Bribe-seeking policemen cause fatal accident in Ebonyi – Survivor claims

A man has narrated how he survived a horrible accident which was allegedly caused by bribe-seeking policemen near Nkalagu area of Ebonyi state.

Bribe-seeking policemen cause fatal accident in Ebonyi - Survivor claims lailasnews 4
Bribe-seeking policemen cause fatal accident in Ebonyi – Survivor claims

Maazi Ogbonnaya, an accident survivor, disclosed that the accident was caused by some police officers who were chasing a tipper to collect money before it failed brake and collided with a commercial passenger bus.

It was reported that after seeing the accident, the said policemen vanished into thin air and left the wounded passengers helpless.

Read below what Maazi Ogbonnaya shared on Facebook; 

“I came out from this bus today alive. I was sitting behind the driver. I was the last person to board the vehicle. I was to sit at the front seat amidst the driver and other man sitting on the passenger’s seat but the driver told me my legs are too long I should sit behind. I insisted. But went to ease myself, upon returning, someone else sat there, I sat behind the driver”.

“Getting to Nkalagu, something happened. My hands are trembling to type right now. But two things I must talk about”:

“First, Peace driver is not to be blamed but Nigerian Police Force. They caused the accident. They were chasing tipper to collect money, which failed brakes and smashed our vehicle on motion and pushed it to another truck loaded with stones which hit us from front and tumbled. The stone buried a man called Emmanuel right there in front of my poor eyes. Shovels were used to pull stones away to save him, no way”.

“We were helpless in the bus as everywhere was locked up…I saw blood everywhere. I saw what seemed to be my end. But my prayer every morning has been “let what God allow in my life happen, I will take everything, anything I see”. I Iooked around and saw people as helpless as I was. I wanted to help them but I couldn’t help myself. I saw a man trapped by the seatbelt. Those at the front rows are crushed. Driver’s arms are broken. I screamed, out in pain, all windows locked. From the shattered glasses, I peeped out my head….waving for help but it seemed not coming. People were running away. Fuel was leaking. It could be set ablaze”.

“My legs were trapped and my head out…I never knew I was on top of a man screaming for help, looking for ways to escape death—untimely death. I could have helped him but my senses weren’t intact. I was to save my life. I was weak and tired. My psychology has ran to the state of imbalance. I flew out of the vehicle…how that happened I can’t tell but I know that my head is safe. Could it be my head that landed on the well-tarred road or my leg, or hands? Whichever way, I ran far away leaving my bag which contained serious documents, my international passport….my two phones were lost out in the vehicle. The screaming and cries of the people filled the air. Emmanuel was not found yet. Emmanuel was untimely buried by the stones heaped on him”.

“Maazi Ogbonnaya ran far away, his phones weren’t there with him…his bag too”.

“But in all, I have just a little bruise on my leg. Policemen who caused the accident turned to smokes and disappeared. A good Samaritan drove me to Enugwu”.

“Second: Thank you Jehovah for saving my life. You are always there for me. What might have been the fate of the poor widow who hugged her son this morning with smiles and fade him goodbye? What if…?

“For now I can’t talk more but I am alive. Nothing happened to me. No bone is broken. I am cool. That is my picture after the accident. The shattered truck you see here hit us. A doctor is here to treat me”.

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  1. I am at a loss for words right now, I can’t even begin to express my thoughts but in all, thank God for your life, I hope the useless police man who caused the accident, gets punished, but if not, nemesis must catch up with him.

  2. I am tired of this our Nigerian police officers causing different kind of assault all over the country, may God help us out.

  3. They should ban all this police officers from the roads and check points, they are really causing a lot of troubles for Christ sake

  4. So many accidents are caused by them especially in the east cause the rate of bribe is at it peek there. You hardly cross any junction without police asking for 20 naira bribe from commercial bus drivers even heard they bribe to be posted to Aba. At each day you’ll see them in Bank with bag filled with 20naira .

