Buhari breaks silence on Ganduje videos

President Buhari who spoke at a Paris town hall meeting, held at Shangrilla Hotel which was attended by Nigerian Students studying in various institutions in France, Nigerian community in France, APC members in France, among others, addressed the controversy surrounding the Ganduje videos in which the Kano State Governor was spotted allegedly getting a cut from contractors.

Buhari breaks silence on Ganduje videos lailasnews

President Buhari spoke about the Ganduje videos after a Kano student in France, lauded the achievements of the governor, especially on scholarship, and advised the federal government to emulate the governor.

The Nigerian President who disclosed that security agencies were vetting the video and that action would be taken on the matter soon, reportedly asked the student if he had watched the governor’s videos receiving bribe in dollars.

“That aside, haven’t you watched the videos of the governor stuffing dollars under his gown?” the president asked rhetorically.

“We gave the videos to security agencies for vetting. And we will surely take action on the matter if he is found guilty.”.

It was gathered that the president’s response did not go down well with a member representing Nassarawa Constituency, Nassir Ali-Ahmed and personal assistant to the president on Broadcast Media, Sha’aban Sharada, who pleaded with journalists to remove the portion where the president made remark on the governor.

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  1. I think there is more to the video . I don’t think the video of Ganduje accepting bribe is a doctored video unless they are trying to doctor it themself

  2. Corruption must stop but they are the corruption them self’s thief’s that’s what we have as leader’s

  3. All this na wash, when God time is set the truth will come out.just little more time rubbish. I mean they think we are fool in this country.

  4. The investigation must come initially and also nobody is above the Law, if he found guilty the final have to be make by law

  5. The truth of the matter is,Mr presido himself don’t know what he’s going to do next in regards to ganduje art.

  6. Hmmmm how will a president talk I’ll of a governor just cos he was told to emulate his action. That’s childish

  7. Let the case be given due attention and if found guilty let him be prosecuted as recommended by the constitution.so that others can learn from that

  8. It was actually a wrong remark from the president, since the students didn’t raise the issue, he shouldn’t have mentioned it.

  9. So they want the president to be tribalistic and not say the truth because the person in question is a northerner

  10. This allegation must be properly investigated and Mr President must take right actions should Ganduje is found guilty as in no sacred cows or part members favouritism

  11. Why does Buhari always have to go abroad to disgrace Nigerians. Is he better off… Or because a video of him has not been spotted as well.

  12. He was asked to emulate the good thing that the governor did, why is he trying to discredit him instead, when he has not been proven guilty. cunny man

  13. These radio and television money everywhere in Naija and yet people are dying of hunger, mr president be quick about it and do as you said

  14. I really don’t care about these political issues because no matter how hard they try they cannot solve the problems of the masses.

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