex-Presidents, Ibrahim Babangida and Olusegun Obasanjo over their statements advising Pres. Buhari not to seek re-election. According to him, none of his opponents are better than him.

The former Governor mentioned this in a chat with The Sun.

Buhari has failed but none of his opponents is credibly better – Balarabe Lailasnews

According to him:

“That is stupid. Nobody should be deceived. They have not performed better than Buhari. In what way have any of them performed better than Buhari?

In fact, you can say Buhari is less exposed to so many things like corruption and so on. In the case of PRP, when we supported him right from 2003 when he showed his interest in the presidency, we made it quite clear that of all the people that wanted to rule Nigeria, he was the least risk, we didn’t say he is the most suitable.

We said he is the least risk, because the level of his courage and credibility was higher than those who were contesting with him. I dare tell you, even today, if you look at those who want to contest with him, almost all of them came from the North.

Take any of them, who among them can you say is credibly better than Buhari, better in performance than Buhari? This is Nigeria’s tragedy. There is no doubt, the president has failed, but those contesting power with him are more likely to fail than him. This is the trouble.

So we have the task of bringing somebody who can perform better than Buhari. But it is not that easy, because of the leading role of moneybag politics. So how do we get somebody that will perform better than him

I am not campaigning for the president. I have never campaigned for him. But this is the truth because we must attach quality to our judgment.”


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