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Bride refuses to kiss groom at registry over religious belief

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A man has taken to his Instagram page to narrate an incident that occurred at the Ikoyi Registry where the bride refuses to kiss groom because her church forbids her to do so.

According to the man, it is the custom at the registry for couples to hug and kiss before the marriage is finally consummated, but this particular bride insisted she was not going to do that and delayed the wedding proceedings.

Bride refuses to kiss groom at registry over religious belief lailasnews 2
Bride refuses to kiss groom at registry over religious belief

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And i forgot to post this since last week Saturday . It all happened like a film trick when this drama started and ended for more than 30mins . Everyone was angry and same time surprised . This so called churches need to change their angle of sermon and brain washing .

According to the law and policy of Ikoyi registry . Before signing , there is this sweet mode when they say hug and kiss your wife and you have this butterfly smile on your face (MUMU LOOK) and kiss her like tomorrow no go come (Na my property now )

But reverse is the case here , A wife to be refused to accept a hug or kiss from her husband during registry at ikoyi claiming it is forbidden to do so according to her church .

She insisted for more than 20min , everyone got angry and the husband became dummish .A woman tried convincing her but was abortive .

She claimed to rather stop the ongoing practice than hugging or kissing . In her statement ” This is forbidden in my church “

See the video:

Video Credit: @thegreatproffbaba


  1. People and their religious beliefs.
    Kissing your husband shouldn’t be a taboo atleast you are married already.
    We should try and be romantic with our religious beliefs for unbelievers shouldn’t come and take what is ours.

  2. Since they are married,she can now kiss him.buh some church should minimize their doctrine so not ruin relationship

  3. It’s not just about angel of sermon or brain washing, its the doctrine of the church which the lady attends and that’s the point

  4. The church that told her not to kiss before marriage didn’t tell her that she is allowed to kiss once she is married.? These churches really need to make their members understand what they’re preaching.

  5. The truth is bitter kissing in the present of people is not really adviceable, Islamically is not prohibited, but civilisation really turn this world to another thing, only God can save us, as for me I can’t do such things,i can’t kiss my wife in front of people , never and never

  6. Nawa ooooo…what kinda of practice is dat…soon u will deny him sex because it’s against ur bilief again….I just weak

  7. This is a two way thing, it’s either she came for registry before church wedding that is the one they believes till after which they can kiss. #Churchassurancebeforekiss

  8. Religion has killed people.people should read and follow the instructions of the word than following there so called religion

  9. It’s doesn’t mean now… Atleast the has agreed to marry you, why are you still denying him of what he owns…

  10. or this one is too good for her mind she is so obedient and she has never sinned. Mbok what’s there to kiss your husband after all he is all yours. Please some churches should calm with all these doctrines it won’t take anyone to heaven

  11. Some churches and believes have done more harm than good honestly, even course broken homes and domestic violence

  12. But they are married , why wouldn’t she want to kiss his husband . Nawa o ! Some teachings in some churches these days is taking us backwards and fueling some people’s myopic mentalities .

  13. She isn’t intelligent enough. She thought God will be angry if they kiss openly(my thoughts though). I can’t condemn it, but if that’s the custom at the registry, she should have inquired about it and abide by it if she is comfortable. However, knowing this and being obstinate by refusing to kiss and hug your husband amounts to breach of rules of conduct and she is liable for penalty.

  14. That believe is not normal, you are engaged be say you done engaged my dear,
    So please my dear kiss your bride because if you didn’t kiss here is at home you are going to kiss?

  15. I think she should be educated on this issue,that a woman or man is free to kiss his or her spouse after marriage.

  16. This is an example of doing the right thing at the wrong time, she has already been mislead by the preaching she got from her church, why can’t she kiss the man he will be married to, I just pray she won’t ruin the love the man have for her

  17. If care is not taken that marriage may not last she is already showing her how high headed she is. Hypocrisy so he will knack her abi?

  18. Wait o, how old is thud babe? Cos am not sure she’s matured enough to get married. How the guy take meet her?

  19. If I’m the one, I will not marry her again, upon the money I have spent on her head, then only to kiss me will now be crime

  20. This is it!!!!! All these fake pastors teaching their followers things that will destroy their lives. How can a woman who is already in the court for her wedding refuse to do what she knows is the procedure of court marriage. Pretenders do the worst.

  21. Haha what’s bad in kissing in church anyway that’s there belief ,sorry when u get home you kiss the way u want

  22. Short of words… After you guys are getting married already which kind belief is that, anyways is your choice of creating dramas in the registry as if she hvnt attend one marriage before, all this churches can be annoying sometimes

  23. There should be understanding between the couple and this should have been ironed out before coming to the registry so that she will know what to expect.

  24. Religious hypocrite. Hope she will allow the man to perform his marital duty in the other room too. Hope it won’t be forbidden by her church. Nonsense.

  25. They have brain washed this one o . Why did you get married then when you can’t kiss someone you married ? Rubbish

  26. Even if she doesn’t want to kiss him, a hug is not bad at all. Maybe she doesn’t even shake hands….Religion shouldn’t be extreme abeg

  27. Still wondering how this marriage will fare wirh this kind of strong headed wife with her church believe, Bible never forbid couoles from kissing oo

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