Breakup with a cheating partner to avoid death – ACP Abayomi Shogunle

ACP Abayomi Shogunle has advised couples to breakup with a cheating partner to avoid poisoning in the relationship.

Breakup with a cheating partner to avoid death - ACP Abayomi Shogunle lailasnews 3
Breakup with a cheating partner to avoid death – ACP Abayomi Shogunle

The police officer said this while reacting to the video of a husband fighting another man for taking his wife to Burna Boy’s recent concert in Lagos.

Reacting via his twitter handle, Shogunle advised his followers to breakup with a cheating partner to avoid poisoning.

His tweets read ;

I’m disappointed in the husband in trending video “A husband fighting another man for taking his wife to Burna Boy’s concert in Lagos last night”. What a shame!

Imagine one of men got killed in the fight?

Don’t fight your rival, breakup with a cheating partner to avoid poisoning.

Anoda Angu: If the other man has been harassing the wife because he is boss at work or denying her certain entitlements because he his in a position of authority then husband and wife can plan this to shame this other man.

The man must be handed over to police after the ‘fight’.

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  1. That was so shameful , i don’t blame the man that took the woman to the concert , i blame the woman for allowing herself to be used by devil,.
    But i don’t advice breaking up will be a best solution among cheating partner

  2. The enraged husband could commit murder because of jealousy. But breakup is not the answer. He should find out who the guy is. Settle with the wife. Probably she’s being accused and is innocent. Dialogue is the key.

  3. There is a way the man could have solve this, waiting for the woman to go back to her father’s house from there.he don’t need to fight becos it doesn’t worth it, beautiful women are everywhere.

  4. Breaking up is not the best option. Settling it amicably will be best. The man just have to act matured instead of disgracing himself . he should call the wife an they should both reason themselves. Am very sure the wife will heed.

  5. That’s too low from the man. Gone are the days when men fight because of a woman. For me, women don’t worth fighting over. The matter could have been settled between the man and his wife at home, or just as Shogule said, breakup! Ladies are just too many now, so don’t fight because of one. Just get another one, when your babe or wife misbehaves.

  6. Yes,the best thing is for a man and the wife to separate if there’s enemity between them,to avoid one killing the other.

  7. The act is very bad. Assuming the husband was killed during the fight, what will be his gain. It’s better he divorce and get another wife

  8. Everything must not end in fights. If the man had acted marture, there wouldn’t be fight that night. Divorce too is not the right way out.

  9. I’m in support of what the ACP said,rather than disgracing myself because of a cheating partner I would break up with her.

  10. Broken relationship is better then broken. Marriage, you don’t need to fight another because ur woman,

  11. I feel so sorry for the stupid woman who went out with another man to Burna Boy’s concert been married to another. Is such a big shame

  12. Seriously the best solution is to get divorce, There’s always a way to solve every problem but not this manner that you are disgracing yourself

  13. Tnxs for the advice yes couples are killing their selves disdays becos of cheating plssss we have to be every careful

  14. It’s so shameful, but the thing is many of these partners see the signs but ignore them . I’m very sure that’s not her first attempt at cheating.

    When you see the red flags you can’t cope with ; do away with ‘it’ to avoid provocation

  15. Cheating partner is not good but breaking up is not the solution. But if you can’t handle it then let go of such partner.

  16. You are just in point sir. If the man was killed in the process another man would still have his wife. Anyone having such challenge should old breakup

  17. The APC is saying the right thing for dead to follow poison why not go your different ways to that peace will rain and let me tell you you can not manage a relationship that is in Dept of breaking just let go

  18. That was just a disgrace. I don’t think I can do such but the married woman sef get mind o
    Please break up and be at peace

  19. Well said. But I think it should be a second option if you try to settle things with your spouse and it didn’t work out.

  20. Honestly its not easy to live with a cheating partner, it really hurts but the solution is to quit..That’s why I did not support that husband fighting another man for taking his wife out at boys concert in Lagos. ..he should have ignored them then punished the wife later

  21. You don’t have to fight the other person, you should be fighting with your partner for given that person attention

  22. Good and candid advise. Why would one die over a cheating partner. Just let her go and you move on with your life.

  23. The best thing to do is to break up with the cheating partner rather going for a fight. I keep wondering why people cheat in a relationship

  24. There are somany ways to kill a rat, don’t take laws into your hands, confront your wife politely and make her understand how much you love her. Then and there you settle the matter instead of disgracing yourselves publicly

  25. At last the reason why this guy fight themselve have release. I really support ur advice sir. The woman should be divorce with instead of embarrassing himself in public

  26. They shouldn’t have gotten into a fight. They should have settled it amicably. That was really bad of the man

  27. the best thing is for a man and the wife to separate if there’s enemity between them,to avoid one killing the other

  28. This is very very shameful to both men especialy that woman who is not satisfied with her husband, but in as much is a bad hearing breakup is not the answer but the both couple should sit down find the problem and provide solution.

