Buffon shares touching depression story

PSG goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon has said he suffered with depression early in his career and once missed a match for Juventus due to a panic attack.

Buffon shares touching depression story lailasnews

Buffon has enjoyed an incredible career which has so far seen him win 23 major trophies — including a World Cup — and he is still fighting to win his first Champions League medal at the age of 40.

But, despite enjoying success from an early age, there have been difficult moments for the ex-Italy international — in particular during his early period with Juve.

“For a few months, everything just stopped making sense,” Buffon told Vanity Fair.

“It seemed like no one cared about me, just the footballer I represented.”It was like everyone was asking about Buffon and nobody about Gigi. It was a really difficult moment.

“I was 25, riding the wave of success but one day, before a Serie A match, I went to Ivano Bordon, the goalkeeper coach, and told him: ‘Ivano, get [No. 2 goalkeeper Antonio] Chimenti to warm up and play. I’m not feeling up to it.
“I had suffered a panic attack and was in no state to play the match.”

However, Buffon said it was important the situation reached this point as it allowed him to move forward.

“If I had not gone through this experience, that cloud and that turmoil with other people, I may have never have got out of it,”

he said. “I had the clarity of understanding that it was a watershed moment between giving up and confronting those insecurities we all have.

“I was never scared of showing them nor of crying — something which happens to me and of which I am not at all embarrassed.”

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  1. Depression is a killer. Thank God for your life and career. Let’s us be our brothers keeper

  2. Thanks to God yhu now have victories over them. Just continue to be strong and the sky is yhur starting point

  3. The best way to overcome depression is to mix up with people, share your fears nd do those things that gives you Joy.

  4. That you went through and survived it shows your seal and determination against all odds, you’re a roll model to young upcoming footballers

  5. There is always a time a life everyone feel depressed, but you won’t let it get the best of you.

  6. Anyone would have that but thank God for where u are now
    Wish u all the best in your chase for champions league

  7. Its a good thing the depression didn’t pull him or his career down ,,, but rather made him among the greatest goalkeeper of all time

  8. I’m glad you over came the depression and you are fine now. Depression kills when not properly handled and when the depressed refuse to speak out.

  9. U don’t have to suffer depression just because you feel nobody cared about, all you need to do is to think highly of yourself and u will be fine

  10. Depression is really a killer , it takes a very strong heart to overcome, so I wish all those under depression could do same and walk away

  11. Depression is a very bad thing because it makes people to think about committing suicide. I’m glad that you were able to survive depression. People should always learn not to make themselves depressed when people care about them or not.

  12. That is life sometimes God bring difficulties for us to test us,if we can over come it,i pray God should help us to overcome any difficulties in lives

  13. Such is life, for you to be successful in life you must pass through hard times. Thank God u came out strong

  14. There will be times like dat in life, one just av to brace up and face wateva comes, no body seen to care abt ur wellbeing

  15. Depression is not a good thing, your thinking is causing the depression, you feel no one cares for you. You might be wrong,alot of people care and look up to you.Anywaythank God you overcame it.

  16. I am so happy he was able to overcome depression, depression has been one of the major reason people have being taking their lives.
    I will say congratulations bro and success in your football career.

  17. He was depressed sometime ago and he spoke out and was able to get a solution for his depression which he overcame. So if you are depressed out there try to speak out to find a lasting solutions to your depression.

  18. A good thing that Button is voicing out because his depression confession will help to give someone who sees him an idol hope. It takes prayer, self will and determination to get over depression.

  19. Depression is not good for anybody also being a football you’ve to be stable and not loose focus because the moment you let the people around you get the better of you that’s the end of it I really hope you come out of it,you don’t have to care of those that did not care about you there will be a time they will come and found you

  20. You have shared your feelings on depression, thank God you overcame it, just keep your head up man, good luck

  21. He should just thank God that he was able to overcome the trying times of depression. He should believe in himself more now and move on with life

  22. That was really brave of him.He recognizes that he had a problem,he acknowledged the problem and he tackled the problem headlong.May his healing be permanent so we won’t loose him to suicide

  23. Thank you The great Buffon, your story is an encouragement to footballer who are facing similar challenges, this will lift them to work harder believing in their God given abilities to succeed.

