Buhari didn’t order arrest and prosecution of Pinnick — Presidency

In a new twist of event, the Presidency has stated that President Buhari didn’t order the arrest and prosecution of Pinnick, NFF President as widely reported over the weekend.

Buhari didn’t order arrest and prosecution of Pinnick — Presidency lailasnews

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr Garba Shehu, who denied the claims in a statement he released on Sunday evening, stated that Buhari would not jump investigation to order anybody’s arrest or prosecution.

The statement reads;

“A press release in circulation in the last 24 hours, to the effect that President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered the arrest and prosecution of Amaju Pinnick, the NFF Chairman, is fake news because anyone familiar with the President’s unmitigated and unshakable commitment to the due processes of the law, will not make such assumptions of the President.

“The position of the President that allegations of criminal nature should be addressed only by investigation and law enforcement agencies, within the framework of the law has not changed.

“It is not in the nature of President Buhari to say ‘go and arrest that man or woman’ as formed the practice in the past.

“Rather, he allows all allegations of this nature to be addressed, using the mechanism of the rule of law even as law enforcement and investigation agencies should not in any way be hampered in performing their duties.

“At the same time, nobody should drop names to seek to influence the course of those investigations.”


  1. If there are irregularities, EFCC should investigate him and if found culpable then they can invite and interrogate him. Let nothing be politicized.

  2. Since buhari said he is not the one ,then who gave them the permission to arrest him and persecute him.

  3. This year is not a play something about left come together as one and build the country for our better..

  4. This year is not a play something about left come together as one and build the country for our better change change in Jesus name amen..

  5. This year is not a play something about left come together as one and build the country for our better Nigeria change change in Jesus name amen..

  6. What difference does that make. In the end Buhari would be mentioned. It’s his government afterall. If the man is guilty, he should face the law without remorse

  7. Fake news everywhere….I wish dx one is authentic bcux any form of arrest without proper investigation is an assault

  8. Election is around the corner and y’all are busy defending Buhari… This is total madness. If not him…. Who else would have given the order for his arrest.

  9. We have Constitution in this country let them follow the Constitution and do the right thing pls

  10. Media and spreading wrong information, just to gain more followership or to get more listeners
    All is well sha

  11. What difference does that make. In the end Buhari would be mentioned. It’s his government afterall. If the man is guilty, he should face the law without remorse.

  12. “It is not in the nature of President Buhari to say ‘go and arrest that man or woman’ as formed the practice in the past.”
    Blatant lies abeg, maybe it’s applicable in other countries but not in Nigeria

  13. Firstly arresting amaju pinnick is not the beat option as he needs to be investigated properly to find if he is guilty or not before ordering his arrest

  14. Why will the press not give a genuine news instead of feeding the public with fake information that will create bad impression in people’s mind about the president

  15. until after election there will be accusations and counter accusations, denial and or acceptance and all that. whatever, rule of law and proper/due procedure must be followed.

  16. If not the president permitted them to arrest him so who else can do that. This party is full of people who are fake.

  17. Then who ordered for the arrest, the man should face the music if found guilty of the allegation

  18. People releasing fake news should be careful .so that it doesn’t tarnish individuals image

  19. Please who are we to believe now today real tomorrow make news , well buhari you should know what to do in that case

  20. If the presidency didn’t order his arrest, then where are those false information coming from, enough of all this in Nigeria, they should stop playing politics on all the affairs of the federation

  21. Please this things should stop. Why will the Nigerian police keep arresting people without investigation.

  22. Jist like i said before i will not conclude on this matter until Amaju comes out and defend himself and if hevis found guilty or not then we can pass judgment

  23. Means should be set up to arrest and punish those that post fake news online. How can you get a news today only for you to hear another version some moment later replacing the first one you might have digested. If this is not controlled, people may not count on these headlines and this will affect approaches to issues that needs immediate reaction from the masses who are not sure of the source of information given to them. This will lead to slow responses where urgent and speedy reactions are expected.

  24. Since PMB is exonerating himself from ordering the arrest of the NFF boss Amaju pinick
    Who is behind it

  25. Being sentimental in every issue has really affected some Nigerian’s. Can’t they distinguish between good deeds and bad ones? Must everything revolve around president?

  26. Thanks Shehu Garba for this prompt response, fake news to discredit Buhari will be coming out more often now, it is up to Presidency’s Media team to be up and running.

  27. Where then did the story come from? This is the reason why Nigerians don’t know what to believe in most times because there will always be denial.

  28. I don’t know why we like fake news in Nigeria but since Buhari didn’t order for the arrest and prosecution of Pinnick, who then did. Mr. Shehu is right, Buhari is an orderly man and cannot jump investigation and arrest someone.

  29. Umm, since it isn’t Buhari that send them to arrest him then who is responsible?
    Well let him be invited by the proper agencies responsible for criminal case and issue and if found guilty, then he should be prosecuted.