  5. This is really bad, Nigeria government should find a way to stop all this policeman on the road collecting bribes, am sure they can’t say they are not aware of it, thank God you are safe

  6. Thank God for life. Some time i wounder if the Nigerian is a course to Nigerians. See the damage he has done and instead of helping the victims he ran away.

  7. This happened in owerri, the police ran away i nearly lost my sister, the should train the police very well

  8. What the hell is wrong with Nigerian police…..their own corruption is even worst

    He shld e dealt with accordingly

  9. can you imagine..After his crime he vanished into thin air leaving the accident victim helpless..Seriously this is becoming too much of the Nigerian police force…always running after bribes…that officer should be found and duely purnished…Thank God the victim is alright..

  10. The policeman on duty should be dismissed and payment for the lose of properties..thanks to God almighty for the survival

  11. When will the heartless Nigerian police officers change? Anyway, they are a reflection of the morals of the society they live in.

  12. This is not the first time that such is happening. The government has to enact a law to punish any officer that collects bribes

  13. Spectators should also do something at sight of this,like giving him a through beating, before taking to face the law.

  14. Nigerian police are d worst ppl av ever known in my life
    Imagine those fools who called themselves police,all they think of is bribery money,,wat is more important than life,now where are they to b found

  15. Nigeria government should find a way to stop all this policeman on the road collecting bribes, like giving him a through beating, before taking to face the law.

  16. This is it!!!!!!! Police cause accident on daily basis because of their constant extortion of money from motorists and cyclists, it happens everyday both in Lagos high way, Benin express way, Enugu, Aba road etc. Police suppose to be contented with their salaries but HELL NO they keep extorting money from the citizens. Sincerely speaking something should be done about this their constant road blocks because it’s taking lives on daily basis.

  17. I’m short of words,those bribe police men has caused so many damages because of their selfishness.thank God for your life and for the life lost may their souls rest in peace

  18. This is really terrible, glory to God that you are alive.
    For the police man God will take care of his case.

  19. Until corruption is eeradicated in the police force, we haven’t started fighting corruption yet.
    Just look at how there bribe would have costed many lives

  20. Thank God for your life, government please look into all these police standing on the road and be collecting money from motorist. Even in Aba same thing is happening collecting form from transporters

  21. Just because of bribe a lot of life were lost,and the most painful is that once you wouldn’t see them again.please our government should look into this Nigeria has donevalot of harm to us.

  22. The annoying part is they don’t even do their jobs once you give them something they will allow you to go is thats why they are there for crumyinh out loud now look at what they caused kai, thank God for your life

  23. The policemen should be identified and made to face the full wrath of the law even though no sentence can bring back the dead. My heart goes out to the families of the dead and the injured.

  24. Lord Jesus. This country is a mess. Those police will not rest till they confess they were responsible for the accident.

  25. It is so appalling how this keeps happening repeatedly without any remedy. You caused an accident instead of you to help save the lives of the victims you disappeared into thin air. Okay let’s assume you didn’t know you were the cause, still you left them there to wallow in agony. What an inhumane act! I pray he gets what he deserves

  26. The same people that should be responsible for save guarding lives and properties are the same ones destroying it. Look at the height of carelessness and disregard. Thank God for your life dear. This is how corrupt Nigeria police has become.

  27. What a sad incident… Everyone is collecting bribe. Look at police dat supposed to protect d masses lured them to their early grave bcoz of 50naira.what a pity!!! Thank God for saving you. Rest in peace to the dead

  28. This happened in River state now Ebonyi again and no police authority is condemning this act….. This is Really bad

  29. Miracles still happen. Thank God for saving your life. If you remember the policeman please submit it for further scrutiny. He deserves to be punished

  30. That s bribe seeking policemen are increasing daily you see them 3-5 place before getting to your destination is their no better way to stop or curb it

  31. This issue of police going after money instead of protecting the citizens they are paid to protect is really alarming. Now see what they’ve caused

  32. Oh no this is terrible, the police commissioner of that state should step in along with road safety marshals. Until disciplinary action is taken this madness is sure to continue in the Nigerian police force.

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