  24. Waw…am crying already
    But he overcame the depressions.. He is stil balling at his age now…to all suffering depression, here is a testimony

  25. I was in shock when I saw this and am still in shock right now I cant even believe what am seeing it so abscond

  26. Thanks to God you overcame all those challenges. And now you are one of the best goalkeepers in the world. Nothing God comes without challenges

  27. Depression is a killer of carrer, since you survived the depression stage, you will surely complete his objective career

  28. Depression comes to one but the ability to overcome it matters cos this has caused so much loss of lives and other bad effects to human being

  29. Thank God for the bold steps you took to over come your fear and depression. Always be your self, express yourself at any point in time. And cry when you want. It’s allowed.

  30. Depression is what someone can overcome, if you are over depress it can lead to death, he should just try and overcome it.

  31. Depression is a real killer. Thank God he didn’t give in, he wouldn’t have gotten all these trophies he has.

  32. Thank God you overcame depression. If you can,any body can do it also,we should all know that we can.

  33. In life there are stages where you will go through emotional trauma, anyways the good news here is that Buffon overcame depression

  34. Thanks to God for your life ,depression won’t stop your career Sir. Many more golden gloves to u.

  35. Thank God for surviving the depression and went all the way to numerous trophies. You are a hero.

  36. Any depression is bad but let me assured you that in every dark cloud comes the rain keep up Buffon the end justified the means

  37. Depression is real anybody who tells you otherwise is not being honest.. Thank God you overcame it and turned to be who you are today

  38. Exactly, everyone cares about Buffon but not Gigi. It’s not about having money or anything. Depression can kill anybody caught in it’ net. There was a post here yesterday telling us to reduce our lives styles to help people around us from getting depression. Look at this goal keeper, he’s fucking rich, but yet a victim of depression. It’s not your life styles that causes depression but our I don’t care attitudes does. Let’s learn how to care, smile and love people, it will curbs depression. Thanks

  39. Thank jah you have overcome every thing right now, I pray dat such kind of things we not happen to you again

  40. Depression is one of the worst enemy of success. You will scared of what is not after you

  41. Depression is a big disease that needs to confronted. Am happy you are able to get oeuvre it buffon

  42. Thank God you overcome the depression its not a very good thing people should please reach out to the friends and folks to know what they are going through all is well

  43. Depression is a killer.We should always try to overcome it to avoid ending in a bad way.Thank God he was able to overcome it.A lot of things can cause depression especially expectations

  44. Stop being depressed because you have achieved a lot in your career, you should be thankful to God instead of being depressed

  45. A lot of people go through depression but the ability to come out of it successfully is what matters.thank God for your life

  46. Why the panic attack? Most times they get too worried about their monies…., if you’re not playing it will not change anything, compose yourself and be at peace with yourself.

  47. Thank God that he didn’t let the depression subdue him at that time, this is such an inspiring story, I hope people out there can learn something from this

  48. While do white men or women always have depression problem? Thank God you overcome it. Mario Gotze such a wonderful football had lost his career due to this same problem.

  49. It’s good that you share your story so that all these wannabe know it’s not all bed of roses

  50. The good news here is that Buffon overcame depression, Thank God he didn’t give in, Depression is a killer.

  51. He’s a strong man. Fought the depression and went on to become one of the best goalkeepers in history

  52. Depression is really a killer , it takes a very strong heart to overcome, so I wish all those under depression could do same and walk away.

  53. Thank God for ur life. Cos some people dont overcome depression.they end up commiting suicide. Thank God for ur life once again.

