Buhari, APC under fire for ‘plagiarising’ party manifesto

President Buhari and the All progressives Congress (APC), are under fire on social media for allegedly plagiarizing their party manifesto.

Buhari, APC under fire for 'plagiarising' party manifesto lailasnews

An ex-presidential aide on new media Reno Omokri took to his Twitter page late last night to alleged that the All Progressive Congress ripped off their party manifiesto from Donald Trump.

Making the allegation, he wrote;

Dear Nigerians,

Why will you vote a party that plagiarised an American manifesto? Look at the photo, then quickly go to the link (they will soon change it). They claim their first priority is to protect AMERICA! Obviously lifted from

A quick check by Lailasnews on the APC official website (www.apc.com.ng) showed that there was an error as alleged by Reno Omokri. See a screenshot from the APC website below;

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Buhari, APC under fire for 'plagiarising' party manifesto lailasnews 1

The All progressive Congress (APC) is yet to respond to the allegation, though this is not the first time they have been caught up in such discuss.

The logo for the parties 2019 presidential campaign was also caught up in plagiarism allegations, due to similarities with a project of the Winthrop University-School Partnership Network in collaboration with Fort Mill School District (York 4), Lancaster County School District, and Rock Hill School District (York 3). It is a Professional Development Program grant funded by the US Department of Education and administered through the Office of English Learner Aquisition (OELA), PR/Award # T365Z160278.

Also in September 2016, his ‘Change Begins With Me’ speech contained several sentences that were identical to some in Barack Obama’s 2008 victory speech.

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For instance, Buhari had said:

“We must resist the temptation to fall back on the same partisanship, pettiness and immaturity that have poisoned our country for so long.”

Meanwhile, eight years ago, after his victory over Republican John McCain in the race for the White House, Obama had said:

“Let us resist the temptation to fall back on the same partisanship and pettiness and immaturity that has poisoned our politics for so long.”


  1. This is an obvious fact, no dispute about it. But the question here is ‘Next level of what’?? May God help us

  2. All these are political attacks. It’s a bait to make us see that they are better. Nobody can full me in this country, APC not good neither PDP

  3. Hmmm,this is regrettably lugubrious from the stable of leadership claiming of fighting corruption.Plagiarism is an offence.presidency for that matter

  4. Hmmm, meaning, that buhari did not surround himself with educated elites that has good foresight. He surrounded himself with olodo like himself who did not go to school to better their lives, but do copy- copy, now they are showing what they are good at copy and paste. Bandits of olodo!

  5. I only think that this APC is a mirage that has come to stay. Is so pathetic that with all the loop holes people are still willing to vote for it

  6. This are all propaganda. That photo was edited. I know president Buhari cannot plaguarize his manifesto

  7. They should not copy other people speech, they should be original in their speech just as Americans are originals.

  8. They should tell us what they (PDP) intend to do differently to bring about changes in our great country instead of looking for things to fault whatever is done by them (APC).

  9. And why must they do that they should know Nigerians will definitely fish out where they get it from 9ja I hail thee,this reno is a pain in the ass

  10. This is a drama of absurd for a party fighting corruption. How could they have done this all in the name of election. Our eyes are open already and we know absolutely what to do with our PVC.God bless Nigeria

  11. Then later we say we have a party or president, this man deserves no second chances , his time in office has due , he should pack his load and go , we are tired haba

  12. This is so awkward, saving another man’s country while your country is in fire, this is not good please

  13. This sound fake, looking at the picture pls let’s keep Nigeria peaceful most especially this election time

  14. This is what happens when a President of a country is out of ideas. Then he started plagiarizing manifesto and logo
    This is a slap on Nigeria as a country

  15. Stupid people, they have started again.
    You’ve not been able to keep your own country safe and secure, you are doing something else in another man’s country

  16. Pdp and Apc tussle for power.
    Watchdog function is in full force. Nigeria is supposed to be protected here not america. Or is he vying for any american position?