  30. If the arrest and prosecution wasn’t ordered by Buhari the president, they should free him nah

  31. This is really good of the president to follow up with the law and proper investigation before any arrest or persecution

  32. This is really good of the president to follow up with the law and proper investigation before any arrest or persecution.

  33. How can Nigeria move forward when the law itself can’t hold on some certain people. How can he be arrested if the person in power denied the order…..specifically, who is now in charge of the power

  34. I still think buhari is involved because there is no smoke without fire this talks didnt just emerge like that. Besides its a good thing except for the fact the fifa does not want government interference.

  35. If the president did order his arrest who did or how come the news is circulating all over the place

  36. Some Nigerians social medias take news to higher level.presidency as clear the air I hope everyone will believe this.president Buhari didn’t other arrest on Pinnick

  37. It will be improper of the president to do that without investigating. But since he has come out to clear the air on the issue, we earnestly await the result

  38. If you didn’t then who did, that person should be brought to book, except this is another way of covering up for your errors

  39. What the hell is going on in this country, how can you lie with someone name to arrest someone, infact they also need to be sanctioned, justice must be done.

  40. Okay no body is drooping names. but how sure are we that he is not the pone that order the arrest??

  41. Media is another problem in this country, reportage of fake news has been its norm, politicians too can from now till tomorrow, they will say something today and deny it tomorrow, you won’t know which one to believe at the end of the day. Its undemocratic to order someone arrest when proper investigation has not been done

  42. Well it might b possible that he ordered his arrest
    After all bihari administration has been lying to us

  43. money my people . Some one should just wake and see that the news was fake . since he didn’t what is going to happen now.

  44. If the presidency have denied the arrest, then let the people spreading the news be brought to book. But am just wondering what’s with NFF president and Buhari.

  45. I think investigation should take place on this cause because the president buhari has now said he order no so let investigation take place and let see who the man should be arrest and persecuted

  46. Garba Shuhu is right, Mr. President isn’t the person that will jump protocol because he adheres to the rule of law. If this man is investigated and tried, let him be arrested.

  47. If it’s not the president that ordered for his arrest who did? But if truly he his guilty then the right agency should arrest him

  48. If is not Buhari then who gave the instruction that he should be arrested. I don’t really know what’s going on in this country any more. So many people with different opinion.

  49. The matter would have been investigated very well before an arrest of any form is made, and now the president has denied everything

  50. The truth is everything about this NFF and their finance has been shrouded in total secrice and let the rule of law take it full cause

  51. Why not allow the President to come out and claim this why does it have to be someone of the team

  52. Investigation before prosecution should always be the proper approach to resolve a crime case. Pinnick’s alleged crime should have been investigated before been arrested. The presidency now claims not to be involved in the arrest, who then is?

  53. That is how it’s supposed to be but I seriously doubt that the president follows due process in prosecution. This government is always jumping protocol. I know the real truth will surely come out concerning the president’s involvement

  54. Mr. President is known to be a man that follows strictly this rule of law and will not go against it to tarnish anyone’s image.

  55. Good to hear about Mr. President but where is this false news coming from? Such source of fake news should be tracked down and brought to book.

  56. I don’t really know what’s going on in this country any more. So many people with different opinion.

  57. The leaders of this country are just full of lies and deceit.. They will do something and lie its not them…so if buhari didn’t ordered his arrest who did?

  58. Proper investigation should be carried out and the right thing done. arrested or Not arrested let the right thing be done!

  59. I for say since when has it become the role of the president to give orders of arrest, some bloggers and fake news are like 5and 6.

  60. They should call him to order and ask ask him to get to the bottom of the matter for proper investigation.

  61. This is campaigning period, everyone want to bring their opponent down, so they will formulate anything to that.

  62. The way people are been arrested and detained is serious and if the president is denying it then who is now behind it

  63. Competition competition competition…… every want to formulate a plan to bring their enemies down

  64. Please let all the concern good citizen gather here so we can pray for our dear beloved country NIGERIA.

  65. Why escalating rumors of arrest when the President didn’t order it. May God help us in this country

  66. I don’t believe you because Buhari has on several occasions flout court orders. Due process should be followed.

  67. Humm politics shaaa everything is just upside down and manipulation nobody knows who is telling the truth

  68. Whom do I believe, news said he did it another nnews today say he didnt do it, to many problems

  69. Political crisis should be solved among themselves not Bringing out thing that will cause fear to the people because even buhari dont have power over some people in this country because he only sit there to make is people Rich that is why he can’t order for some people arrest….

  70. So will now happen now when Mr President said he didn’t order for their arrest,hope all is going well.

  71. If that’s the case, is good…investigation should be done and not straight arrest and persecution

  72. This is all about politics and games toward election. It will be proper if the rule of law takes its course before the final verdict.