  29. It’s not easy to let go of a woman you love. But fighting in public because of a cheating wife is not worth it.

  30. Let’s not forget what God has done together let no man put asunder if married couples have issues its our duty to try and make peace between them not to separate them

  31. The ACP is very right. It’s better to break up from a cheating partner than to be involved in a shameful fight like that man because many people have lost their lives from this kind of fight. I can’t fight for any stupid love because I value my life.

  32. The strength of a building lies on it’s foundation. Mist marriages are crashing today because of how they were built. Most young ladies marry wealth, some do because their friends just got married, there’s no love or true understanding between the two people involved. So what do you expect at the long run? Cheat, heart breaks, fight and quarrels that finally leads to break ups. Dissolution of marriages can only be avoided from they one, i don’t support dissolutions. Therefore, start putting your marriages together from day one, if you’ve already jumped in be a man and make it work. It’s a responsibility you assumed the day you jumped in, so go and put it right.

  33. Breaking up should not be the solution here you can just keep a distance a while to your wife definitely she will change and know the importance of you if she’s a sensible women.

  34. I agree with the CP if the partner fell he or she can not stay I’m the marriage is good to walk out to avoid unnecessary fight and trouble

  35. It hurts to be cheated on by a person you love. But fighting or resorting to violence is not an option.

  36. Imagine, why should I fight another man because of a woman that has no guarantee.. Nice advice for those that well understand

  37. You can’t force a woman to still be in marriage with you when her heart is somewhere else, because as time goes on she may wound the man, so it’s better to let her go and divorce her.

  38. Breaking up will not bring solution to the problem. You need settle and make things work out. Prayers too will help

  39. I support him strongly,because apart from fighting another man,many has lost their lives due to cheating wife or husband.

  40. Break up is allowed as this man said, that is the only ground that even the bible permits divorce in marriage…cheating mate

  41. You are right. You don’t have to kill your self for someone you can’t trust. Broke up and go on with your life.

  42. Nice one, this is what kills people now because the still want to keep a relationship that’s is real.

  43. You are correct, is better to break up with a cheating partner,than be fighting the person your partner is cheating with,one person might die in the process and the woman will move to another man

  44. Nothing can be resolved by fighting, the man is not suppose to fight the man but deal with the wife that disgraced herself by doing what she did.

  45. That isnt a fair thing to say
    So if am married and my husband cheats just once, i should pack my bags and go??
    No Sir!!

  46. That isnt a fair thing to say
    So if am married and my husband cheats just once, i should pack my bags and go??
    No Sir!!

  47. Learn to walk away ones you find out your partner is cheating cause a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage.

  48. That is just not good enough because am notna divoice fan. But am not a fan of fighting a men whom your WOMAN followed

  49. What a shame, i dont support seperation because the bible said you can decide to divorce your partner on account if your partner commit adultery. It depends on the couple to decide for themselves.

  50. Hmmm well I won’t advice breakup instead they can sit down and settle it. If every relationship were to be a breakup because of cheating, then most marriages would have scattered

  51. What a shameful lady, thou follow a man to party have nothing to do with it but be disgrace yourself is the major problem. Cheating is a name that very easy to write but later give up, I a agree with you sir.

  52. That is the best solution I guess just breakup and move on. Fighting a rival can lead to death of one of the parties involved

  53. Yes there wi”l be time that the breakup is better to avoid dead but is the woman not in sane that she knows that she is married why following others outside that is a shame to her

  54. I like this man. He said the truth. If they kill each other. The lady will still enjoy her life and life goes on.

  55. The act is indeed a shameful one, the husband shouldn’t have engaged in a fight with the boyfriend

  56. I cannot blame the man who was fighting for his thing, but all blame should go to the woman who cannot respect herself and stay for her husband see now they have wasted someone’s life because of her, she needs to be published.

  57. Yes what he said is true, because if he brake up with such woman, that man we have an opportunities to marry another person

  58. The officer is right, the act was indeed shameful. The husband should have left the scene and waited for wife at home.

  59. It’s better to be alone than to be in a toxic relationship. The last thing I would do is to fight another man cos of a woman, not even for my wife.

  60. It is easy to say but when a man look at what he will loss,where to start from and to crown it all the love he have for the wife but for safety purpose departure or divorce is advicable

  61. Well, people should avoid taken other people’s wife out, it is not right at all, avoiding this will allow peace to reign by preventing killing and quarrels.

  62. I absolutely agree with this, what’s there to fight for when the person you are fighting isn’t worth a drop of your sweat or tears, its better to leave and move than cause havoc or death.

  63. I think the man made a good decision to break up with the wife instead of him to die young, there is no two ways about it maybe the woman was not meant for him.