  54. depression is really bad,it can kill people………..all the same thank you gigi for sharing this experience with us

  55. You’ve overcomed that state, all that is left for you now is to bask in the goodness of your success.

  56. Thank God he overcome all the depression wish you all the best in your clase for champions league

  57. Depression is real…thank God he overcome it which Most people find hard to overcome,government needs to create more awareness about depression

  58. You better thank God for ur life and career,so are praying to get to ur position bt nt opportune,, never allow repression to weigh U down

  59. Life’s not full of roses there are up and down in everyone’s life
    But Buffon will overcome this depression

  60. The truth is, we all need each other, depression is everywhere that is why we need to be kind,tolerating and accommodating because you don’t know the internal war the other person is fighting

  61. There is always a end to every depression, we just need to endure and we shall overcome like him

  62. So the rich also are depressed…if things don’t make sense anymore in your life then change your circle….select your friends and build an healthy ones.

  63. Thank God you overcome it and wish you happy life you among the great goalkeepers in our day football

  64. There are times when we feel depressed, at such times we need the company of real friends and loved ones to overcome it. Learn to keep yourself always happy

  65. Its interesting to see a top class footballer come out to share stories like this. Its a very touching and motivational story.. This will pass the message that this guys are not gods. They too suffer inner pains. Though they may not show it publicly. Its good a person lije Buffon shares his. Even after everything he still over came it

  66. Depression is a disease and I think some people can be depressed but don’t know, thank God he overcomed it then.

  67. Depression is a very stupid disease it kills like mad well thank God you have come over it .buffon great guy

  68. That’s life for you when you on top people recognise you and when one has issues everyone runs. Its part of our world this days but the beauty of it is that he recovered.

  69. There is hardly anyone that has not falling into depression at one time or the other but how we fight is what matters and there nothing to be ashamed of too

  70. Depression is strange to me but Alot of people suffer it. But its good you came out of it victorious

  71. Good 2 hear you over come it, no condition is permanent. And every bad condition has a story to earn. God will see you true.

  72. Thank God for you that you overcomes the period, but people should stop putting themself in thus state it is demonic and it is a deceit of the devil

  73. Depression is a silent killer, most of this celebrities passes through it but it take a strong heart to overcome, am happy that you wins, soar more higher and conquer.

  74. He’s got his eyes set on the price, so he knows that depression is just a distraction. Keep forging ahead bro, the best is yet to come.

  75. Depression is really a killer of selfesteem but it is normal it happen to almost everyone especially if you are about to define your destiny

  76. depression is not a good sight to behold, it makes you lose yourself and also thinking ability. its good he overcome it

  77. Depression it’s a killer of one’s personality. Buffon was strong to pull himself out from his state of depression.

  78. So many people are going through depression and they don’t even know that, especially in Africa. if Buffon can who can’t

  79. I thank God for given you the grace to overcome your depression. Always speak up and seek for help when depressed.

  80. depression is real, we should always talk to somebody and we should always be ready to help friends we shouldn’t take everything for granted.

  81. if you’re not playing it will not change anything, compose yourself and be at peace with yourself.

  82. We all have moments in our lives that we face or encounter depression, but the most important part of it all is how we overcome it. He was lucky he overcame his, and wants those that are depressed in one way or another to understand that they can overcome theirs too.

  83. Thank God you overcame depression…this has been a means of sucide to many. Thank God for your life

  84. There is nothing to big for us to overcome,not even depression.We should learn how to handle and overcome our depressed period because there will always be light at the tunnel end

  85. Depression is real and it kills faster. Always be around people you love and engage in the things you love. Your happiness is within you.

  86. Well depression is bad but it is not always over until it is over in every dark cloud comes the rain you shall reign again Buffon keep up

  87. Wow, that’s great. To those facing depression, you can I over come it, if you embrace courage and face it.

  88. You have enjoyed a successful career and still making waves even at 40. You are a fighter and overcomer. More success buffon.

