Armed robbery attack on banks reportedly going on in Ilorin, Kwara State

There is an armed robbery attack currently ongoing in Ilorin, Kara State as armed robbers have reportedly invaded some commercial banks around popular Unity/challenge area of Ilorin.

Unity area is located in Ilorin-Central and its a home of so many banks.

Reports reaching indicate that other banks in the area are already shutting down operation in order to avoid attack.An eye witness at the scene of the robbery narrates:

As of press time, detailed information is yet to be gotten, but the bank is located at Unity Road Ilorin Metropolis. Unity Road Ilorin is a seemingly a busy area that has the heart of the businesses in Ilorin.

The Bank is also located very close to the “A” division Police station Ilorin.

I see civil defence corps being loaded to the area, I’m at the challenge, saw them pass 30secs ago” says by an unidentified updater

And now, police are loaded in a commercial sky-blue bus towards the place too and the civil defence have passed back again.

Other residents close to the area have taken to twitter to report the incidnet:

@PoliceNG information just reached me that there’s a robbery in progress in the Unity area of Ilorin, Kwara state, a stone throw from the A division police command where the infamous SARS have their HQ. I want to believe the robbers won’t get away. @segalink @bukolasaraki

BREAKING NEWS: Armed robbery attack on banks in , Kwara State. This is not yet confirmed. But Please stay away from Unity area located in Ilorin-Centra Please stay safe. #Bank_robbery #GTBank #KwaraState @wenogetjob

Another robbery going on in Ilorin, Kwara State atm! This time a bank just adjacent A division police station. The biggest police station in Kwara State!

Robbery ongoing at unity/taiwo road in Ilorin, that’s the second time in 3 days, the first being at tanke. Where’s our so called SARS? Probably chasing young men with no guns….smh for Nigeria.@segalink @bukolasaraki @NigerianPolice

Banks are being robbed in Ilorin, kwara state right now but F-SARS will not be seen there. There was a robbery like two nights ago too in ilorin.
Messed up.


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