  64. Yes,the best thing is for a man and the wife to separate if there’s enemity between them,to avoid one killing the other.

  65. We are now getting the full gist of the fight so another man took another man’s wife to Burna boy concert. Why fight the man was your wife hypnotize if no go and settle with your wife may be you not doing what is expected of you as a husband.

  66. If a relationship is not working, why not go your separate ways. No need being in a toxic relationship to avoid stories that touch..

  67. I think you are very right, that’s the mature way of dealing with issue like that. Quit such relationship and move on with your life

  68. He don’t have to fight his fellow man cos his wife wants to go with him..there re ways of settling things not violence.. Is shamful

  69. There is a way the man could have solve this, waiting for the woman to go back to her father’s house from there.he don’t need to fight becos it doesn’t worth it, beautiful women are everywhere.

  70. That was what I said that it better to leave such cheating person and walk away in peace in order to avoid something absurd.

  71. Yeah, that’s the right thing to do
    But if they’re married I won’t advice breaking up thry should just sort out their differences like adults

  72. This is so disgusting. I don’t understand why she choose to follow the other man to a concert when she is married to a man. This is a tough situation. It should be resolved well.

  73. that man we have an opportunities to marry another person, There’s always a way to solve every problem but not this manner that you are disgracing yourself.

    • Fighting over a cheating partner is a waste of time and energy. The best thing to do is to forget about them and move on.

  74. Divorce is not actually the answer in settling issues of marriage, they can find out their differences and sort it out maturely

  75. Lolz!!! Sir, that’s a good solution… Any woman/man who does that isn’t worth fighting for, she never took you seriously in the first place

  76. Must you fight because you are in love??
    No settle her down talk to her if she still do it then you have no choice than to breakup

  77. Is not easy leaving with a cheating partner but at times you just need to talk sense into the person or better still teach him or her the way you want it done to avoid cheating because I hear some say he don’t satisfy me or she don’t satisfy me.

  78. I think that’s just the best way to save oneself the stress of heartache , its just better to break up with a cheating partner in a relationship because if the person loves you I don’t think they will cheat on you.

  79. Well said, it’s useless staying put in a cheating marriage. It’s always dangerous because the rivalry fight might lead to loss of lives.

  80. Please, so cheating can’t be avoided again in marriage? Marriage is meant to be sacred thing. There is no perfect man nor woman out there o. Why can’t husband and wife make their marriage work for them. I believe in making enquiry from GOD before marriage cos it will go a long way in making that marriage work. DON’T MARRY FOR BEAUTY, HANDSOME AND RICHES, RATHER MARRY FOR LOVE.

  81. this is what Should be settled amicably not comin publicly to disgrace your life. Understanding makes a man a consistent

  82. I agree with u sir, I wonder why one will remain in a relationship that one of the partner is a cheat, just walk away instead of this disgraceful act.

  83. Breaking up is not the solution. There are other ways to settle such cheating issues other than breaking up. Instead of breaking up, the couples should find a more better way to settle themselves.

  84. You spoke the honest truth Sir, but the husband of the wife didn’t try at all, he should have faced his wife not the man who brought his wife to the concert.. And I ask who did the man went there with, if he and his wife are so much of a Burna boy fans why didn’t they go to the concert together.. The story has many sides to ponder about

  85. That is true he’s right, left the bordering and move on with unbodering that’s how it supposed to be, but they shouldn’t have used their problems to scatter his concert.

  86. I blame the husband here, because he should know his wife better than anyone else, rather than fight with someone over her.

  87. Breakup is the best in terms of relationship but when it is marriage breakup should not be the first thing to do.

  88. A cheating wife should be separated from so as not to be poisoned by her, fighting the man she is flitting with might leads to him been killed by both of them.

  89. There’s always a way to solve every problem but not this manner that you are disgracing yourself, and totally agree with you Abayomi Shogunle.

  90. The person I blame is a woman, she’s such a shameless woman with no class they can’t even imagine her being a mother god is just kind of people should be joined to the bottomless pit shameless disgusting and irritating bitch

  91. I don’t always see break up as the best option, the couple should try over again to build the trust and love but if eventually it didn’t work out, then they should divorce

  92. True talk.. Infidelity is a deal breaker. It poisons a relationship; most times, beyond salvaging..
    The best thing is 2 walk away..