  17. The question is that is he an American or Nigerian? Because I don’t get it him protecting America instead of Nigeria. May God help us in this election

  18. APC why wasting your time there is no room for you come 2019.APC, you are a disgrace to the nation and world at large.

  19. APC is a failure if the truth be told, but something gives these politicians the courage to stand strong even when they know they’re not doing anything for the poor masses. It will only take God’s grace to take us to where we should be or where we want to.

  20. God should help us in this expired country ,buhari is a dead man,ur interest is to protect Americans y Nigerians are suffering ,God forbids this next level

  21. Let them continue to lie against themselves God is watching the. One day thier lies will be revealed

  22. Bird of the same feathers is your part different from the present one? Your party could not consolidate the country towards greater paths for good 16 years in power. Nothing to show off. Gera out here mey!

  23. All these are politics scandals. Meanwhile plagiarism is a big crime in the book world. I just hope is not true before the American sues him

  24. Is not a new thing, they have bn doing it starting from the first day buhari won the election. They have copying Donald trump speech all the time.

  25. Plagiarism is APC stock in trade…..have nothing to offer Nigeria and they will be voted out next month.

  26. Na wa ooo copy copy Nigerian party so you guys couldn’t do your own manifesto without copying from america.


  28. Lolz, Apc has never stopped to embarrass Nigerians both in and outside. What is the meaning of all these? I think Buhari should honorably step down.

  29. Disunity has already set in into the party. They should just fix that and get their minds together. That could cause them a lot of setbacks.

  30. This is an obvious fact, no dispute about it. But the question here is ‘Next level of what’?? May God help us

  31. Well, I see that as the party trying to rebrand Nigerian system. Change is the motor and logo.

  32. These Apc people don’t have shame at all.They go to copy and end up copying everything. They don’t have brain at all.Of course, they can’t release a statement to that effect because they have nothing to offer

  33. For now I can not say anything on this because I don’t know how authentic that post is,because it look embarrassing

  34. please to me Nigeria problem is bigger than one president for that reason Nigeria should go for two president at a time which are Atiku for morning duty and Buhari for night duty

  35. What’s so bad in that his Obama still in power how are will sure you’re not making his one up Nigeria are to gullible to believe whatever they see

  36. Things like can happens when the leader is not well educated. Then he started plagiarizing manifesto and logo
    This is a big slap on Nigeria been a country.

  37. Lord have with this our current Nigeria to move us ahead with all their evil plans they will not see us amen

  38. But the question remain who is better than the other that what we want good leaders is what NIGERIA need and that is our priority

  39. Leaders without a clear vision is the reason behind this rubbish, if only Nigerians will agree to rise up and fight for their right i think we can put an end to this our so called vision less leaders.

  40. Nigerians we need to wake from our slubber and put justice to all this corruption happening in our country

  41. Unbelievable,this is what you we see when our leaders don’t have visions,only lying and fraud that’s what they are good at

  42. APC is a very useless party, am not surprised, they can do such. I just pity all those poor and blind northerners that still want to vote them back into power.

  43. Couldn’t they come up with a manifesto of their own? And by the way , next level to what?
    God help us

  44. APC is now the head of corruption buhari of before don’t do corrupt but now he like corruption ooo maybe it because he want to win the coming election

  45. this is so serious about this sad news and it sound so ridiculous about our leaders today are they trying to abandon Nigeria

  46. buhari taking nigeria to unexpected area we dont know. this is so serious about this sad news and it sound so ridiculous about our leaders today are they trying to abandon Nigeria


  48. Hmm America is not Nigeria oo keep campaigning on lie that’s how you are continue you will never come to power

  49. It’s a bait to make us see that they are better. Nobody can full me in this country, APC not good neither PDP

  50. All these allegations are baseless and without proof
    It’s just the usual lies from opposition

  51. There is indeed no doubt that this APC people is full of people with empty skull. They really have nothing to offer Nigeria. Their lies are extraordinary. Nigeria has become more corrupt under their government.

  52. This APC needs break to rest to be able to do their jobs well. Being under pressure and things are not going well with the party

  53. This is for people to see that all they say re False and would not do anything to d growth of d country

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