Breaking! Federal trial date set for R.Kelly in Chicago

A trial for American singer, R. Kelly’s federal case is awaited to take place in the spring, a judge ruled Wednesday as his lawyers fight to have him released from jail.

R-Kelly begs judge to let him out of solitary confinement in prison

Despite resistance from Kelly’s solicitor Steve Greenberg, who stated he needs more time to go through discovery in the case, the trial for the songwriter is set to start April 27.

Lawyers had been trying to amend Kelly’s bond so he could be freed in the meantime, but further discussion on that will take place on Sept. 18, according to his legal team.

The hearing comes one day after the prison personnel transferred Kelly into the general inmate population following a complaint from his lawyers that he was being held in solitary in a restrictive section of a federal jail in Chicago.

He has since had “no trouble with inmates,” Attorney Mike Leonard stated outside the courtroom on Wednesday.

“He’s an extremely amiable guy,” Leonard remarked. “He’s going to have a great deal of respect… if he leaves they’ll probably miss him.”

R.Kelly is facing sexual misconduct charges in Illinois, Minnesota and New York.


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