  89. There Are always difficult moments we all have to face in our lives. But am glad you where able to come out of your depressed state

  90. buffon is a legend and all legend suffers from depression i really enjoy the fact are happy to share ur story

  91. It’s good you are speaking up so that others in that position will know there’s a way out of depression.

  92. The best way to over come depression is being happy (happiness) it helps alot, don’t let it get the best of you… Anyways, thank God for helping you to overcome it

  93. am really happy for you Because depression isn’t something easy to be control but you eventually overcome it. Ride on with your confidence.

  94. A depression story indeed! Thank God he overcome with time. He will surely fighting to win his first Champions League medal.
    I love Buffon

  95. We all feel depressed sometimes in life, but we have to put on the will power to overcome it. Thank God Buffon lived to tell his stories, which should encourage others not to give up on anything in life

  96. I’m not a fan of football but I’m glad you were able to move past that stage in your life for the betterment of your career

  97. Depression is not a good thing, well I congratulate you for over coming it, ul you might think people don’t care about you but that not the truth.

  98. I’m so happy he overcome it because he was determined and knows what the future holds for him. Others facing same has to learn from it

  99. I thank God he scaled through without commiting suicide.Welldone…i salute your courage.

  100. Thank God for giving you the strength to overcome the depression… May all those undergoing such have the will to overcome

  101. Depression is a serious matter o its like a spirit that will just turn off your happiness for ever if it is not treated as soon as possible. I have had depression too and pray to never experience or get in with it anymore

  102. Depression is a killing disease. Don’t allow it to killing you. Thank God you did not allow it .

  103. I am glad buffon was man enough to take the best decision of his lives at the point of depression . Real men like Buffon speaks out and find solutions to their problems not give up

  104. Depression is a disease, a parasite that brings damages to ones life if not attended to or look for ways to overcome it. Congratulations Buffon for staying strong in your career.

  105. The most thing in life is when you know you have problem and you dont let money or fame overshadow, you treat your problem first.. This story is touching thou..

  106. Depression is a killer of hope if not human. But thank God you over come it. Otherwise by now, you wouldn’t have achieved so far

  107. Depression has killed so many this days… thank God overcame it… Depression kills faster thsn a stray bullet

  108. Fighting depression is a battle that can be won, cause although depression kills silently, everyone has his/her unique way of overcoming it. All you have to do is discover yours.

  109. At one stage or another we all tend to suffer depression and if you are not strong enough to control it, that is when suicide becomes an option.

  110. Depression could a bad thing in ones life,all you need to do whenever you depression is to pull yourself out of it jst the way Buffon did

  111. Everyone always have something to say about there past,and is always touching and full of depression


  113. The enemy of progress is depression, don’t be depressed, mingle with people to overcome it.
    Wish you all the best

  114. No matter situation u found urself just put ur trust in God and he will surely ans u well just thank God at last u got victory

  115. Such is life and success. To get to a higher point in life, obstacles are their which brings fear and depression, but coming out of them all, is the biggest success. Well-done, and thank God you finally came out of it.

  116. Depression is a silent killer that’s why we really need to get close to some people and know how they are fairing.

  117. Thank God you pass through depression and overcome it, is not easy, I know that I will overcome my own one day

  118. It’s a relief that you have been overcome it,so be happy and safe later. That’s what makes you human.

  119. Depression is a very bad thing, it totally affect your progress and happiness but thank God for your life, keep winning.

  120. I really wonder what leads to this depression but the fact that people weren’t concerned about the real you isn’t read on enough to fall into depression here I was thinking the celebrities has it all

  121. Success is full of many colours and challenges. It is interesting that did not allow that to mar him but rather make him.

  122. As humans that we are we all go through some challenging moments is takes the grace of God Almighty for you to come out of depression, thank God he overcame such difficult moment in his life and career.

  123. its good he overcame the depression cos it ruins ones career. more laurels i wish u always.

  124. Thank God you overcame depression, but it high time you retire from football, latest on or before the year 2020

  125. Wow that mean we should keep to what we know he suffer depletion and still find a way to boost himself

  126. Keep pushing ,God will see u through,for u to pass through all these depression and come out shows God has not finished with u..

