Bride slammed after cleaning groom’s car with her wedding dress

A bride has been slammed by social media users for cleaning her new husband’s car with her wedding dress.

The bizarre wedding snap has caught the eye of many social media users, and gotten loads of negative reactions.

Bride slammed after cleaning groom's car with her wedding dress lailasnews

The picture shared to Reddit shows the groom at the wheel of his blue car, pointing to a spot on the car, as his new bride can be seen using her wedding dress to clean the car tyre.

The image was shared with the caption “Hmmmm” and definitely caught a lot of people’s attention, as it received dozens of comments from disapproving users.

In the comment section one person said: “Does this woman have no self respect? Imagine happily posing for a photo that implies your husband loves and respects his car more than you.

“Quite sad really. One day she might have a daughter who will see this photo.”

Another added: “Sexist and need to humiliate a woman. Makes me sad.”

A third joked: “As someone who has done some basic work on cars, I feel like the fabric of a wedding dress would not do well with polishing the paint on those hub caps.”

And others said: “Show very materialistic nature of the groom, no?” and “Now let’s see one with him using his tuxedo tail to spit shine her wheels, shall we?”

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