  73. Let’s say no to all forms of propaganda.We don’t even know who to belief,Nigeria Info is full of lies

  74. The way things are going in this country one will be wondering who is lying and who is saying the truth.

  75. At least thank God is fake but I still hope he is not find wanting at the end of the investigation by EFCC

  76. If buhari didn’t order the arrest then who did? They better come up with something concrete

  77. Why are people then taking laws into there hands. They should be charged to court. This is violation oF freedom

  78. Thank God they have come out to clear the air because this man has done a lot for Nigeria football he deserves much respect

  79. I wonder why they were given fake news initially, I think proper investigation should be carry out.

  80. I think there should be a rule of law against fake news . All this fake news are mounted by desperate politicians . I implore all Nigerians to fact check before printing out any news to the public . It’s confusion

  81. The NFF chairman should be investigated , so if he is find guilt , then he can face the wrath of law.


  83. Amaju Pinnick was arrested, now presidency is denying the order of his arrest. When is the appropriate authorities going to stop media investigation. It doesn’t help at all, it usually dies down before the proper investigation commence.

  84. I think people going round with fake news should be held accountable for it…..this rubbish should end!!

  85. I don’t think the president is even in the person to give such order. But anyway we have known the truth

  86. The president will not condescend so low to have engaged in such act. I’m sure there is more to this issue, therefore proper investigation should be carried out

  87. Nobody knows when the president gives order and when he does not. I wonder were thud country is going. Bo accountability, nobody is ready to take responsibility. God bless Nigeria

  88. It is good and proper to investigate before carring out action. When we go with the rule of the law less mistakes are made. Good one Mr President.

  89. If buhari didnt order his arrest then who did. Who is the commander-in-chife of the armed forces. I smell something fishy.

  90. Let me assume it’s rumor, we should not work with the rumors we hear until we confirm from the person involved.

  91. Why will the media carry fake news if its not true, they just want our president to be tagged as a bad fellow

  92. Let us allow Nigerian Football to run. Fifa’s status have not changed over political interference in the running of football. However, if their is a case of crime against Pinnick, the proper measure should be employed to investigate.

  93. Nigeria and Fake news
    Hope this one is the real news blcos any form of arrest without a good investigation is somehow.

  94. If the president didn’t order his arrest and follows the rule of law you claim here, who ordered the Operation Pyton Dance in the South East? Who has flouted the order of the court to release El-Zarzakky? Please, you people should stop feeding us with lies. We know you all

  95. Where can we get accurate and solid news from nowadays if president did not order the arrest and prosecution then who did it.

  96. we can’t even trust the news any more the one thing we should b able to count on. if the president didn’t order the arrest who did

  97. This is really good of the president to follow up with the law and proper investigation before any arrest or persecution.

  98. The president have the veto power to arrest. I think he’s only trying to cover up the President.

  99. May God help us in this country nobody knows who to believe anymore today you here this tomorrow they come out again and say no it’s not like that..

  100. I suggest that EFCC should investigate him properly and if found guilty should face persecution

  101. It is better to do proper investigation and confirmation before taking any action

  102. It is getting harder to even believe what we see online nowadays, we don’t even know what to believe again. Different versions of the same news

  103. On a proper investigation will tell whether you gave the order or not. If found guilty, he will have to face the law.

  104. This is election period so it’s expected that some unscrupulous elements would want to play politics with every situation that comes.. Its good that Mr shehu has come out to address this issue, so as not to make it even worse.. Let those who are in position of the law take charge of the situation if the case is taken to them.

  105. order or no order, let due procedure and process be followed. that’s the most important thing.

  106. The rule of law is slow and ineffective to the truly corrupt
    Pinnick is corrupt beyond reasonably doubt
    He should be made to return the loots and be imprisoned

  107. This really bad
    It is better to do proper investigation and confirmation before taking any action

  108. This apc government re just confusing nigerians. Because there was a report earlier were the president asked for the NFF president to be arrested

  109. If Buhari is not the one and he has not benn declare guilty by the court of law then let him be released simple

  110. That’s a very big offence..
    Joking with the President’s identity..
    Thank God the President over looked it

  111. How are we going to know he did not order the arrest of the man..
    Buhari did not come out to speak for him self
    So the whole story might be true

  112. now presidency is denying the order of his arrest. When is the appropriate authorities going to stop media investigation.

  113. It’s obvious that a news was circulated earlier about the arrest pointing fingers at buhari, well if there’s any irregularities in the NFF Pinnick should be investigated by the rightful authorities

  114. Nigerian politics is all about lies. Well let the EFCC take its course on the matter before convicting him

  115. Mr President won’t give such order. It is not in his nature to do so since we are not in the military Era. This is democratic era

  116. It’s like what we see on news are all lies… They tell us this and the next day they say it’s not so. May God deliver this country.

  117. News outlet should confirm news before posting them
    Its good the presidency is clearing this up early

  118. No body is above the law, proper investigation should be carried out and if he is found guilty, he should be prosecuted

  119. The question is, is Pinnick presently under arrest? Is he currently under investigation? This people need to be careful with the way they’re handling the NFF. Do away with corruption!

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