Bride cancels wedding on wedding day, right at the altar (Video)

A video we came across on social media has shown the moment a bride knelt to apologize to her dad before cancelling her wedding right at the altar.

In the short video, the groom and the bride could be seen walking towards the altar, hand in hand. Before she made move to mumble something to her dad, knelt, and walked out of the event venue.

Bride cancels wedding on wedding day, right at the altar

Watch The Video:

See reactions:

*** Japa!!! She saw herself in 10 years with that man and took off respectfully😜enieleni

*** We really don’t know the details but I’m sure she thought about it again and realized she would rather handle disappointment than regret.

*** I can assume it is an arranged marriage where the bride didn’t really like the groom.I can also assume the lady might have raised objections but was probably silenced.I salute her courage though.

*** First thing that came into my mind is that it might be a family arranged marriage, the dad saying “no no no” its sad tho

*** Whatever reasons she have, it will be the best for her and the guy. I wish her the best in her future endeavors.

*** Why is she the one leaving? Is it not her father that paid for the wedding? The guy can leave. We are turning the fuck Up nonetheless

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