British man scammed of £20,000 by ‘African girl’ he met online

A British man scammed of £20,000 after sending money to a fake African girlfriend he met online, actually believed he was going to meet with the love of his life at the airport in his home country..

Simon Frost, 75, could not believe his luck when he was matched with Eva – a young beauty who spoke of setting up home with him.

British man scammed of £20,000 by 'African girl' he met online lailasnews
British man scammed of £20,000 by ‘African girl’ he met online

But the woman in the pictures was really US porn star Briana Lee, 28, whose photo has been lifted repeatedly by cheats for this very purpose.

Grandad Simon turned to internet dating after his wife of 10 years left him.

He joined a website called Real Sex Contacts in February 2017 and two months later was introduced to Eva, supposedly a hospital worker from Ghanaian capital Accra.

She sent a picture, Simon fell in love and he was persuaded to part with more than £19,000.

In an exchange of messages she even teased out information about his bank cards.

But when the time came for them to meet in the UK in August this year, Eva didn’t show up and he has not heard from her since.

Simon, from Soham, Cambs, said he was speaking out to stop others falling for the same scam.

He said: “I genuinely believed the relationship was real. I don’t understand why anyone would treat me like that. I had good intentions and was looking for a genuine relationship.“It has put me off trying anything like this ever again. “I would rather be lonely than go through all of this trauma.”

Simon said he and Eva had called each other “babe” and “husband” and talked of buying a house for a new life together. But she was spinning a web of lies to get him to part with his dosh.

She said she needed cash to get court documents so that she could access her father’s £5million inheritance which included a stash of gold.

Simon sent £6,000 savings, £3,000 on credit cards and two £5,000 advances from payday loan company Amigo.

He also paid £1,600 for Eva’s flight to the UK in August this year – when he expected her to repay him.

But Eva failed to turn up and when he was unable to contact her it became clear he had been scammed.


  1. This is how they would continue to be fool….imagine the age man…..what are you looking for from a distance that is not close to you?

  2. Is been what lol whites pass through nowadays but I believe those that has the brain and sense will understand. What distance relationship mean, but he is old enough to have that lady as his lover, be careful of who you date

  3. I think you read news on how many were been scam but you don’t learn but you fall in love to person you have not seen to the extent of sending money, you need to take heart

  4. very sorry for an unfortunate British man, now adays scammers are many online, therefore you have to be very careful with people you meet online.

  5. Mumu, how can a 75 year old man like you be scammed by a young lady in the name of love. That is the lesson of old men chasing after young ladies.

  6. This time it is yahoo boy… maybe the girls are now ready to steal the show from their “boys” counterparts.

  7. how on earth will a man want a real relationship in a sec group. Is he OK. Oga sorry they Don chop you welll

  8. He said he was looking for a genuine relationship and he joined a website called “Real Sex Contact”really

  9. Why does this older people get decieved just like teenagers . You didn’t at least get to see the simone of a girl physically before sending her a huge sum. And of all the stories we read online everytime about this type of scam , you still manage to fall prey. Is a pity, take heart . I hope you find love again at the right place

  10. Take heart man, this have taught you a lesson, in case of next time, you have to be very careful because in the kind of people you are dealing with online

  11. This old man allowed himself to be scammed. What he was looking for far away is right beside him .#shineyoureyes.

  12. When will people stop this ceber crime for crying out loud,someone might have good intention this she is white person not knowing that is Nigeria guy,this is so heart breaking

  13. It’s better forgim lt him. From today fear girls how can he do love online, he must learn his lesson today

  14. Lmao so we have yahoo girls too serves him right he might be looking for s*x in exchange he will learn his lesson the hard way sorry

  15. That can’t be an African woman . It was African man posting as a woman . Take care and better be wise next time

  16. Why do you guys keep falling for this scam, is it that you just fall in love without trying first to see who you are dealing with, you guys just love and trust easily. Sorry for your loss

  17. I don’t have to say I’m sorry blc u caused your wahala yourself, among all the ladies in your country, you didn’t see any one to fall in love with accept the one you saw in internet , shame on you ,

  18. Lol. Another victim of Yahoo. What baffles me is how these white men never learn, with all the noise on this issue, and I can’t help but wonder how that Eva’s pics looks like a Ghanaian self.

  19. People should be careful on how they trust people these days, scammers are everywhere and people should be wise

  20. Its a pitiful situation, prole should learn from this, and these evil Africans should please stop spoiling our reputation.

  21. White man self funny people what is this old man doing in the real sex web,at least u have learn some lessons,like wise white they also scam people just for us to be careful not to fall victim

  22. I think he fell too cheap to the scam, how can he start sending money to someone he hasn’t seen. Does that mean he has never in his life heard that whites have often been scammed mostly by blacks?

  23. You have been fooled so sorry, thats how they give Africa bad names, you know that you won’t marry her but you collected this huge amount of money from him

  24. This is so bad… but in a way I don’t blame them most girls when they travelled to meet them there, were used as sex slaves.

  25. When will they ever learn and grow up. Although some turn out to be real, most are just scam. Sorry old man, shit happens.

  26. sorry for the old man. just that I don’t know what an old man would be doing on such a site. and I don’t see any part of that message that saya the girl is African.

  27. sorry for the old man. and I don’t k ow what he was doing on such a site looking for true love. I mean how is that even possible. Meanwhile, how is he even sure the girl is African?

  28. This have taught you a lesson, in case of next time, you have to be very careful because in the kind of people you are dealing with online

  29. Mugu fall, maga chop(victim fall to their scammer and they are scammed) what a shame! This man should be more careful…beware of beautiful girls you meet online somtyms…

  30. Take heart, old man should go and rest now, at your age,you are looking for fresh blood,if you are not careful, they will be the one to kill you.

  31. must u start a relationship at ur age n even if why not a woman within ur range better still around u why on internet anyway sorry for falling a victim

  32. Fear Africans, even girls scam (g-girl). At least this man should be careful not to date online. What surprised me most is how this Ghanaian succeeded in scamming this man with another person’s photos

  33. So far it is a oyibo and also a British man,I love it,she just collected back small out many treasures their fore fathers stolen from Africa

  34. Naijas too get their own, so therefore are no angels in these types of scams either. Africans period, make us innocent ones look reeeaaaallllllyyy bad out there in the entire world. Such a huge shame on Africans. Very bad!!!

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