Broke guys cannot buy a sex doll – Actress Maryam Charles

Delectable Nollywood Actress and filmmaker, Maryam Charles has presented her own opinion on the trending sex doll topic, and she is of the school of thought that the dolls can never take the place of a “real girlfriend.” And broke guys cannot even afford the sex doll.

In a post she made on her Instagram today, Maryam Charles says the sex dolls are not even meant for guys that are not loaded as each costs a whooping N800,000.

Broke guys cannot buy a sex doll - Actress Maryam Charles lailasnews

Broke guys cannot buy a sex doll - Actress Maryam Charles lailasnews2

Maryam Charles also stated the things that a real girlfriend can do, but a doll can’t

She says:

“To all the men celebrating the new s*x doll and throwing shades at women, this is for you.

A responsible man will not go on social media to celebrate man-made doll because it has been carefully designed to have intercourse, y’all need to grow up and stand up to your responsibilities.

Even the doll that is making you happy is not designed for broke guys! It’s cost about N800,000 without the addition of the maintenance cost, yet you feel this is a better replacement to your girlfriends? What madness!

If you want to wake up, have a lady next to you and stay happy, you have to take good care of the lady, that’s when she can happily have sex with you and be meaningful. There are lots of things sex doll will never do for you, its high time we started facing reality with ourselves.

Will the doll give you a kiss when you’re leaving home for office?

Will the doll call you to check up on you during office hours?

Will the doll give you a welcome back kiss?

If you’re disturbed, will the doll advice you?

The list continues like that… wise up and be a true man not a ‘doll’ man”


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  1. no nagging
    no asking for recharge card
    no “baby lez go clubbing”
    no jealousy..
    Sex doll na the way, madam no worry we dey wait for aba boys to give us cheap version

  2. So much on point! the problem we have in Africa is that we copy hook line & sinker the rubbish of western world. They are the same people that brought us religion & took away our old form of traditional worship & at the same time they are the ones sexually corrupting the globe.

  3. And what are sex dolls for when there are millions of girls out there who are ready anytime anyday without argument.

    How can one carry his God given prick and insert into something that’s not alive, what happens to the moans, the pinchings one gets from the lady, the pleas and other ones.

    In fact leme comman be going. This is not my handwriting.

  4. Most ladies na V8 engine dey dia system no matter how you match acceleration pad na harder harder u go dey hear from dia mouth. At d end Wetin u go hear for Dia mouth b d guy no dey try. Sex doll no fit kill with harder harder. If u b one minute guy nobody go know. I love this competition

  5. Sex doll! the quest for sexual satisfaction is driving so many mad. man though seen as the highest in the animal yet the dumbest when he is having erection.

  6. This sex doll thing is giving so many ladies sleepless nights…. Even in my office today, all I keep hearing since morning is sex doll especially from Ladies…. Why?

  7. Lol, don’t go there oh!
    I prefer a sex doll to a normal babe by 80%

    – A sex doll will not complain or nag
    – A sex doll tightness remains throughout sex, a normal babe tightness slacks after 6 mins of intercourse
    A sex doll has sexy n sweeter voice
    A sex doll will not give u attitude
    A sex doll has fresher scent
    A sex doll Does not insist you stay awake and chat after sex,
    A sex doll has a warmer p***y
    A sex doll has being genetically modified for maximum sexual pleasure E.t.c

    NB: For ur information, the sex doll business is already booming like MMM business,
    most hotels now buy and rent sex doll per hour, which is more profitable for men,
    far better and cheaper than buying Brazilian hair for a girl with 3 boyfriends who will still loosen the hair within two week.

  8. Don’t be surprise i know some broke niggas that are saving to get one sex doll… meanwhile Why so much poverty in africa.. does it means we related to the devil

  9. This sex dolls have shown the height of insecurity in many women. Shey you all have been carrying dildos and vibrators in your handbags we didn’t make noise, now they’ve released sex dolls for the men folk and someone will not hear for you people again. Y’all feel so threatened by plastic. And yes if it’s not for broke guys, no problem cos you will be stuck with the broke guys now. The rich ones have moved on from your drama and unending requests. Slaying go soon end, runs finito. Y’all better start looking for work now o.

  10. Since life is all about sex den dey should get a sex doll, I don’t know y women even bother to talk about this, y stoop so low?? Let dem use their dick as they please, if dey believe d sex doll is better fine, let dem go ahead, I don’t know y women bother talking sef

  11. Yea u are right , guys that are broke, guys whose parents are giving money for recharge cards, guys , guys who could not afford 400 naira pad for their girlfriends, finally, guys who could not afford three square meal a day, they are d ones running their stinky mouth. Meanwhile cancer awaits them, curse and God’s wrath await for mocking his creature.

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