  93. That the thing about love if it lost its hard to get it back. If there is no more love and the wife is cheating its better to go separate ways
    .his right

  94. Breaking up with a cheating partner is just the best thing a man can do to avoid being killed by your rival or even your wife

  95. I don’t even know what is wrong with our ladies nowadays if u know u can’t continue with the relationship break up don’t let any man ruin your life

  96. I totally agree with him . The woman is looking for pleasure. it is better to break up with such a partner than fight over such

  97. Some people can’t just change same as a leopard doesn’t lose its spots.. You shouldn’t live to endure.. Live to enjoy

  98. If separation will assist the situation, it will be better because one might kill another. But when they solve it, they come back together

  99. I think the woman in question is to be blamed; She’s flirting with another while her Husband is left out….

  100. I concur sir. it was a very shameful act seeing a married man fight like that. just let the woman alone if i were in his shoes

  101. You are correct about that because they will go different ways while living, not with one of them under the ground

  102. Breakup may not be the solution. Let us try to help couples to live together and love one another. Again communication is lmportant in every marriage

  103. A word is enough for the wise he that has ears let him hear I support you with this piece,but some women or men will want to stick and see them change if its not working you quit and not try to force it so it won’t lead to untimely death

  104. Everything must not end in fights. If the man had acted marture, there wouldn’t be fight that night. Divorce too is not the right way out….

  105. That so shamless and can you be fighting over a lady when there are countless of woman looking for marriage, you don’t have to fight over her, just let her decide her future and move on with your life

  106. I disagree with the idea of breaking up with a cheating partner because God never told us to break up when a partner cheats but I think the best solution to this problem is that both of them should go to God in prayers there is nothing God can not do

  107. How would someone be fighting another man on top woman, anyways that’s the truth breaking up should have been the best solution to avoid lots of fighting as been termed ”Marital Poison”

  108. Breakup can be pain but also only on the ground of adultery that a man or woman can leave a marriage so I agree with ACP abayomi

  109. This is a welcome development, But we pray that the innocent citizens will not be pounced on. The election is close by. They government should not use it as an opportunity to get even with their opponent. Let peace reign amin

  110. Why would his wife agree to go out with another man…stop fighting the man..find out what he is doing that you are not doing…

  111. Wonderful advice from APC Abayomi.. It’s obvious you are a learned man.. It’s embarrassing how two grown up men will be fighting because of a woman.. Well said Sir..

  112. nice point sir i love the way you said it ….the scenario at burnaboys show was very shameful and can really cause death in anger

  113. I even wonder why a partner will cheat after pledging to be faithful. People are just not contented period.

  114. whose fault.. am sure she wasn’t forced to the place..the husband shouldn’t have fought for the right to her.. he should simply have walked away. one shouldn’t get killed over the waywardness of a partner. you have a choice to walk away and stay alive!

  115. he is 100% correct because a cheating partner can eventually kill the spouse if not curbed. The guy should have settled the issue with the so called wife at home and take a firm decision on the relationship.

  116. Good advice, but it all depend on individual, as for me I can’t let myself face such disgraceful act oo.

  117. He should find out who the guy is. Settle with the wife. Probably she’s being accused and is innocent. Dialogue is the key

  118. This is good news,I hope this is good for people, break up is not easy,relationship is not easy,this is good news

  119. Police man doesn’t know the meaning of marriage. Breakup isn’t the best option, couple should be able to settle.

  120. Yeah you are right of what you just said because if you see that your partner is cheating on you my advice for you is to just back off.

  121. Such advice will be a good one for just dating couples but for married couples it is not advisable. When they break up just because of cheating, what happens to the children. Am not saying that cheating is a nice one, let the case be handled with understanding

  122. It’s a very shameful thing to be fighting over a cheating spouse. The best thing is for them to go their separate ways.

  123. If you are man or a woman and you found out that your partner is cheating on you, the best thing to do is to break up because there us danger. It’s either that the cheating wife killed the husband to have her freedom or the girlfriend of the cheating husband kills his wife to take over.

  124. This police officer was right in a way, although I don’t advised couple to separate but when the action of can lead to death, I think is right for them to seperate.

  125. Makes sense
    An unfaithful partner could do dangerous harm and thus not safe to live with
    Just let go

  126. That’s very true oooo
    Because from cheating, hatred will start
    Which will lead to assault..
    So it’s better to quit

  127. When there’s cheating up and down in a relationship or marriage and the people involved can’t bear it, they should just split and go their separate ways to avoid death, I totally agree

  128. Yes. If being with a cheating partner will make you do something unearthly, it is pertinent to separate immediately.

  129. That’s so shameful fighting another man is good if u are defending ur wife but ur wife went out with him on purpose not force

  130. I agree with this policeman…you are making need to stay in a relationship were by one of the partner is not faithful….is better to part ways…

  131. I guess this is coming from him because of the increasing number of deaths that resulted from cheating partners. I think break up is actually the best solution.

  132. Well i think that is the best thing to do stay away from a cheating partner to aviod trouble which may lead to death

  133. In my own opinion, I think the ACP Abayomi Shogunle is right in a way. I do not personally support seperation but if they can no longer tolerate each other and can’t settle amicably, and is also resulting into violence and threat of life, I think they should seperate instead of loosing their lives in the process.

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