  127. Everyone has one or two depression in life.. Just hope and believe in God and all shall bounce back again..
    You have made it now Bufon an it’s now an old story

  128. Depression is very bad
    Thank God you where able to over come it..
    Cuz depression is a silent killer…
    Thank God for ur life

  129. This sis touching and at the same time good
    It will help those in such conditions know that anyone can have them and can move past them

  130. Thank God you overcame it,may God continue to uphold you, and all those suffering from depressing may God Almighty see you all thru

  131. Thank God u survived it. Lot of folks don’t know how to handle it n its the main cause of suicide in recent times. Pls do encourage others that are going through the same situation.

  132. This is so palpable but thank God he succeeded through all the hard times and difficulties he found himself

  133. it’s a depression that you have got over, but its really time you had to hang your playing boot, you’ve really tried in football.. you are an icon, legend and all…. FOOTBALL will never forget you

  134. There is nothing to big for us to overcome,not even depression; We should learn how to handle and overcome our depressed period because there will always be light at the tunnel end.

  135. Thank God you survived. I have been there too, but we always realize people actually do care in the end.

  136. I thank God for you for overcoming depression. God will not leave His children in time of trouble. Be yourself and move on.

  137. Thank God you were able to grow through What you went through, it is a good thing yoy are alive and well to tell the story. Depression is real.

  138. Depression can lead to suicide.
    To all in that state i want you to know that you’re a limited edition of yourself.
    And you are at your best when you are yourself.

  139. thanks for sharing a part of your life to us may God bless may dis help people out there facin depression

  140. Indeed money does not eliminate depression yet well-managed and having your salvation is just the key

  141. Depression is a very bad state. I have not experienced it b4 but I walked with someone that has. It is a bad state to be. Thank God u survived it. God bless Nigeria

  142. Buffon, enjoyed incredible success and also experienced depression and wanted to even give up but he overcome them all and all has become history now.

  143. Panic attack? That is why we must leave all our hope in God. Then will we overcome any challenges and be happy.

  144. I know this is normal sometimes God bring difficulties for us to test us,if we can over come it,i pray God should help us to overcome any difficulties in lives. Be strong

  145. Any body that is passing through depression should be certain that they can come out of it as it is not the end of life.

  146. This is life you will never get some things that will last forever you just have it for a short period of time keep it up

  147. Confrontation is an antidote of ant challenges. Face the problem and in no time you see your self at the top of it.

  148. Challenge always come you don’t let it beat you down, you do something to keep you moving, thank God you figure that and you over come. Keep winning

  149. This is a lesson to all. Face your fears squarely instead of shying away from the problem. You run away the problem is still there waiting for you. Buffon this is a good one thank God you made it out.

  150. Meaning there’s no one that can not suffer from depression, we just have to face it and conquer it.

  151. At one point in life depression will come but how you handle it will depend on how far you go in life, Buffon didn’t allow depression to weigh him down but push against all odds and he overcome at the end.

  152. Depression is worst to find ones self in… I thank God that you were able to overcome. Congrats and I Wish you more trophies in the EPL.

  153. For him to able to overcome depression , definitely he is a great man. God will continue to strengthen you

  154. U don’t have to suffer depression just because you feel nobody cared about, all you need to do is to think highly of yourself and u will be fine.give .

  155. Buffon you are supposed to have retired from international football, please retire before will also kill you.

  156. Depression also affects people that are very successful, it takes will power to overcome it. Thank God you overcame the killer.

  157. And he won the fight. Depression can never win you unless you allow it to. Fight it, don’t cub it, let it out, cry and talk a close friend or anyone. And don’t forget, always pray whenever you have that feeling of giving up. You can win the fight against depression.

  158. Depression is a bastard… Its not a respecter of any individual irrespective of your societal lining

  159. Life is all about taking challenge, that’s why they would always say take the bull by it’s horn. Thank God he has overcome depression. I wish him the best in this new.

  160. Wow. Every great Achiever’s got their own set backs and depressions. Kudos to Gigi and Buffon.

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