British man reveals what he did to a Nigerian online beggar

A British man has taken to Twitter to narrate his experience with a Nigerian online beggar who was pestering him for school fees.

According to the man, who is a grandfather, the Nigerian man is an Arsenal Fan and wanted him to assist him with funds to fund his education.

British man reveals why he blocked a Nigerian online beggar lailasnews
British man reveals why he blocked a Nigerian online beggar

He made him realize he didn’t have any money to spare, but the man insisted.

The man however mentioned that he has his own children and his grandchildren are also in college so he is not ready to pay for any stranger’s school fee.

He wrote:

I’ve just blocked an Arsenal fan from Nigeria who persistently asked me to pay his school fees and didn’t seem to understand the meaning of the word “no.” I have my own family and two grandkids at college so I’m not in the market for financing education for complete strangers!

His action was however blasted by some Nigerians on twitter who claimed he ought to have dealt with the man personally and not categorize all Nigerians as online beggars.

*** I am a Nigerian, I have never asked anyone for money or try to defraud anyone on social media. Please let’s mind how we distroy millions of people because of few people who has lost their values.

*** Every black man in Africa that is fraudulent now identify as a Nigerian. I know Cameroonians and Ghanaians abroad who identify as Nigerians coz d population of Nigerians is more over there, and we all met at the African restaurant, and partied together He may not be a Nigerian

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